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Mock Draft Thursday's

Posted on: June 26, 2008 3:25 pm

I did my second "Mock Draft Thursday" with random users today, and it was another fun draft.

There was one owner who followed a rule we definitely advise against, and that's drafting players from your own team. As you'll see below, AFC WEST ALL DAY - LaBradford took too many players from his Raiders, including RB Darren McFadden first overall. But he was happy with his team, so who knows.

I found most of the owners to be well informed, and here is an example of some of the dialogue in the chat room:

Jamey - LaBradford, what is your reason for McFadden so high? ... not trying to rip on you, just want to get your thoughts

Richie - jamey what do u think about Jake Delhomme?
Richie - is he a starter?
Jamey - if he comes back healthy from the elbow, he will be great ... not yet, but a No. 2 Fantasy QB for now
Tom - assuming brady, manning, romo, and brees are the top 4 QB's, who's 5th?
Jamey - Derek Anderson
anthony - oh what about big ben
Devin - Jamey how do you feel about Matt Schaub
Jamey - i think Big Ben is solid, but he won't get 30-plus TDs again
Jamey - Schaub has the chance to be a stud if he can stay healthy
Jamey - but draft Schaub as a No. 2
anthony - andre staying healthy you mean
Jamey - well that too

Robert - who is going to be the break out wr this year?
Jamey - the breakout WR? i think if i had to pick one guy, i'd look at Calvin Johnson
Robert - why him?...he has a suspect QB on the other end and williams in front of him
Tom - i would have thought holmes
Jamey - agreed, but the talent level is so high ... i also like Bryant Johnson in SF with Martz now
Jamey - Holmes is already a starting WR in most leagues

Here are the rosters and comments:

Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Russell, JaMarcus QB OAK 7 73 A QB
Jones, Felix RB DAL 6 72 A RB
McFadden, Darren RB OAK 1 1 A RB
Johnson, Calvin WR DET 2 24 A WR
Stallworth, Donte' WR CLE 3 25 A WR
Gonzalez, Tony TE KC 5 49 A TE
Hester, Devin WR CHI 4 48 A RB-WR
Janikowski, Sebastian K OAK 14 168 A K
Raiders, DST DST OAK 13 145 A DST
Smith, Troy QB BAL 11 121 RS QB
Young, Vince QB TEN 10 120 RS QB
Crumpler, Alge TE TEN 12 144 RS TE
Driver, Donald WR GB 8 96 RS RB-WR
Dunn, Warrick RB TB 9 97 RS RB-WR

Comment: This team is terrible on paper, although you never know what could happen during a season. But outside of McFadden, Johnson, Stallworth, Driver, Young and Gonzalez, most of his team will go undrafted in the majority of leagues.

ajchicken - Andrew
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Bulger, Marc QB STL 7 76 A QB
Grant, Ryan RB GB 2 21 A RB
Westbrook, Brian RB PHI 1 4 A RB
Smith, Steve WR CAR 3 28 A WR
Williams, Roy WR DET 4 45 A WR
Miller, Heath TE PIT 10 117 A TE
Harrison, Marvin WR IND 5 52 A RB-WR
Scobee, Josh K JAC 14 165 A K
Seahawks, DST DST SEA 13 148 A DST
Curry, Ronald WR OAK 12 141 RS RB-WR
Fargas, Justin RB OAK 11 124 RS RB-WR
Gonzalez, Anthony WR IND 8 93 RS RB-WR
Norwood, Jerious RB ATL 9 100 RS RB-WR
Taylor, Fred RB JAC 6 69 RS RB-WR

Comment: This is a solid team at running back and receiver. If Harrison returns to form and Fargas can outplay McFadden, then this team could compete for a Fantasy tite.

blitzkings - Robert
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Roethlisberger, Ben QB PIT 5 50 A QB
Jones-Drew, Maurice RB JAC 2 23 A RB
Peterson, Adrian RB MIN 1 2 A RB
Colston, Marques WR NO 3 26 A WR
Porter, Jerry WR JAC 9 98 A WR
Clark, Dallas TE IND 6 71 A TE
Parker, Willie RB PIT 4 47 A RB-WR
Gostkowski, Stephen K NE 8 95 A K
Vikings, DST DST MIN 7 74 A DST
Jackson, Tarvaris QB MIN 12 143 RS QB
Bennett, Drew WR STL 13 146 RS WR
Bruce, Isaac WR SF 11 122 RS WR
Mason, Derrick WR BAL 10 119 RS WR
Ravens, DST DST BAL 14 167 RS DST

Comment: I love the running backs with Peterson, MJD and Parker as the Top 3. Probably should have taken one more instead of Mason, Bruce or Bennett, and Jackson is a terrible No. 2 QB. This is a very solid squad.

