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Week 1 NFL Re-caps, Random Thoughts, & Opinions

Posted on: September 14, 2009 11:56 am
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Tennessee 10

Pittsburg    13 FINAL OT (Thurs)


- If you love defensive contests, then you loved this game. Still, I came away from this game with concerns for BOTH teams. Kerry Collins is no Drew Brees. If the Titans think Collins gives them their best chance to go to the superbowl, then they're in trouble. The missed field goals are a concern. As sloppy as they played, the Titans should have won this game. As for the Steelers, how long can late-game heroics from Ben Roethlisberger carry this team? That offensive line is going to get Ben Roethlisberger killed. And, What happened to the Steeler's running game? The team looks good, but is no lock to repeat as SB champs. Credit BOTH defensives for forcing turnovers and keeping things interesting.


Washington 17

NY Giants    23 FINAL


- This game was not as close as the score indicates. The late TD the Giants gave up bothers me. But, in a classic NFC East battle, the Giants defense held the Redskins to 272 total yards. The defense had three sacks and forced two turnovers. The Giants struggled to run the ball in this one and struggled in the red zone. However, credit Eli Manning for managing the game well and spreading the ball around. I'll take several quality receivers over a "#1" WR with character issues any day. So far so good for life after Burress, Umenyiora's return, and Bill Sheridan in his first season as D-Coordinator.


Miami   7

Atlanta 19 FINAL


- I think it's time for the Dolphins coaching staff to face it. The Wildcat is not sneaking up on anyone this season, and Chad Pennington CANNOT throw the ball down the field. Quit screwing around with Pennington and Pat White and get Chad Henne on the field pronto! That offense was putrid yesterday. Chad Pennington and gimmick plays with Pat White are not going to get the Dolphins deep into the playoffs. Chad Henne is a strong, young QB who is accurate and can throw the deep ball. The time to see what the kid's got is NOW. Keep running that offense we saw Sunday, and the Dolphins may go from first back to worst. On the other side, credit the Falcons defense for stepping up on an afternoon when their own offense struggled; with Michael Turner producing less than 70 yds rushing.


Dallas        34

Tampa Bay 21 FINAL


- The Bucs were competitive through most of this game. Take away those two blown coverages late in the second half that went for long TD's, and the Bucs win this game. Tony Romo hit a career high in passing YDs in one game. Next on deck: the home opener in their one trillion dollar stadium; with their billion dollar; 100ft. TV screen; against the Giants. Felix Jones looked awfully good in this game. Not sure why they didn't use him more.


NY Jets 24

Houston 7 FINAL


- Wow. Was that REALLY last year's #3 offense? To say this was a huge letdown to the fans and the Texans themselves is a understatement. Zero offensive TD's and 17 yards rushing from Steve Slaton is not how you want to start your season at home; especially for a Texans team that has playoff hopes coming into this season. The Texans defense looks just like it did last year, with the new additions not seeming to make much of a difference. This has the look of a team destined for, yet, another underacheiving season. On the other side, credit Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan, and the new-look Jets defense for opening up their season with a win on the road. Brett who?


Eagles    38

Panthers 10 FINAL


- This win had more to do with how bad the Panthers are than how good the Eagles are. McNabb only had 79 yards passing, and managed to break his ribs. Jake Delhomme played so poorly, he was benched in this one. Four INT's and a lost fumble; all resulting in scores, and in the post-game press conference he says "....stuff happens....". Are you kidding me? THIS is who the Panthers are paying $20 mil to in guaranteed money? With no QB of the future on the roster and a ton of money dumped into a complacent Jake Delhomme, this team is in serious trouble. Don't be shocked to see this team finish in the basement in this division.


Kansas City 24

Baltimore    38 FINAL


- Forget the Ravens of old. They are gone. That defense is not the same without Rex Ryan, Bart Scott, and Jim Leonard. The Chiefs - without their $60 mil starting QB - were in this game until late in the 4th QB. It took a 300+ yd performance by Joe Flacco to beat a team many thought would be among the worst in the league this season. Right before our eyes, the Baltimore Ravens became an offensive football team Sunday. On the other side, credit Todd Haley and the Chiefs for making a game out of this. Did ANYONE out there think the Chiefs would put up 24 points against the Ravens - without Matt Cassel?


Detriot         27

New Orleans 45 FINAL


- Rookie QB Matthew Stafford had a rough go of it in his first career start. But, credit the kid for hanging in there and not letting the pressure get to him. I don't believe Culpepper or any other QB on that roster would have faired any better. As for the Saints, Drew Brees is a stud. He threw for 6 TD's and completed almost 75% of his passes. He is my early pick for league MVP. Still, you have to wonder if the leaky defense and the lack of a legitimate red zone running game won't catch up to the Saints like it did last season.


