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Week 10 NFL picks & predictions

Posted on: November 13, 2009 11:09 am
Here are my picks and predictions for the remaining games of week 10.  Enjoy: 


Lions @ Vikings-- The Lions started out well against the Hawks last week, but got conservative once they got the lead. This team does not know how to win yet and caves under pressure. Expect a big game from Adrian Peterson. PREDICTION: VIKINGS



Broncos @ Redskins-- The Redskins have struggled on offense all season, and are now without their best weapon; Clinton Portis. A perfect remedy for a Broncos team that has dropped two straight. PREDICTION: BRONCOS



Falcons @ Panthers-- Expect the Falcons to figure out that if you stop DeAngelo Williams, you stop the Panthers. I predict two or three picks by Delhomme, and Michael Turner to be the RB that puts on a show in this contest. PREDICTION: FALCONS



Buccaneers @ Dolphins-- The Bucs won't catch the Dolphins asleep at the wheel the way they did the Packers last week. The Dolphins are a better team than their 3-5 record indicates. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS



Jaguars @ Jets-- Expect the defense of the Jets to get back on track against the one-dimensional offense of the Jaguars. Mark Sanchez and Thomas Jones get back on track here. PREDICTION: JETS



Saints @ Rams-- Stephen Jackson will continue to show the NFL his character; putting up a solid effort for all 4 quarters. But, don't expect much else if you're a Rams fan. This one won't be close. PREDICTION: SAINTS



Bills @ Titans-- The Bills do bring their defense every game, so expect a close; low-scoring game. Trent Edwards returns, which should help the Bills. But, I'll take Vince Young and Chris Johnson over Trent Edwards and Marshawn Lynch. PREDICTION: TITANS



Bengals @ Steelers-- The Bengals have that championship formula about them. They play great defense, have a great O-line, run the ball well, control the clock, and limit turnovers and mistakes. Even more importantly, the Bengals will play with a chip on their shoulder because no one believes they can win this game. The Steelers have shown that their defense can wear down late in games. The Bengals defense has not shown that; plus they haven't forgotten that grin Hines Ward had on his face after he broke OLB Keith Rivers' jaw to end his season. I don't think Ward will be smiling after Sunday. I'll take the Bengals in the upset. PREDICTION: BENGALS



Chiefs @ Raiders--The Chiefs are starting to get their passing game going somewhat, so they at least have that going for them. What do the Raiders have going for them at the moment? Not much of anything except a QB in poor shape with a poor work ethic, an underacheiving former first-round-pick RB, and a bunch of young WR's who drop so many passes, you'd swear they were wearing vasoline on their fingers. The Chiefs have played hard and the effort has been there. Can't say the same for the Raiders. PREDICTION: CHIEFS



Cowboys @ Packers-- The Packers O-line is dreadful, and now their defense can't stop anybody. Is Dom Capers on vacation? Tony Romo and that defense must be licking their chops after watching tape of the game against the Bucs. Expect Aaron Rodgers to get absolutely no help whatsoever, as usual. PREDICTION: COWBOYS



Seahawks @ Cardinals-- The Cardinals are undefeated on the road; yet just 1-3 at home, so this pick is a crapshoot. Which Kurt Warner shows up? The Kurt Warner that threw 5 INT's against the Panthers? Or the Kurt Warner that threw 5 TD's against the Bears? I flipped a coin for this pick. PREDICTION: CARDINALS



Eagles @ Chargers-- The Eagles struggled at home against Tony Romo and the Cowboys. Philip Rivers is a better QB than Romo, has better weapons, and is at home, so I'll give the Chargers the advantage in this one. PREDICTION: CHARGERS



Patriots @ Colts-- Just about everyone and their grandmother thinks the Patriots will win this one. That's exactly why I think it won't happen. Sure, the Patriots are #1 in scoring defense. But, the Colts aren't exactly slouches on defense either. They held Matt Schaub & the Texans to 17 points last week. Peyton Manning is a better QB right now than Tom Brady, and has taken this team on his back. The Colts won't go undefeated, but they won't lose THIS week. PREDICTION: COLTS



Ravens @ Browns-- Brady Quinn gets his starting job back, which is the right move. I don't think he should have been benched to begin with. But, there is no team chemistry here whatsoever, and Jamal Lewis is complaining that Mangini is working the team too hard. Players that complain about hard work shouldn't play in the NFL. This team is a mess. They have about as much chance of pulling off the upset as the Moon does of turning green. PREDICTION: RAVENS

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