Free Nachos - Josh
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Anderson, Derek QB CLE 3 33 A QB
McGahee, Willis RB BAL 1 9 A RB
Portis, Clinton RB WAS 2 16 A RB
Burress, Plaxico WR NYG 4 40 A WR
Jennings, Greg WR GB 5 57 A WR
Scheffler, Tony TE DEN 12 136 A TE
Smith, Kevin RB DET 6 64 A RB-WR
Kaeding, Nate K SD 14 160 A K
Chargers, DST DST SD 7 81 A DST
Campbell, Jason QB WAS 13 153 RS QB
Booker, Marty WR CHI 11 129 RS RB-WR
Burleson, Nate WR SEA 9 105 RS RB-WR
McAllister, Deuce RB NO 8 88 RS RB-WR
Williams, DeAngelo RB CAR 10 112 RS RB-WR

Comment: This is a great example of how to draft at the end of the first round and get quality players at every spot. There are no dynamic scorers on this team, but it is a definite Fantasy playoff team with good balance.

GoodFellas - Richie
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Cutler, Jay QB DEN 8 90 A QB
Gore, Frank RB SF 1 7 A RB
Graham, Earnest RB TB 3 31 A RB
Marshall, Brandon WR DEN 4 42 A WR
Owens, Terrell WR DAL 2 18 A WR
Winslow, Kellen TE CLE 6 66 A TE
Brown, Ronnie RB MIA 5 55 A RB-WR
Bironas, Rob K TEN 13 151 A K
Patriots, DST DST NE 12 138 A DST
Delhomme, Jake QB CAR 10 114 RS QB
Foster, DeShaun RB SF 14 162 RS RB
Brown, Chris RB HOU 11 127 RS RB-WR
Green, Ahman RB HOU 9 103 RS RB-WR
Moss, Santana WR WAS 7 79 RS RB-WR

Comment: Delhomme will likely start ahead of Cutler by the end of the season, but QB might be the only flaw with this team. Ronnie Brown is a great No. 3 RB, and he also has the Houston RB tandem on his bench. Owens, Marshall and Moss are a great trio, but another RB is needed for depth.

hermen - anthony
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Hasselbeck, Matt QB SEA 7 82 A QB
Barber, Marion RB DAL 1 10 A RB
James, Edgerrin RB ARI 5 58 A RB
Moss, Randy WR NE 2 15 A WR
Welker, Wes WR NE 4 39 A WR
Witten, Jason TE DAL 3 34 A TE
Jacobs, Brandon RB NYG 6 63 A RB-WR
Folk, Nick K DAL 11 130 A K
Packers, DST DST GB 12 135 A DST
Rodgers, Aaron QB GB 9 106 RS QB
Hardy, James WR BUF 13 154 RS WR
Lee, Donald TE GB 14 159 RS TE
Brown, Reggie WR PHI 10 111 RS RB-WR
Chambers, Chris WR SD 8 87 RS RB-WR

Comment: If Hasselbeck can deal with his mediocre receivers then this team is tremendous. I wouldn't recommend drafting two receivers from the same team with Moss and Welker, but when it's the Patriots, it's a good exception to the rule. Great job drafting here.

isles - bill
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Manning, Peyton QB IND 1 12 A QB
Forte, Matt RB CHI 5 60 A RB
Maroney, Laurence RB NE 4 37 A RB
Boldin, Anquan WR ARI 3 36 A WR
Wayne, Reggie WR IND 2 13 A WR
Shockey, Jeremy TE NYG 11 132 A TE
Bowe, Dwayne WR KC 6 61 A RB-WR
Crosby, Mason K GB 14 157 A K
Jaguars, DST DST JAC 10 109 A DST
Manning, Eli QB NYG 9 108 RS QB
Berrian, Bernard WR MIN 8 85 RS RB-WR
Duckett, T.J. RB SEA 13 156 RS RB-WR
Mendenhall, Rashard RB PIT 7 84 RS RB-WR
Rice, Ray RB BAL 12 133 RS RB-WR

Comment: There are some questions at RB with no proven star, but if Maroney and Forte live up to expectations, this team will be solid. Bill might as well be "Archie" since he drafted both Mannings.

Jagermeisters - Devin
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Brady, Tom QB NE 1 6 A QB
Lewis, Jamal RB CLE 3 30 A RB
Stewart, Jonathan RB CAR 4 43 A RB
Coles, Laveranues WR NYJ 6 67 A WR
Edwards, Braylon WR CLE 2 19 A WR
Cooley, Chris TE WAS 5 54 A TE
Engram, Bobby WR SEA 7 78 A RB-WR
Graham, Shayne K CIN 13 150 A K
Steelers, DST DST PIT 12 139 A DST
Garrard, David QB JAC 8 91 RS QB
Washington, Leon RB NYJ 14 163 RS RB
Crayton, Patrick WR DAL 9 102 RS RB-WR
Peterson, Adrian RB CHI 11 126 RS RB-WR
Taylor, Chester RB MIN 10 115 RS RB-WR

Comment: This owner did a great job getting solid running backs after using his first two picks on Brady and Edwards. It's a risky move, but he got a quality veteran in Lewis and a great rookie in Stewart. He also got lucky with good bench players in Taylor and Peterson.

