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Week 4 Preview & Predictions:

Posted on: October 2, 2009 10:55 am

Good morning, NFL addicts!  Here are my picks & predictions for week 4. Enjoy the read, and feel free to chime in with opinions & predictions of your own.


Lions @ Bears - The Lions are not the laughing stock of the NFL anymore. They will win a few more games this year. I don't think this will be one of them. Asking this young Lions team to go into Soldier field with a rookie QB and rookie head coach and win is too tall an order. The game will be close, but Cutler and company come out on top. PREDICTION: BEARS


Bengals @ Browns - The Browns are pathetic, and compound their difficulties with one dumb decision after another. Eric Mangini is not fit to coach an Intermediate School girls soccer team. Derek Anderson threw three interceptions against a Ravens team that gave up nearly 500 yards passing to Philip Rivers the week before. Sure, Brady Quinn hasn't exactly lit it up, but how do you bench him for a guy that threw three picks and has been statistically worse in every category going back to last year? Good job, Mangini. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Titans @ Jaguars - People say they can't see the Titans fall to 0-4. I can. Jeff Fisher has committed to sticking with Kerry Collins, a mistake the team will continue to pay for. Neither team can stop anybody on defense. Both teams are running the ball well. I look for the passing game to be the difference in this contest. David Garrard will make less mistakes than Collins and take care of the ball. Everyone will pick the Titans to win based on desperation. I'm going against the grain on this pick. PREDICTION: JAGUARS


Giants @ Chiefs - Eli Manning is 3rd in the NFL in passing. The Chiefs are somewhere near the basement. The Giants led the league in rushing yards last Sunday. The Chiefs rushed for 38 yards last week, and are talking about the possibility that Matt Cassel could be benched. This once-proud franchise is a mess. They are in denial about Larry Johnson and continue to stick with him as their starting RB. He's the one guy on this team they SHOULD bench. Giants win big. PREDICTION: GIANTS


Ravens @ Patriots - Everyone will pick the Patriots to win this one because they are the Patriots. Not me. The Ravens are the better team on offense, defense, and special teams. I see nothing from the Patriots that suggests to me that they can stop Joe Flacco and that offense. Tom Brady just isn't the same QB, and it's time to accept the fact that this isn't the '07 Patriots. Tuck rules and a team of aging veterans won't save the Pats on Sunday. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Raiders @ Texans - JaMarcus Russell has got to be the most disappointing #1 overall draft pick in history, and that's saying something. He's just flat-out awful. Not even the struggling Texans defense can make Russell look good in this one. Expect a huge day for Andre Johnson & company. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Buccaneers @ Redskins: The Bucs turn to Josh Johnson to run their offense. Not sure why they didn't go with Josh Freeman at QB; particularly when they've said in interviews that he is the future of this team. Johnson faces a Redskins defense on the road; angry with their loss to the Lions. The feeling here is the Redskins wake up and get in the end zone a few times. I just don't see them losing at home to a team that had 5 first downs last week. PREDICTION: REDSKINS


Seahawks @ Colts - Peyton Manning is on fire. For the 'Hawks, Aaron Curry is starting to live up to the expectations the team had for him when they selected him #5 overall. They fought hard against the Bears. I just don't think they have enough there to compete with the Colts O-line, Manning, and the rejuvenated running game. Colts win by at least 10. PREDICTION: COLTS


Jets @ Saints - Great match-up here. The Jets defense versus the Saints offense. Yes - the Jets will blitz Drew Brees early and often. The Saints will expect that, and turn to their running game; the very same running game that led them to victory last week over the Bills. No team in the league is more balanced on offense than the Saints. The Jets defense keeps it close, but in the end, I don't see Mark Sanchez putting up more points than Drew Brees. PREDICTION: SAINTS


Bills @ Dolphins - Most people are so high on Chad Pennington, they have doomed the team for the rest of the season because of his injury. Most think Chad Henne won't get it done because of his inexperience. I disagree. Sure, Chad Pennington's completion percentage is impressive, but most of those passes are under ten yards. Wins get you to a Superbowl; not stats. How many games has Pennington won in his past 4 starts? ZERO - that's how many. It was time for a QB change anyway; whether Dolphins fans can accept it or not. It's time to see if Henne is your future QB anyway. The only thing the Bills have proved to me this season is that they can't close the deal. They'll start out well in this one, as they did their other games. But, they face a good defense in the Dolphins that won't let Fred Jackson run up and down the field on them. Chad Henne will make some mistakes. But, the kid can throw the ball down the field, which is something they didn't have on offense with Pennington. I'll go out on a limb here and say it will be the difference in this game. Chad Henne sparks this offense to victory. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Rams @ 49ers - The Rams might actually be better off with Kyle Boller at QB. Stephen Jackson is having a solid season, and is the Rams only real scoring threat. Expect this 49ers defense to key in on shutting down Jackson; forcing Boller or Bulger to beat them. It won't happen on Singletary's watch. Expect a big day by the 49ers 'D'. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Cowboys @ Broncos - The Broncos bring a pretty darn good defense to the table as well. The Cowboys are #1 in the league in rushing. So, what gives? I don't think the Broncos have faced an offensive line quite like this yet. Any one of the three Cowboys RB's is capable of putting up over 100 yards or better. The Broncos defense keeps it close, but in the end, I think the Cowboys running game prevails. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Chargers @ Steelers - This is a difficult pick. Philip Rivers will put up his usual big numbers in this one. The Chargers have been having trouble scoring TD's in the red zone, and they still don't have LaDanian Tomlinson. The Steelers can't run the ball and their defense is wearing down late in games. So, what gives? I'll take the Steelers 'D' at home. I think they bounce back in this one and pressure Rivers into one too many mistakes. PREDICITON: STEELERS


Packers @ Vikings - Ladies and gentelmen - it's the Circus Bowl. Brett Favre against his old team. I think Dom Capers will have his defense ready in this one. What is comes down to is - I think the Packers will play harder for Aaron Rodgers than the Vikings will for Brett Favre. Packers take home the win in the upset. PREDICTION: PACKERS

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