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Week 11 NFL re-caps, random thought, & opinions

Posted on: November 24, 2009 2:59 pm
Edited on: November 24, 2009 3:21 pm

Here are my re-caps, random thoughts, & opinions on week 12 NFL action. Enjoy:





- This can't be considered anything less than a huge disappointment for Texans fans. The Texans were coming off a bye week; well-rested and were at home. This was a game they needed to win to escape mediocrity and establish themselves as legitimate playoff contenders. What we saw was the Titans coming out and playing with the intensity the Texans should have had. All we got from the Texans was blown scoring opportunities, failure to convert on key third-downs, poor play at the line of scrimmage, and missed field goals. This is back-to-back games that K Kris Brown cost the Texans the game. He missed two last night. Can someone explain to me why he is still on this team? This loss for the Texans was nothing short of a meltdown. Credit the Titans for turning their season around and playing hard after an 0-6 start. That 59-0 loss to the Patriots seems like ages ago. This is a different team with Vince Young under center.


MIAMI       24



- Not too many people gave the Dolphins a chance once Ronnie Brown went down. The Dolphins proved once again how underrated this team really is. Ricky Williams carried the load; hitting 119 rushing yards. Chad Henne didn't put up big numbers, but was efficient, ran the offense with confidence and poise, and limited his mistakes. Can't ask for much more from a young QB. However, the unit that deserves much more credit than it gets is the Dolphins defense. The Panthers had just 3 points going into the 4th QTR.  Delhomme struggled; completing less than half his passes. Not sure why DeAngelo Williams only got 13 carries. He averaged almost 10 yards per carry.



NY Giants 34 FINAL - OT


- Any realistic Giants fan like myself can't feel too good about this win. The Giants had a 31-17 lead with six minutes to go in the game; yet somehow managed to blow the lead. This is the second straight game the Giants blew the lead in the final seconds of regulation. Perhaps the guys on defense never got the memo stating that you need to play defense for 60 minutes per game; not 54. Perhaps it's time to end this ridiculous loyalty to the older; slower, fatter, out-of-shape veteran players and put the younger LB's in the starting line-up and; just a thought, but maybe it's time to sign some DT's that can actually stop the run and rush the passer. This was a banged up Falcons team that had been struggling; yet somehow the Giants were dependant on an OT coin flip going their way to win this game. Anyone think the Giants would have won this game if the Falcons has won the coin toss in OT? ........................ Didn't think so. This Giants team is going nowhere with that defense; even if they do squeak into the playoffs. My confidence in this team is at an all-time low. Bill Sheridan must go. Memo to Jerry Reese - How about a DC with some gonads?



DALLAS          7 FINAL


- Credit the Redskins defense for playing hard and fighting for a full 60 minutes; even when their offense was struggling. THAT is how you're supposed to play defense. This Redskins team will be no pushover for any team. On the flip side, Tony Romo had a subpar game, but got the job done when it counted. Perhaps getting a Giants defense in two weeks that refuses to make adjustments, puts up half-assed efforts, and starts its oldest, slowest, fattest, most pathetic; pitiful players is just what the doctor ordered to get that passing game going again.





- Credit the Colts defense for this victory. They made key stops in this one to force the Ravens to settle for field goals all day. Peyton Manning wasn't as efficient in the red zone as he had been, but did enough to get the job done. On the flip side, Joe Flacco needs some other targets to throw to aside from Derrick Mason and Ray Rice. Mason is more than half-way to 40, and RB screen passes will only help so much. Flacco needs to trust his other players, and in turn, they need to step up. Time for the younger WR's on this roster to prove they belong on the team. The Running game for the Ravens was very average in this one.


NY Jets          14



- The Jets didn't really blitz or get after Tom Brady until the game was already a blow out. Not sure why they waited until the 2nd half of the game to try what made them successful early in the season. The Jets defense DID tighten up in the second half, but by then, it was too late. Mark Sanchez was putrid in this one; completing only 8 passes. I saw nothing in this game to indicate that Brian Schottenheimer is the offensive genius the Jets think he is. Braylon Edwards STILL drops too many passes. That's the risk you take when you decide to sign a WR who doesn't give 100% effort on every down. On the flip side, Brady had a solid day with over 300 yards passing. But, the game MVP was Wes Welker; setting a Patriots single-game record with 15 receptions for 192 yards.





- The Eagles were unspectacular, but efficient. LeSean McCoy has proven to be a more-than-capable replacement for the injured Brian Westbrook. DeSean Jackson continues to be the difference maker on this offense. McNabb did a better job of limiting his mistakes in this one. On the flip side, Jay Cutler is simply trying to do too much. The Bears don't even try to run the ball anymore, which I don't understand. The Bears had the lead in the 4th QTR. Why did Jay Cutler have to throw the ball 43 times? Where is Matt Forte? Where is Garrett Wolfe? Kyle Bell had 81 yards on four carries. So, why didn't he get more carries? When your passing game is only averaging 3.9 yards per pass, you simply must run the ball more.





