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Let The Dance Begin!

Posted on: March 14, 2009 9:14 pm


 Finally, the long year we have waited for the next big dance is done. Selection Sunday is all that stands between us and the madness we call March. Who will be the Cinderella? Who will be the first # 1 seed out? Who will cause that controversal call that spoils the big win? But most importantly who will dominate the 65 and show the world that they deserve to be the champions?

The answers lie in the hearts and souls of the players. They hope, they pray, they dream, they imagine that "One Shining Moment" when greatness becomes them. They play the song over and over in their minds hoping they will be the one left standing when the spotlight shines on the center circle at the big dance.

The championship team; however, is the one that already knows they have won it all.



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