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North Harbour's Preseason Rookie Top 30

Posted on: July 8, 2008 12:55 am
Edited on: July 9, 2008 12:56 am
North Harbour's Preseason Rookie Rankings as at 8 July 2008

(Disclaimer: According to you, and most people, after the top 10 they might be a little off, you've just got to live with it I'm afraid)

1. Michael Beasley - Miami Heat - He is likely to get a starting place with Wade and one of Marion and Haslem along with him. He should score and rebound a lot making him numer one on my list. He has a lot of doubters, but at this early stage he is my number one.

2. OJ Mayo - Memphis Grizzlies - He is the number two option behind Rudy Gay. With excellent young point guards in Conley, Crittenton and Lowry dishing him the ball he should score lots. I can't see him getting a lot of assists or rebounds. It'll be like Kevin Durant last year, he'll do stuff, but the bulk of it will be putting the ball through the hoop. Except he has Rudy Gay, KD didn't.

3. Derrick Rose - Chicago Bulls - He has Luol Deng and a bunch of other (and I use this term lightly) randoms to pass the ball too. I can't see him scoring a lot but he'll get his fair share of assists.

4. Greg Oden - Portland Trailblazers - His impact might not be shown by statistics as he has Aldridge, Roy, Webster, Outlaw, Blake and Bayless on his team. But he will make a good difference and along with their new rookies Portland should be a lower seed in the playoffs next year.

5. Eric Gordon - Los Angleles Clippers - Imagine Baron, Kaman, Thornton and Brand along with Gordon on the same team. If there team name wasn't the Clippers I'd say they could make the NBA finals. Gordon probably won't be scoring a lot but he will play well and have a great career -- he just has that aura around him.

6. Russell Westbrook - Oklahoma City Outlaws - I know they are just scrimmages but did you see how he dominated in the summer league. The pick is looking better and better by the minute. He should score and rack up the assists on the Outlaws, statiscally speaking he may be in the top two of rookies, but I don't feel that he wil have the x-factor or impact etc to contend with the players I have in the top 4 to be ROY.

7. Brandon Rush - Indiana Pacers - Wants to be the next Reggie Miller. He might just be, you never know.

8. Kevin Love - Minnesota Timberwolves - If he is starter Al Jefferson should dominate, he will get his though.

9. Jerryd Bayless - Portland Trailblazers - I can see him being the starter come seasons end. He fits in perfectly as Roy will have the ball more. He may be higher than 9th best rookie but that's where I have him.

10. Rudy  Fernandez - Portland Trailblazers - Dominated his European league, similar to Luis Scola and Juan Carlos Navarro, will be backup to Brandon Roy.

11. Brook Lopez - New Jersey Nets - Likely backup center to whoever, should see minutes. Won't be amazing.

12. Darrell Arthur - Memphis Grizzlies - Just cos I like him.

13. Danilo Gallinari - New York Knicks - Horrible pick, followed up with a fairly weak signing in Duhon. Meh.

14. DeAndre Jordan - Los Angeles Clippers - Many people won't have him so high but I feel he will get the lion's share of the backup minutes at PF and C when Kaman or Brand are out. If he proves himself early he may just find his NBA feet and become a star.

15. Anthony Randolph - Golden State Warriors - Likely backup to Stephen Jackson. Good chance of being a bust due to not being given the minutes to develop.

16. Ryan Anderson - New Jersey Nets - Likely backup to PF. Should see a lot of minutes in the rrebuilding team.

17. Robin Lopez - Phoenix Suns - Third big man after Amare and Shaq, the next backup will be one of Brian Skinner or Sean Marks...Should see a lot of minutes, a good chance to develop and two great mentors in Shaq and Amare. Could make a bigger impact than most think.

18. Roy Hibbert - Indiana Pacers - Due to lack of depth (Jeff Foster and Co) he should see some minutes. May develop, may not. Should be a solid bench center for years to come in my mind.

19. DJ Augustin - Charlotte Bobcats - Would be higher, but Larry Brown hates rookies. Just imagine how good Darko would've been if Larry Brown actually let him develop rather than keeping him on the bench JJ Redick style.

