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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 1/29/10

Posted on: January 29, 2010 3:38 pm

Enjoy the read, gang:


- Recently on the Dan Patrick show, Browns team president Mike Holmgren was very non-commital regarding the QB situation. While he DID acknowledge that he'd like there to be a clear starter before training camp, he was very mum on who that might be. When asked if BOTH QB's would be on the roster next season, he said ".....I won't tell you that right now. They're both here right now. We'll see how it goes......".


- In a recent interview with the press, Terrell Owens states he plans to play for two or three more years in pursuit of a superbowl ring. He went on to - surprise surprise - take more shots at his QB's; stating that he'd be close to Jerry Rice's records if he had the quality of QB's he had. I guess we're just supposed to forget the inconsistent efforts and dropped passes. Silly us. Undecided I'll tell you what else Jerry Rice had (aside from "quality QB's") that T.O. does not - a great work ethic, a team-first attitude, character, class, and a solid, consistent effort. Perhaps - just maybe - that might have SOMETHING to do with Jerry Rice being the best WR of all time. For Terrell Owens to even compare himself to Jerry Rice is laughable at best.


- Word is the agent for Eagles WR DeSean Jackson plans on approaching the Eagles this offseason about a contact extension. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't DeSean Jackson only played in TWO NFL seasons? A little early to be requesting extensions and raises, isn't it? I'm inclined to believe that when the Eagles drafted DeSean Jackson in the 1st round, they signed him to more than a two year contract. What ever happened to a player playing his contract out before requesting extensions?


- Word out of Tampa is that unless injury-prone Buccaneers WR Antonio Bryant lowers his financial expectations, he will be playing elsewhere next season.


- The Denver Broncos are expected to trade disgruntled WR Brandon Marshall soon after free agency begins on March 5th. No word yet on who the suitors might be.


- Titans RB Chris Johnson is still trying to figure out why his former RB coach - Earnest Byner - was fired. I can't figure that one out myself. Byner coached a RB who made history; getting past the 2,000 yard mark. Why would you fire this guy? Has Jeff Fisher gone senile down there in Nashville?


- Dolphins OLB Joey Porter recently told a radio station in Bakersfield, CA that he hopes he does not return to the Dolphins next season. He was apparently unhappy with his role with the team last season. But, with Porter being a 33 year-old OLB, I'm not sure what he's expecting. He's not likely to be a starter on too many teams at this point in his career, so why trash your team publicly trying to get released or traded? How does this help Porter?


- The Patriots have already met with draft prospects - OLB Eric Norwood of South Carolina and OLB Brandon Graham of Michigan; creating speculation that they will select an OLB with their first round pick in April, and probably more throughout the draft. At least three of their linebackers are free agents.


- Word out of Tampa is the Buccaneers have scheduled a meeting with former WR Keenan McCardell to discuss their vacant WR coach position.


- The Vikings have granted the Bears permission to speak to QB coach Kevin Rogers about the Bears' OC vacancy.


- The Eagles have promoted VP of player personnel - Howie Roseman - to their new GM.


- There is speculation among the Buffalo fans and media that the team might try to bring in Michael Vick to be the Bills QB. Vick is still under contract with the Eagles. However, he is due $5 million in 2010 for basically being a third-stringer, so the team may be willing to trade him.


- The Ravens are reportedely looking at former Redskins head coach Jim Zorn and Al Saunders to fill the QB coaching vacancy. Both are said to be interested.


- The Broncos made it official. Linebackers coach Don Martindale has been promoted to the team new DC.


- Rams head coach Steve Spagnolo told reported recently that he plans to talk to 49ers WR Isaac Bruce about the team's vacant WR coach position. Bruce is not yet officially retired, but is expected to retire during the offseason after 16 NFL seasons.


- Despite the Giants defense being one of the most pitiful, pathetic, lethargic, disgusting, characterless, pulseless, gutless, spineless, worthless, useless, scrotumless, lack-luster units the game has ever seen last season, new DC Perry Fewell is telling the media that he doesn't plan on making any changes to the staff. He stated he has a lot of confidence in the current staff. I hope his confidence is justified. Because, if he's wrong and we get another year like what we saw in 2009 out of the Giants defense, both Fewell and Tom Coughlin will be job hunting this time next year.


- Vikings RB Adrian Peterson recently told reporters that that he plans to make correcting his fumbling problem his #1 offseason priority. He blames his running style for his fumbling problems, and plans to make adjustments accordingly.


- Raiders executives deny the perception that Hue Jackson was brough in to run the offense in an effort to salvage JaMarcus Russell's career. Senior executive John Herrera made it clear that he was brought in to help the entire offense regardless of who the QB might be. That's a public declaration that Russell is not guaranteed anything in '10. The reality is - it is up to JaMarcus Russell to salvage his own career; if that's even possible at this point.

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