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The value for Brandon Lloyd in 2011

Posted on: January 28, 2011 5:20 pm

Friday's Twitter question @jameyeisenberg: What are your thoughts on Brandon Lloyd in 2011?

We'll start with your responses ...

@collinjc775 I thank him for my '10 Victory but HC and QB situation tell me to avoid until late rounds when he'll be some1 elses headache
@Ross_Spargur I would't draft him any earlier than sixth round. Can't trust him at all and would hate to have an early pick go to waste

@gingerdad1 7 yrs- 15 tds. 2010- 11. 2,370 yrds prior, 1,448 in 2010. 4th tm, new coach, QB? I'll let someone take him as a #1, not me.
@BrandonEichholz i'm expecting a dropoff like Miles Austin. should be a solid WR2.
@ONN8 just have some hesitation believing in him. Especially w a new QB.
@iMarques82 I think he'll have 4 TD's and 850 yards. A decent no. 3 receiver.
@oCLAYBOYo I think Lloyd's numbers looked good this year because Denver was always playing from behind and no run game. 6th or later
@phishnguy Lloyd falls back to earth. Have a hard time seeing him with wr2 value.
@AgentJR3 easy, one hit wonder under mcdaniels. Fox will lean on ground game. Back to mediocrity for blloyd.
@AP_Manning think he's too risky, came out of nowhere and now has new QB and coach. Too much uncertainty to take in 1st 4-5 rounds
@wulfy Brandon Lloyd - "Can't Trust Him. Can't Win With Him. Can't Draft Him Before The 7th"

@cDrow Can't help but think Lloyd takes a step backwards. New coach (who loves to run) and maybe Tebow at QB
@ninocapo I wouldn't draft him any higher than a WR2. Probably won't be on my teams cause don't think he has enough upside.

I agree with the majority of your thoughts. He's not someone I want on my Fantasy team. Not that I expect him to be a total failure, but there are too many things working against him.

- A new offensive system with Josh McDaniels gone. Under John Fox, you can guarantee more rushing and less downfield passing.

- Tim Tebow isn't the same quarterback as Kyle Orton. Not that Tebow can't get Lloyd the ball, but he's not attempting 35-plus passes a game.

- The improvement of Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker. Remember, the Broncos invested a lot in these rookies in 2010, especially Thomas, and it will be time for them to produce or at least see more targets.

- Body of work. He has one-year wonder written all over him.

Now, Lloyd does have some things working in his favor. He will be in a contract year in 2011, and maybe he's found a home with the Broncos after bouncing around the league. He also benefits from playing in a weak division that just lost Nnamdi Asomugha.

I have Lloyd ranked as a No. 2 wide receiver at No. 19, but I'd rather draft him as a No. 3 option. The advice here is let him fall to you on Draft Day and don't reach for him before Round 5 at the earliest.

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The value for Brandon Lloyd in 2011

i like Lloyd as a low end number 1 next year.Tebow who has a strong arm and not alot of strong wrs on the team.IT is true fox likes to run alot,but Lloyd should get alot of targets.not a one year wonder.

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