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Week 17 NFL picks, predictions, & random thoughts

Posted on: December 31, 2009 2:38 pm

Sorry I haven't put a blog out for a while.  Here are my picks, predictions, and random thoughts on week 17. Enjoy:



Colts @ Bills-- Expect the Colts to rest their starters again. A mistake, in my opinion. I guess they haven't learned from past mistakes. Don't know how you rest starters for almost a month; then expect them to be ready for teams like the Chargers, who've eliminated the Colts from the playoffs a bunch of times. But, what they hell do I know? LOL. PREDICTION: BILLS


Saints @ Panthers-- With nothing to play for, expect the Saints to rest their starters as well; handing the Panthers their third straight victory to end the season. PRECITION: PANTHERS


Jaguars @ Browns--The Browns are getting hot at the right time, and now have their running game going. The Jaguars have no passing game and no pass rush. Don't like their chances in this once. Expect the Browns to shock the NFL; finishing out the season on their fourth straight win. PREDICTION: BROWNS


Patriots @ Texans-- The Patriots need to win or risk losing the #3 seed. Regardless, they are guaranteed at least one playoff game and may rest their starters. The Texans will have another opportunity to come up big in a non-divisional game that doesn't matter. About nine other teams need to lose for them to get into the playoffs. It won't happen, and they know it, so expect them to take care of business when it doesn't matter per their MO. PREDICTION: TEXANS


Giants @ Vikings-- The Vikings have the #2 seed in the NFC to play for. The Giants are a bunch of gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, heartless, scrotumless, prideless, passionless, complacent, lethargic bums who should stay home and not even show up for this game after that disgraceful, disgusting performance in their final home game in the Meadowlands. They've already spit in the face of their fans, so why even bother showing up for a game that doesn't mean anything? Just stay home and forfeit. That would be less disgusting than the product they're putting on the field lately. PREDICTION: VIKINGS


49ers @ Rams--Steven Jackson is the Rams only scoring threat. Expect Patrick Willis & company to shut him down, which will, in turn, shut down the Rams. PREDICTION: 49ERS


Falcons @ Buccaneers-- I don't know what the heck's happened to Matt Ryan and Michael Turner. But, I expect this group to play hard Sunday to try to secure the first pair of back-to-back winning seasons the franchise has seen in quite some time. Bucs come back down to earth. PREDICTION: FALCONS


Steelers @ Dolphins-- Don't expect a dropped TD pass from the other team to bail the Steelers out this time. For the Dolphins, Chad Henne has really looked good, and I expect the defense to have a better showing than they did last week against the Texans. Dolphins pull off the upset at home. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS


Bears @ Lions-- With Matthew Stafford hurt, the Lions chances of winning are somewhere between zero and negative 50.


Eagles @ Cowboys-- The Cowboys are the better team than the Eagles. I think they're ready to prove it. They have the edge on defense and RB, and I think that's where this game will be won. Whoever can run the ball and stop the run will win. PREDICTION: COWBOYS


Chiefs @ Broncos-- Which Broncos team shows up? The Broncos team that flopped at home against the Raiders? Or, the Broncos team that nearly upset the Eagles? I have no idea, so I flipped a coin. Head - Broncos....... Tails........Chiefs................



Ravens @ Raiders--The Ravens have too much at stake to lose to a team who thinks it's a good idea to start a QB who has a concussion. Can't see them losing this one in even the most outrageous scenario. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Titans @ Seahawks-- Matt Hasselbeck is done as an NFL starting QB. The sooner the Seahawks accept that and draft a QB; the sooner they can get back to being competitive. PREDICTION: TITANS


Redskins @ Chargers-- I'll take MVP candidate Phillip Rivers and Vincent Jackson over Jason Campbell and Santana Moss.


Packers @ Cardinals-- The Cardinals are much improved on defense and the running game. The Packers are much improved on defense, the running game, and pass protection. So, what gives? No disrespect to Kurt Warner, but Aaron Rodgers is the better QB. He has done more with less. Expect more of the same here. PREDICTION: PACKERS


Bengals @ Jets-- With a home playoff game a guarantee, expect the Bengals to rest their starters at some point. The Jets will be given another gift of sorts, and will play their final game in the Meadowlands with more pride, heart, passion, and respect than the Giants showed their fans last week. PREDICTION: JETS

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Week 17 NFL picks, predictions, & random thoughts

Thanks,  sirbed.  Keep checking out my blog during the offseason when I put up the latest NFL tidbits & rumors about twice per week.  Thanks for the support, bud. 

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Week 17 NFL picks, predictions, & random thoughts

I love the brown bag photo Charlie. Since I'm a Raiders fan should I wear two brown bags in case the first one falls off? I've really enjoyed your picks all year long so I just want to say thanks for the good writing.

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