Jamey Eisenberg - Jamey
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
McNabb, Donovan QB PHI 8 92 A QB
Bush, Reggie RB NO 4 44 A RB
Jackson, Steven RB STL 1 5 A RB
Fitzgerald, Larry WR ARI 2 20 A WR
Houshmandzadeh, T.J. WR CIN 3 29 A WR
Heap, Todd TE BAL 9 101 A TE
Turner, Michael RB ATL 5 53 A RB-WR
Brown, Josh K STL 13 149 A K
Eagles, DST DST PHI 14 164 A DST
Rivers, Philip QB SD 11 125 RS QB
Evans, Lee WR BUF 7 77 RS RB-WR
Gaffney, Jabar WR NE 12 140 RS RB-WR
Johnson, Bryant WR SF 10 116 RS RB-WR
White, LenDale RB TEN 6 68 RS RB-WR

Comment: I was pleased with this team because of the collection of running backs in Jackson, Bush, Turner and White. Getting depth like that is important, and finding four potential studs is hard to do. I would take this team in any league.

rv - Rob
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Romo, Tony QB DAL 2 14 A QB
Jones, Julius RB SEA 4 38 A RB
Lynch, Marshawn RB BUF 1 11 A RB
Holt, Torry WR STL 3 35 A WR
Ward, Hines WR PIT 6 62 A WR
Gates, Antonio TE SD 5 59 A TE
Galloway, Joey WR TB 8 86 A RB-WR
Dawson, Phil K CLE 9 107 A K
Bears, DST DST CHI 7 83 A DST
Garcia, Jeff QB TB 11 131 RS QB
Bell, Tatum RB DET 12 134 RS RB
Rice, Sidney WR MIN 13 155 RS WR
Walker, Javon WR OAK 10 110 RS WR
Daniels, Owen TE HOU 14 158 RS TE

Comment: This was the only team that was on auto pilot, and you can see it's balanced. It's hard to find a flaw with the starters, but there's no depth at running back.

Team Destin - Chris
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Brees, Drew QB NO 3 27 A QB
Jones, Thomas RB NYJ 4 46 A RB
Tomlinson, LaDainian RB SD 1 3 A RB
Johnson, Andre WR HOU 2 22 A WR
White, Roddy WR ATL 6 70 A WR
Davis, Vernon TE SF 7 75 A TE
Johnson, Rudi RB CIN 5 51 A RB-WR
Vinatieri, Adam K IND 12 142 A K
Jets, DST DST NYJ 13 147 A DST
Schaub, Matt QB HOU 8 94 RS QB
Clayton, Mark WR BAL 14 166 RS WR
Smith, L.J. TE PHI 11 123 RS TE
Jackson, Vincent WR SD 9 99 RS RB-WR
Johnson, Chris RB TEN 10 118 RS RB-WR

Comment: I like this team a lot with three great running backs, two great quarterbacks and a solid collection of wide receivers. This team should be a contender.

twisted torpedo - Tom
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos
Palmer, Carson QB CIN 4 41 A QB
Addai, Joseph RB IND 1 8 A RB
Johnson, Larry RB KC 2 17 A RB
Holmes, Santonio WR PIT 5 56 A WR
Johnson, Chad WR CIN 3 32 A WR
Olsen, Greg TE CHI 13 152 A TE
Young, Selvin RB DEN 6 65 A RB-WR
Rackers, Neil K ARI 14 161 A K
Cowboys, DST DST DAL 11 128 A DST
Cotchery, Jerricho WR NYJ 8 89 RS RB-WR
Curtis, Kevin WR PHI 7 80 RS RB-WR
Torain, Ryan RB DEN 10 113 RS RB-WR
Ward, Derrick RB NYG 12 137 RS RB-WR
Williams, Ricky RB MIA 9 104 RS RB-WR

Comment: Another team with great running backs in Addai, Johnson and Young, and he backed up Young with Torain. The receivers are also good, but he will struggle on weeks when Palmer doesn't play well. That means Chad Johnson will hurt him also.

Let's draft!

Interested in getting in on the mock draft fun? Drop me a line at if you want to draft with me. Put 'Draft with Jamey' in the subject line. I draft Thursday afternoons between now and September. Let me know what time you want to draft, and I will try to accomodate as many requests as possible.

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Mock Draft Thursday's

Habitual Line-Steppers - John
Player Round Drafted Overall Pick Status Pos 
Delhomme, Jake QB CAR 7 8
1 A QB 
Addai, Joseph RB IND 1 9 A RB 
Barber, Marion RB DAL 2 
;11 A RB 
Boldin, Anquan WR ARI 4 40 A WR 
Johnson, Andre WR HOU 3 
33 A WR 
Johnson, Calvin WR DET 5 64 A WR 
Shockey, Jeremy TE NYG 9 105 A TE
Longwell, Ryan K MIN 13 153 A K
Cowboys, DST DST DAL 8 88 A DST 
Young, Vince QB TEN 11 129 RS QB 
Brown, Ronnie RB MIA 6 
;57 RS RB 
Jones, Thomas RB NYJ 10 112 RS RB 
Mendenhall, Rashard RB PIT 12 136 RS RB 
Jackson, Vincent WR SD 14&nbs
p;119 RS WR

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