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History Repeats its Self????

Posted on: April 4, 2008 7:03 pm
  I'm sure you all know the very much over-used saying of history repeats its self and if there is one thing to learn its that in the Andy Reid area this saying is very, very true. But this isn't an Eagles history class, with all respect past players, its about what this team is going to do to bring the "insert S.B. word" to Philly.

  One thing I noticed last year after the draft of Kevin Kolb is that he didn't come as out of the blue as most of us thought. Last year after over 9 hours of ESPN trying to see the Eagles make a selection I was very disappointed to hear Kevin Kolb's name called. However after realizing that I can only write about his team, not control it I did my home work on this guy. The first thing I do is open my Eagles Insider any read what they thought would be the Eagles 1st round picks and there were names like, Bowe and Merriweather, but when I turned the page I was surprised to see Kevin Kolb.

  So why did I just make you read that last paragraph? Simple the Magazine published by the Eagles them selves mentioned a future player in Kolb so all i'm saying is keep an eye on how the Eagles profile as they kicked off there scouting report today with Jr. CB from Kansas Aquib Talib. Im not saying the Eagles will pick Talib but raither consider it.

  Lastly I haven't changed my man on who I think is #1 on there big board its LT Chris Williams from Vanderbilt. While one years history could repeat it self I'll take my chances on Reid being Reid again. Thats what they don't teach you in history, unless you read my blog in class.

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Posted on: April 6, 2008 6:25 pm

History Repeats its Self????

I believe who you are talking about is Brandon Albert from UVA, the thing is he could make the transition to Tackle and I would be fine with that. However that raises the question of what they do with Lito because they could take Albert at 19 and not have to trade up to get him.

they could take him and he could play OT but i think it makes since to trade up and get a proven tackle in Williams. however the pick of Albert wouldnt shock me

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Posted on: April 6, 2008 1:49 pm

History Repeats its Self????

What if they shock you by picking the Guard from Virginia? He's played guard his whole career, and started 2 games at LT in a pinch last year where he played really well. People seem to think his height (6'7) and long wingspan matched with his rare athleticism (former B-Ball player) give him the skill-set to be the 2nd best overall OT in this draft.

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