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Rankings are over rated

Posted on: February 28, 2008 12:13 am

Ok, first things first.  Rankings are over rated!  Look, the ranking system of college basketball is probably right on for the most part, specially if we are grading on a curb.  But I think we're flawed.  Just because one team wins or loses or the teams ahead of you lose or win seem to have to much impact on the ranking systems.  hang with me!! Take a team like texas.  Ranked 5th.  tell me that if we had no ranking system up until this weekend, they didn't exist and all the sudden we want to rank the top five teams in college basketball.  Where do you think they would be then.  I got texas as number 3 and taking a number 1 seed into the playoffs as of right now.  I know I know, well who do you have one and two.  Well number one I think right now shoud be North Carolina.  Tennessee was not a true number one and memphis was a spring board for them to taste the ranking for a short time.  But Unanamus???  I don't think so .  1. NC 2. Memphis 3. texas. 

Now not to take away from the Tennessee teams.  UT, Vandy, Memphis.  All belong in the Top ten.  yes, top ten.  disputing otherwise?  Let me know.  but memphis is clearly as athletic if not the most athletic team to be in the tourny.  Vandy, who I personally feel is so tough at home because of the unorthadox venue and court setup they play in has the top two SEC scores.  and then tennessee, lofton is a leeder among leeders, I like the team, but not for a deep tourny push, one off night by lofton and the tourny's over. 

Pac Ten, UCLA sleeper USC

Big ten, Indiana.  How will they react to all of this controversy.  Prove it indiana and the nation may get behind you.  Its White's show make no bones about it, leadership is key.

Ok others.  duke, early upset in my bracket. North Carolina tough as nails.  tell Phsyco T your going to beet him and see what happens. 

Drake, Butler, come on maybe a run but nothing serious.

Kentucky needs to be in this tourny despite a terrible loss to Vandy (at home) they beet vandy at Rupp and Tennessee as well.  enough of the bubble talk, this team is good enough to be in the tourny and should be.


enough for now I'm coming at ya later... Holla

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 12:39 am

Rankings are over rated

finally we can get this Kentuck BS talked of the plate.  UK is in the tourny.  And they well do some dammage, look for the sweet sixteen.  UNC looks like a tank frolling trhough the feild.  Texas up and down, but readdy to march.  Vandy, Tennessee.  Come on guys lets opensome lagit dark horses here .

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