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Employers charging Employees?

Posted on: August 26, 2008 10:21 pm
I recently received a pay check after 2 weeks of work, hoping to buy myself that new driver ive been checking-out for the last few months (Im only 16), and opened up my check, and it had a meer 127$, which is well short of the cost of my dream Driver. Puzzled, i look at my check, and it actually had 100$ off of it for a billing error that i gave a guest (I work at a resort), in the guest favor. 100$ may not be that much, but it was nearly HALF my paycheck, and at least 3 days of work (6.75 hour doesnt get you much). I began to wonder, do accountants get their errors taken off there paycheck? I dont think so, so should Employees be charged for errors? No, Employers are paying us to do our jobs to our best abilities, they pay us to do work that they cant, or dont want to do. So how can they blame us for, and charge us for, a simple error? (Exspecially at 6.75 an kidding me?)
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