20. George Hill - San Antonio Spurs - Would be lower but according to a report he will be the backup PG to Tony Parker and that is a great mentor, along with Gregg Poppovich and the general atmosphere of the Spurs he should be a nice bench player for years to come.

21. Joe Alexander - Milwaukee Bucks - Backup to Richard Jefferson. Won't be a bust, won't be a superstar, may not be a future starter either. Right pick for them but not at 8, could've traded down -- but that's too much work.

22. Jason Thompson - Sacramento Kings - Picked way too high and will be PF backup. Will get some minutes. Shouldn't be a bust.

23. Chris Douglas-Roberts - New Jersey Nets - The Nets still want Vince Carter to be their centerpiece this year, meaning he should get 35-40 mpg. CDR should see the remainder of minutes at SG. Better than a 2nd round pick, if only he had allowed himself to be worked-out by the teams with picks in the lower 20s.

24. Mario Chalmers - Miami Heat - The Heat have Quinn and Chalmers and Banks. I don't know why they are going after another PG but he would be higher but it looks like he won't see as many minutes as he should behind Quinn and whoever they pickup. He will be good if he develops probably.

25. Kosta Koufos - Utah Jazz - Backup center. Should get some minutes. I think he will be good.

26. Marresse Speights - Philadelphia 76ers - Should be a decent backup PF.

27. JaVale McGee - Washington Wizards - Too many big men in the capital to develop probably. Likely to be a massive bust in my mind...He is this high because if he gets his chance he will take it and run with it.

28. JJ Hickson - Cleveland Cavaliers - Smith, Wallace, Varejao and Illgauskas are the C and PF in Cleveland. Not sure how many minutes he will get. Should be given the chance because he is young -- Those four are not.

298. Donte Green - Houston Rockets - Adelman will probably give him a shot, similiar to the shot Landry got. He will be good if he is patient.

30. DJ White - Oklahoma City Outlaws - He should get minutes on this young team. Won't stun anyone with his skills but won't be a bust.

I challenge you to make a slightly better one!!!
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Posted on: July 10, 2008 5:10 am

North Harbour's Preseason Rookie Top 30

Thanks coledog, Westbrook is awesome, I really like him.

Bellinelli has a lot of talent, I can't believe he hasn't got the chance to perform.

Yeah, that pick was rubbish...

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 11:39 am

North Harbour's Preseason Rookie Top 30

Nice blog.  I like that kid Westbrook.  Unlike Bellineli he actually has a chance to play.  I guess our beloved magic made a bad pick cuz i dont see courtney lee in yo top 30

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 7:01 am

North Harbour's Preseason Rookie Top 30

Fair enough viewpoint Hurricane but if someone likes Brandon Rush, who actually has the potential to be half-decent, comes out and says he wants to be the next Reggie Miller -- I will say, okay good for him, I believe in him, let's see if he can put it into practice.

For you want to say -- Not a snowball's chance in hell, that is just your viewpoint.

I actually think if given the minutes Bellinelli could be a very solid bench player in this league. And that is the case with the majority of these players. Obviously every player is different, but if you give them the minutes chances are they won't wow you, but they will develop.

Half these players won't receive the minutes they need to develop, and then everyone will come out and call them busts. The other half will get the minutes and probably not develop. But there is a small group of players that get the minutes and make it in their first season.

If Brandon Rush wants to be the next Reggie Miller, okay he might be. If Michael Beasely comes out and owns the competition and Derrick Rose looks average, well I look at that and go, hey one player really wants to show the world that he is no 1 not no 2, the other one, well he will develop and find his NBA feet Im sure.

Well I went on a bit of a meaningless rant and probably could keep going, but I won't.

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Posted on: July 8, 2008 2:21 am

North Harbour's Preseason Rookie Top 30


I think you are getting overly excited about these summer league games.  Just keep in mind that Marco Bellinelli scored 37 points in one of these games last year and did next to nothing in his rookie year with the Warriors.

7. - Indiana - Wants to be the next Reggie Miller. He might just be, you never know.

It's amazing that people get overly hyped up about certain rookies during the summer that they are drafted.  No way is Rush the next Reggie Miller.  Morris Peterson is a better comparison.

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