Jacksonville 12

Indianapolis 14 FINAL


- It wasn't pretty, and the Colts won't be any where near the team they were in the past. Clearly, there will be a transitional period due to losing their head coach, offensive coordinator, and Defensive coordinator. But, Peyton Manning's 301 YDs were enough to get the job done against a competitive Jaguars team that came ready to play. I thought Jacksonville got away from their running game a bit too much in this one. Jones-Drew almost averaged 5 yards per carry. Why Del Rio didn't call more running plays is beyond me. The Colts never had more than a seven point lead in this one. The Colts are no lock for this division title by any means. They still can't run the ball, and are suddenly struggling to score in the red zone. The loss of Anthony Gonzales will hurt.


Minnesota 34

Cleveland 20 FINAL


- If you're anything like me, you wish Brett Favre would just go away already. But, this win had nothing to do with him. The difference in this game was the defense and Adrian Peterson doing what he does best; taking advantage of a leaky defense and controlling the tempo of the game. Brady Quinn didn't look too bad in this one. If the defense had been able to stop Peterson, the Browns might have had a chance in this one.


Denver    12

Cincinnati 7 FINAL


- In a just-about unwatchable game, this one ends on a fluke play with the Bengals defender tipping the pass; Brandon Stokely catching it off the tip, and taking it 89 yds for a TD. You've gotta be sick to your stomach if you're a Bengals fan. Credit the Broncos defense for keeping this game close enough to win when their offense couldn't get it going.


St. Louis 0

Seattle   28 FINAL


- The Rams offense was anemic in this game. Seattle's defense played well, and the offense was efficient. Matt Haselbeck played well, and Julius Jones has the look of a RB they can count on this season. As for the Rams, they need some offensive playmakers, and need to accept the fact that Marc Bulger is not the answer. The sooner they accept that; the sooner they can start getting better as a franchise.


San Francisco 20

Arizona          16 FINAL


- I can guarentee almost no one predicted the NFC champs would lose their home opener to the 49ers. The 49ers are a gritty hard-playing bunch that will play hard for Mike Singletary. This win surprises me, but it doesn't shock me. The defense for the 49ers was a nightmare for Kurt Warner most of the day. Shaun Hill doesn't excite me as the 49ers starter. I think Nate Davis is the best QB on that team. Regardless, Hill and Frank Gore did enough to get the job done and secure a tough win on the road. Kudos to Singletary and his team. As for the Cardinals, the only time they've looked good all season (going back to the preseason) is when Matt Leinart has been out there. Kurt Warner just doesn't look the same and neither does that offense. They're missing Todd Haley big time, and when your leading receiver (12 catches; 120 or so yards) is a running back; on a team that has Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin, there's something wrong with your offense. The Cardinals have the look of a team that may take a step back. The 49ers have the look of a possible playoff team.


Chicago    15

Green Bay 21 FINAL


- A rough start for BOTH QB's in this game. That right tackle of the Packers was horrible. He personally gave up - what - 4 sacks and a safety? McCarthy better reconsider who he starts at RT. Credit Aaron Rodgers and the play-calling for that brilliantly executed play action pass that put the Packers over the top for good. The Packers defense, which I am proub to say is on BOTH of my fantasy football teams, had four picks in this one; including a late one to seal the win. Jay Cutler will be a good QB but will ultimately need better weapons around him before he can prosper in this offense.

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Week 1 NFL Re-caps, Random Thoughts, & Opinions

Dolphins may go from first back to worst.Agreed.  Not to mention the absolutely KILLER schedule they have this season.

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Posted on: September 14, 2009 1:41 pm

Week 1 NFL Re-caps, Random Thoughts, & Opinions

Great recap of the week so far.I believe that the Bears are in touble,Cutler does not make good decisions,does not have good receivers,except for Devin Hester,and now Urlacher is out for the season.
The Panthers are also in for a long season as Delhomme cannot seem to regain his old touch.Great week,great recap.

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Week 1 NFL Re-caps, Random Thoughts, & Opinions

Nice job on the recap Charlie...not a whole lot of surprises this week.

I know some are going to say that the Cardinals are going to have a Super Bowl loss hangover, but remember that Anquan Boldin wasn't 100% and Steve Breaston didn't even play...I expect them to rebound nicely vs the Jaguars.

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