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Not prepared for the Vol's...

Posted on: February 27, 2008 11:07 pm

The title says it all. After tonights game, the thought of visiting Knoxville makes me sick to my stomach. I will be genuinely surprised if we dont lose by 30.

Horrible effort by all parties in the second half tonight. I have a couple of rants to make.

  • What happened to the D?! How many times were Ole Miss' shooters left absolutely wide open throughout the entire game? If Ole Miss had hit even 10% of their 3s in the first half they would have won this game. Absolutely pitiful effort in terms of perimeter pressure.
  • Billy Gillespie. Man, you got flat OUTCOACHED in the second half! How could you not have this team ready for a storm? Did you not remind them of what happened at Vanderbilt? UAB? Obviously this team was ready to make a run, they couldnt get much worse then they were in the first half. Andy Kennedy completely dominated you on the X's and O's. Made you his sex toy, as a matter of fact. I have been a Billy Clyde supporter since day 1, but you really disappointed me tonight. Poor effort on your part.
  • Ramel. Ramel, Ramel, Ramel. I love you for the same reasons I hate you, man. Seriously, kid, you arent Lebron. You can make some pretty spectacular plays at times, but there is no gray area with you. It's either a great play or a dreadful play. You cant make the superstar move every time. If you ever expect to make it to the league, you better learn to shore up your basketball I.Q.
  • Joe Crawford. I cant say enough about your skills. You may be one of the most gifted players to ever step foot on the basketball court. I mean that in all seriousness. But COME ON!!!! Where has this kind of effort been the last 3 years? If you played half as hard for any of those years as you do now, you would be a superstar. I dont know whether you're just lazy, or if Tubby never pushed you, or if you just simply never gave a damn. Maybe you are starting to see the end of the road and are laying it all out now. I dont know. All I know is, kid, you have the ism. Now just put the J in front of it and you can make the court your slave.
  • JODIE!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE SORELY MISSED!!!!!!!!
  • Randolph Morris, DAMN YOU!!!! I truly believe this team would be a National Title contender if you had stayed. Now look. You are averaging less then 1 point a game in the league. I hope the early paycheck was worth it. You may never have another chance to prove you are worth a damn. If you go through the rest of your life with no true basketball glory, I will not feel one ounce of sorrow for you. But come on dude, a year under Billy G would have benifited you more then anybody. I hope you regret leaving.

Stop torturing us, 'Cats!!!! I have had enough mild heart attacks to last me a lifetime.

All that said, an ugly W is better then an L. Nice job on not completely collapsing. I guess.


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Posted on: February 28, 2008 10:28 am

Not prepared for the Vol's...

come on, we're looking forward to it. . .should be a good game. And we really need it, so hopefully we will be rested and ready and the crowd will be nuts.

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Posted on: February 28, 2008 9:38 am

Not prepared for the Vol's...

You just put into words what I was thinking last night...

I just kept starting threads about my anger...What you said above is what I felt like last night...

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