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NBA Positional Rankings - SG

Posted on: September 21, 2008 4:38 pm
Edited on: September 21, 2008 10:10 pm
CBS are releasing their lists of top ten players in each position every second day, so I'll release mine the day before. Their list of centers that came out was horrible, they had Greg Oden in at number 8 and Shaq in there and Jermaine O'Neal -- Those guys are good, but you can't have all three in your top ten, the NBA does have more depth in the cetner position, believe it or not.

Their PF rankings were better, but they had Amare over Garnett and they included Al Jefferson and Josh Smith (who play other positions for their respective clubs) only to not put them in the top ten. They couldn't find room for Luis Scola in their top 20, yet Ben Wallace got in there, among others - including Michael Beasley, who hasn't played a minute of NBA Basketball yet.

Their SF rankings were the best yet. Still they had Maggette and Jefferson in the top 5 or so. They mentioned Yi but no Al Thornton, and if they are not going to include Rudy Gay, they better do that in the SG rankings. I included Gay in my SF rankings, so you won't see him here.

These are my SG rankings, in two days I will put out my PG rankings and two days after that is the big one, The Top 100 NBA Players as of Right Now According to North Harbour. Stay Tuned.

SG Rankings

1. Kobe Bryant
- MVP, best player out there right now. Unless you dislike the Lakers of course...
2. Dwyane Wade - He was injured a lot for the past year, but I think it is consensus that when he is healthy he is the 2nd best SG in the league and can challenge Kobe for #1. He's been injured too much to be #1 right now though.
3. Manu Ginobili - I find it hard to put him this high, but I think his play has warranted it. He has been really effective off the bench last season.
4. Ray Allen - His numbers slipped, but all the Big 3's numbers did. He played outstanding in the finals and is still a great player.
5. Brandon Roy - I think this season we should see Roy come into #3 or #4. He has shown the potential to be a superstar for years to come. He leads Portland well and hopefully they get into the playoffs so we can see how he performs there.
6. Allen Iverson - He isn't the gamebreaker he used to be, night in, night out. But still has explosive offensive power and can change the game every now and then. That's enough for my #6 spot.
7. Tracy McGrady - Great player, just can't seal the deal come playoff time. I feel he should be higher, but if you can't win in the playoffs, that is big for me - It's not like he has never had the squad to do it.
8. Joe Johnson - Great leader for the Hawks, great player as well.
9. Michael Redd - Redd is a great spot shooter. He lacks the overall game for me to put him above any of the above players.
10. Kevin Durant - He showed the potential to be the face of the league and MVP one day. But according to his play right now and not his huge potential, I will put him here. If he continues to develop you could see him leap up the list next year.

Honourable Mentions
11. Kevin Martin - Great player, I really like him, he has shown a lot of potential to be a top 5 SG one day. Right now though, I can't put him above any of those players.
12. Monta Ellis - " ".
13. Rip Hamiton - Great player but that nose helmet thing....awful. Hey if he likes though.
14. Jason Richardson
15. Mike Dunleavy - Underrated, does a good job on the Pacers.
16. Vince Carter - I know everybody hates him on the NBA Boards, but as leader of the Nets he should get some good games in, even if he is a bad teammate etc etc etc.
176. Jamal Crawford - Better than the Knicks let on..

I would love to hear everybodies opinions and your all welcome to post your own list here as well as critique mine. If you have any players who should be on the list or shouldn't be on the list or should or shouldn't have an honourable mention just tell me. 

I hope that you follow this series of blogs and leave your comments.

I appreciate all comments, thanks all.

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Posted on: September 24, 2008 12:22 am

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

nate75, I don't hate the Pistons. I feel that Monta, Martin and Rip are all very close together. The fact that Martin and Monta have shown the potential to become top 5 SGs one day and Rip is getting on a bit led me to put them in that order.

Yeah, most have said that McGrady should be higher, I will note that while making my top 100 list.

Thanks for your thoughts and comment.

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 8:46 am

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

I think Rip Hamilton deserves a spot at the back end of the top 10 but if you hate the Pistons (not saying you do) then thats understandable. I also think Tracy Mcgrady should do a switcheroo with Allen Iverson thus moving T-Mac to no.6 on your rankings. Overall pretty acurate list though.

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 2:44 am

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

I'm pretty disappointed at the lack of comments but...anyway CBS' rankings are getting a lot better.

Thier rankings of course have the Kobe-Wade 1-2.

In the group of close players ranked 3-7 they have McGrady, Ginobili and Roy. They add in Joe Johnson, which is okay and they add in Rip. I feel that Rip is way too high and could be 10th at best.

They then have Redd, Iverson and Allen - Which is the next tier.

They have Stephen Jackson, who I included in my SF rankings, and Durant was in their SF rankings, so so far they have my top ten + Rip Hamilton. So pretty accurate so far.  Next Kevin Martin - same here. Then Jason Richardson.

They don't include Monta Ellis - I'm assuming they will in their PG rankings.

Also it was duly noted that rudy Gay wasn't included in their SG or SF rankings - I find that very very disappointing.

Vince Carter is there next and SF Peja next. They disagree with me and Hurricane and stick Dunleavy behind Vince Carter....ouch.

They then precede to not mention Jamal Crawford at all, duly noted that they have mentioned, one Knick in total now. Zach RAndolph and he was lower than he shouldve been.

Instead of Jamal Crawford they have Jason Terry, Ben Gordon, Randy Foye and benchwarmer JR Smith.

Interesting that they mention Jamal Crawford in their paragraph for #20 JR Smith.....


Smith just edged out New York's Jamal Crawford for No. 20 on the list. Of course, Crawford's numbers are better than Smith's. Crawford is a big-minute starter and Smith comes off the bench. But if you give Smith a longer leash and some playing time, would he be any less effective than Crawford? Good question, at the moment I have to say Crawford would be better - JR Smith is great at shooting and average anywhere else....Crawford is great on offense and average on defense. I just give it to Crawford.

Pretty decent rankings by CBS on their part.

Can't wait for the PG rankings, stay tuned - 24 hours away. In another 48 hours after that is "The Top 100 NBA Players as of Right Now according to North Harbour."

Thanks all. Let's get some more comments in, for the next 24 hours that this blog is up.

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 12:04 am

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

Noted. Thanks for your comment Subby.....

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Posted on: September 22, 2008 12:55 am

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

Like Hurricane, I'd move McGrady up, and I'd move Allen down a couple spots. Good list though.

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Posted on: September 21, 2008 10:04 pm

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

Damnit...Forgot Dunleavy. Thanks Hurricane. Yes, Dunleavy was ahead of Crawford and Carter.....

Take out the whole failure to win thing, I think those six players are better than McGrady. But one could argue either way, they are closely bunched.

I'll edit the blog now to include Dunleavy.

Thanks for Commenting as usual Hurricane, I appreciate it.

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Posted on: September 21, 2008 4:57 pm

NBA Positional Rankings - SG

Mike Dunleavy needs to be ahead of Vince Carter and Jamal Crawford.  There's a reason why Crawford and Carter haven't won depite talent around them, and it's because of poor shot selection.  Also, Tracy McGrady needs to be higher.  Keep in mind that his teams were never favored to get out of the first round.

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