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Week 8 NFL Picks & Predictions

Posted on: October 30, 2009 10:42 am

Here are my picks & predictions for week 8. Enjoy:


Broncos @ Ravens-- The Ravens come off a bye week with a three-game losing streak. No question the Broncos are for real. However, the Ravens are at home, are desperate for a win, and have a QB in Joe Flacco that can throw for a ton of yards against any defense. A close game, but I give the edge to the home team that's desperate for a win. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Texans @ Bills-- The Bills will once again be without their starting QB. Despite the two game win streak, Ryan Fitzpatrick is completing less than 50% of his passes.  That won't get it done this Sunday.  Matt Schaub leads the NFL in yards and TD passes. Look for him to have a huge game here to get his team to the first 5-3 start in team history. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Browns @ Bears-- The Browns have scored 20 points in their past three games. That's 6.67 points per game in case anyone's doing the math. Derek Anderson is the lowest rated QB in the league; with a rating of around 40. He has completed less than 40% of his passes since taking over as the starter. Yet, Eric Mangini stands there and tells the press Anderson gives the Browns the best chance to win. Wow. PREDICTION: BEARS


Seahawks @ Cowboys-- Which Seahawks team shows up today? The team that dominated the Jaguars three weeks ago? Or the team that got destroyed by the Cardinals two weeks ago? I still don't know who this team is. The Cowboys come home to their trillion dollar stadium riding the Miles Austin train. I don't think Austin has as big a game in this one, but The Cowboys get it going just enough to win a close one at home. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Dolphins @ Jets--The last time these teams met, the Dolphins has a QB who couldn't throw passes down the field, and STILL won the game. Now they have a legitimate passing game with Chad Henne to go along with the wildcat. Ted Ginn will probably be benched in this one, which is good for the Dolphins. The Dolphins have one of the best run defenses in the NFL, so don't expect another 300 yard rushing performance by the Jets. They will key in to stop the Jets running game; forcing Mark Sanchez to try to beat them. Expect a Dolphins team that's pissed at blowing that lead to the Saints to step up and get the job done. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


49ers @ Colts-- Alex Smith gets the start for the 49ers, which is the right decision. Too bad it's against the best QB in the league. The 49ers will compete in this one and make it close. But, asking Alex Smith to beat a Colts team led by Peyton Manning; on the road, in his first start in three years, is asking a bit much. PREDICTION: COLTS


Giants @ Eagles-- The Giants suddenly have a who-cares-if-we-lost-it's-a-long-season attitude. Don't take my word for it. It's not just in their play. Just read some of the quotes from the players after that debacle of a loss last week. Silly me, but I thought every game was important. They have become a team that's lethargic, disinterested, dispassionate, detached, clueless, complacent, lazy, pathetic, undriven, unmotivated, uninspired, undetermined, undisciplined, unfocused, soft, predictable, lack-luster, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, pulseless, scrotumless, careless, characterless, effortless, putrid, non-chalant, and suddenly doesn't seem to care when they lose games. Until that changes; until I see my old Giants again, I'll pick against them every week. PREDICTION: EAGLES


Rams @ Lions-- Not exactly a clash of the Titans here. But, I get the feeling Matthew Stafford will go in this one. The Lions are at home and have shown a better ability to get in the end zone than the Rams have, so I give the Lions the edge. PREDICTION: LIONS


Raiders @ Chargers-- Expect the Chargers and Philip Rivers to have a field day in this one against a Raiders defense that couldn't stop anyone last week. JaMarcus Russell is overweight, out of shape, and just doesn't seem to care what happens anymore. Disturbing to me that he refused to step up to the plate and take responsibility for the three turnovers he was involved in last week. How much confidence can anyone have in this guy? PREDICTION: CHARGERS


Jaguars @ Titans-- Jeff Fisher has FINALLY stopped being stubborn and has decided to go with Vince Young. It's the right move. Kerry Collins is NOT the future, and they need to find out if Vince Young is; regardless of personal feelings or animosities. The Jaguars have been unbelievably inconsistent. The Titans are at home and well-rested; coming off a bye week; with the 59-0 blow-out still etched in their minds. Something tells me they step up to the plate and get their first win of the season here. Bud Adams lobbied hard for Vince Young to start this game. The feeling is Young will play hard to show his appreciation. PREDICTION: TITANS


Vikings @ Packers-- Just about everyone will pick the Vikings to win this one. Not me. Why? Well, let's see. Brett Favre just about ruined his entire hall-of-fame history with the Packers by making a public statement that he thinks the Vikings team he is on is better than the Superbowl Champion '96 Packers. Three problems with that statement: 1) The Vikings team he is on hasn't won the Superbowl 2) The Packers team he was on was the reason he is the QB he is today; and 3) He felt a need, for some reason, to trash his former team after beating them in Minnesota. I'm willing to bet that not only do the die-hard Packers fans feel disrespected; the players do too. It will show in their play. Expect a much better showing this time around by a motivated, talented Packers team at Lambeau, and by a defense that will look to hurt the 40-year-old ego-maniac. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Panthers @ Cardinals-- The Panthers are sticking with the King Of Turnovers - Jake Delhomme. Wow. PREDICTION: CARDINALS


Falcons @ Saints-- The Saints are dominant in every phase of their game. No one's been able to even slow this team down. Until someone does, I've got to pick them to win every week. PREDICTION: SAINTS

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Posted on: November 2, 2009 10:33 am

Week 8 NFL Picks & Predictions

Didn't Johnson get benched for Jamaal Charles?  LOL.  Yeah, it may be time to dump Johnson.  Good job by your Texans lately.  My team is pathetic right now. 

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Posted on: October 31, 2009 9:41 am

Week 8 NFL Picks & Predictions

Hey Charlie, is it me or does Matt Schaub leading the league in yards and TD passes sound a little strange ????? Now, if we can just get the "D" to rise up the Colts may just find themselves lookin' over their shoulder!!!! On a side note...why do I still have Larry Johnson on my fantasy team?? lol.  Yell

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