- Ironically, the Bucs played pretty good defense in this one. Drew Brees only had 187 yards passing, and the Saints had no 100-yd rushers. But, the mistakes and turnovers on offense killed Tampa Bay. Josh Freeman has a day he'd rather forget; a day all rookies have at least once. Credit the Saints defense for creating those turnovers all day long. Can they keep it up against the Patriots this coming week?


SEATTLE       9



- Brett Favre continues to prove me wrong with yet another MVP caliber performance. He only had three incomplete passes. That's impressive. The Seahawks' leading rusher had 9 yards. Ouch. Won't win many games that way. I think it's time for the Seahawks to seriously consider drafting a QB in April. On the bright side, their defense did hold Adrian Peterson to 82 yards.





- The Steelers statistically dominated this game. Ben Roethlisberger has almost 400 yards passing. Hines Ward hit the 10 reception mark. The Steelers defense held Matt Cassel to just 15 complete passes on 30 tries; held Jamaal Charles to just 58 yards rushing. But, the Chiefs continued to fight & play hard, found a way to come back from 10 points down to force OT, and found a way to win. It was a gutsy performance by the young Chiefs team. I like how hard they're playing under Todd Haley. It bodes well for the future.


BUFFALO         15



- I give the Bills some credit. Their coach was just fired. Their starting QB was just benched. Yet, they almost pulled out this win on the road. I thought it was preposterous to bench Edwards in favor of Ryan Fitzpatrick until the kid almost wound up with 300 yards passing. Terrell Owens had his best game as a Bill. The Bills defense held Maurice Jones-Drew to 66 yards rushing. Only a late TD by Mike Sims-Walker cost the Bills this win. I congratulate the Jaguars on the win. But, kudos to the Bills for not getting down on themselves and playing hard.



GREEN BAY         30 FINAL


- Aaron Rodgers had a big day; with 344 yards passing. Ryan Grant had 129 yards rushing; averaging over six yards per carry. The 49ers did outscore the Packers 21-7 in the second half; leaving fans to wonder why they didn't start the game the way they finished it. Even more confusing is that Frank Gore is their franchise RB. Why did he get only 7 carries the entire game? Who the hell's calling the plays on offense in San Francisco?  Wasn't this supposed to be a power-running football team? 





- You've gotta love football. What other sport would have the two worst teams combine for the most points on the day? LOL. If you're a Browns fan today, you've got to be sick to your stomach. The Browns had a 24-3 lead in the 1st quarter; then got outscored 35-13 the rest of the way. How the hell does that happen? Brady Quinn had his first career 300+ yard; 3 TD day, but it went to waste. Matthew Stafford made history; hitting 422 yards & becoming only the second rookie QB in NFL history to throw 5 TD's in a game. Stafford is the real deal and is as tough as they come. He threw his last TD of the game with a separated shoulder. Anyone else who says this kid should be benched should be slapped.





- It figures. Just when I start giving the Rams some credit for playing better, they lay an egg like this. Don't let the final score fool you. It was 21-3 at halftime. The only reason this game was even close is because Kurt Warner left the game due to injury. The Rams defense did shut out the Warner-less Cards in the second half, but still gave up 110 yards rushing to Tim Hightower on just 14 carries. Stephen Jackson continues to be an all-pro RB; stuck on an anemic team.





- Maybe someone can explain the Cincinnati Bengals to me. How do you sweep the Superbowl Champions after sweeping the Ravens; then lose to a Raiders team with Bruce Gradkowski as its QB? Anyone? Anyone at all?................ What hurts more than who they lost to is the fact that all three of their division opponents lost. They blew a sure chance to get two games ahead of the Steelers and take another step toward a first-round playoff bye. Wow.  Kudos to the Raiders special teams for not giving up & forcing that fumble at the end to set up the game winning FG. 





- The collapse of the Denver Broncos is nothing short of epic. Rivers didn't even get 150 yards passing in this one, so I honestly couldn't tell anyone why this game was a blow out. All I do know if that if Kyle Orton was able to go at game time, then he should have started the game. However, there is good news if you're a Broncos fan. They play Thanksgiving night at home against a Giants defense that has the worst defensive coordinator in all of football, likes to start their oldest, slowest, fattest, most out-of-shape players, and likes to rest on leads once the offense gets the team the lead. The Giants defense will play hard for about 50-54 minutes; then take a vacation and just go through the motions the rest of the game, so there will be the usual opportunity for a 4th quarter comeback. So, no worries, Broncos fans. If the Broncos can move the ball against any defense; especially late in the game it will be this one.

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Posted on: November 24, 2009 7:58 pm

Week 11 NFL re-caps, random thought, & opinions

We watched the Giants game on the dish and I have to agree with your thoughts about the defense, it was a fun game though at least to someone who didn't care about the outcome.

The Chiefs and the Raiders winning those home games over Cincinnati and Pittsburgh has to be the biggest surprises of the week. In both games the losing team had better stats but the Raiders made some big plays when it counted and from the highlights it looks as though it was the same for the Chiefs.

The game I know I ripped in my picks post, Cleveland at Detroit, turned out to be a heck of game which just proves once again that you never can tell when it comes to the NFL (or that maybe I'm a fool)

Another good post Charlie....

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