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Rebound running backs

Posted on: January 27, 2011 5:55 pm

Thursday's Twitter question @jameyeisenberg: Who has the better chance for a rebound year out of Shonn Greene, Beanie Wells, DeAngelo Williams and Ryan Grant?

In my 2011 rankings, I have them ranked in this order: Grant at No. 21, Williams at No. 24, Greene at No. 25 and Wells at No. 36. Grant likely won't move up much with the emergence of James Starks, but Williams and Greene could pass him depending on their situation. Wells also could improve his value, but he will remain a No. 3 Fantasy running back.

For Williams, if he signs with a team as a starter (Miami is a possibility if Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams leave) his value could improve. But if he returns to Carolina or follows John Fox to Denver then his value is limited, and you also have to worry about injury concerns following the past two years. As for Greene, hopefully his latest playoff run can help him in 2011 where he failed in 2010. LaDainian Tomlinson is likely to remain a factor with the Jets, but Greene should take control of the No. 1 job and play well behind that offensive line.

Here are your thoughts ...

@bsmurray06 Grant, but Greene is due to shed the LT backpack.

@RossMooring If he stays healthy, DeAngelo can be top 5. And it depends where he lands too. Big ifs.

@CdotNICHOLAS Ryan Grant. I don't see much competition for playing time when he returns. Starks did ok, Brandon Jackson not so much.

@rockhoundlsu CBA makes this one difficult, where will D.Williams be playing? Regardless I think it is Williams, Grant right on his heels

@chosyen1 depends if D Will can be feature back somewhere. Rest will be split backs Grant/Starks, Greene/LT, Wells/Hightower. Toss up

@FantasyF Ryan Grant doesn't belong on that list. He went down Week 1.

@oCLAYBOYo Cross between Shonn Greene and DeAngelo Williams if he leaves Carolina!

@jouvernile wells

@gingerdad1 I'm going w/ Grant. No real time share on a great offense. Williams, unsure where he'll b; Greene- LDT split; wells QB issue

@qcebel in order: DeAngelo Shonn Grant Wells

@Ross_Spargur deangelo or grant. I'll say deangelo cuz he will probably have a lead role with a new team. Grant has to worry about starks

@jtsoria I would say Greene- great o-line. D-will, where will he end up? Grant-never a great RB. And Wells, overrated.

@bigjon559 Greene b/c of his o-line but if Williams lands somewhere good then he has more of a chance

@phildreis DeAngelo. Assuming he stays healthy (BIG IF), he's by far the most elite of this 4some.

@iMarques82 D. Williams! In the right situation he could lead the league in rushing and none of the other guys have that upside.

@cblockd Gotta go with Grant then Greene

@guylindvall Can't believe i'm saying this but Shonn Greene again. And I got torched on him last year!

@ninocapo I say DeAngelo Williams, but that depends where he ends up. Do you see Carolina resigning?

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Rebound running backs

IF DeAngelo goes  to a better team ,he will have a good year.IN CAR they did not have a good QB,alot of team stacked the box against them.williams was hurt .he will get back on track next year,I  still see williams as a number 1 fantasy running back.only time will tell .he is on the rebound.

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