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Round 6 and 7 of our mock draft

Posted on: January 26, 2011 5:30 pm

Wednesday's Twitter post @jameyeisenberg: Grade these #fantasyfootball picks. In Round 6 and 7 I selected Jimmy Graham and Steve Johnson.

In our first 2011 mock draft, I went with Graham in Round 6 and Johnson in Round 7. My draft thus far is Round 1-Arian Foster, Round 2-Tom Brady, Round 3-LeGarrette Blount, Round 4-Wes Welker and Round 5-Vincent Jackson. Graham is my starting tight end, and Johnson, for now, is my flex option.

There were a handful of running backs I considered here: Pierre Thomas, Fred Jackson, Brandon Jacobs, Mike Tolbert and Beanie Wells. And I also looked at some other receivers in Sidney Rice, James Jones and Deion Branch. I passed on Branch because I didn't want to load up on all Patriots.

As we discussed in the previous blog entry, I see plenty of upside in Graham and consider him a great Fantasy tight end in 2011. As for Johnson, he did score 10 touchdowns this past season with 82 catches for 1,073 yards. Can he do that again? Probably not, but he's still worth drafting as a No. 3 Fantasy wide receiver.

Keep following along with our draft because I'll get the players I want in the later rounds. Now for your thoughts on Graham and Johnson ...

@oCLAYBOYo B+ / Looks good Jamey

@rockhoundlsu Stevie Johnson has great upside as a WR3, Graham has upside but I have him ranked below Winslow/Daniels who are still avail.

@gingerdad1 I love the value of getting Stevie Johnson in rd 7, but I think Graham in the 6th is a reach. You can wait for similar value

@carlgetsmoked Graham will pay off in the 6th and johnson is kinda a risk

@iMarques82 I hate the Graham pick! 6th round for a TE project is a reach. I would have taken F-Jax. SJ is a strong pick.

@ErikRBaughn I like graham a lot and even if shockey is there. I see upside of 1000yd&12td --Johnson good breakout yr but still wr#3 imo

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