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MJD still a first-round pick?

Posted on: January 13, 2011 5:28 pm

Thursday's Twitter question @jameyeisenberg ...

Do you still trust Maurice Jones-Drew with a first-round pick in 2011?

I have him ranked No. 5 in my first edition of our 2011 rankings, but there are concerns with Jones-Drew for next season. He is coming off knee surgery, and the Jaguars might consider giving more carries to Rashad Jennings to save his wear and tear.

Now, this isn't to suggest passing on Jones-Drew altogether. Far from it. I would gladly take Jones-Drew at No. 5 overall, but some of you would pass on him until Round 2. But keep in mind he's still the featured player on offense, works at the goal line and catches passes. He also plays in one of the worst divisions in the NFL in the AFC South.

Still, here's what you had to say ...

@fantasEJW definitely cause the jags r so committed to the run but I don't think he's top 5 anymore cause of jennings

@oCLAYBOYo Yes, MJD will go into the offseason with a good rehab and be ready to start in September strong.

@crazy4having3 my husband & I were just talking about this. No way is he a #1 and he wouldn't even be in my top 10. My husband disagrees.

@rockhoundlsu His surgery not overly intrusive; will perform better in 2011 w/ more rush & rcving yds, have him ranked #4 RB, 1st rd easy.

@mjk212 Yes, but second-half

@49erVol sure, MJD after pick 8. Vick, Foster, Peterson, Charles, Rodgers, CJ2K, S Jackson, & maybe Andre/Megatron/Gore.

@BrandonEichholz oh yeah, he's been consistent and played well even with a bad knee.

@iMarques82 no. Jennings will continue to emerge and the inj are enough of a concern to pass on him until the 2nd rd.

@IrieDame Absolutely NOT right

@fbrooks324 that's a tough one because the way jennings was running toward the end, just have to wait for preseason to see.

@RossMooring Yes, apart from injury worries, I expect MJD to have top 5 RB numbers in 2011. Very high ceiling if Jags offense improves.

Stay tuned, more to come ...

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