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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 2/5/10

Posted on: February 5, 2010 1:14 pm

Enjoy the read:


- Broncos WR Brandon Marshall has made it a point to conduct himself more professionally this offseason. When asked about his future with the Broncos, sources say he was contrite, stating he would just let things play out and go with the flow. He is OK playing for the Broncos, but would also be OK with being traded. He is no longer demanding trades like he was last season. Good to see someone in this league learning from their past mistakes.


- Word from San Diego is that LaDanian Tomlinson believes he has played his last game as a Charger. He believes he will be traded or released in the coming months.


- The Patriots and OLB Adalius Thomas have not been in contact since their season ended. There is known tension between Thomas and Belichick, and Thomas believes he will be playing with another team next season.


- The NFL is still considering fining Vikings LT Bryant McKinnie for how he conducted himself during probowl week; during which he skipped practices and meetings with no explanations. Still, McKinnie has offered no apologies and has made it known that he felt too much was made of the situation. I guess he feels that the rules only apply to everyone else. Must be interesting going through life with that approach. Good luck getting probowl votes next year, Bryant.


- There are many within the Jaguars organization that would love to see the team draft Tim Tebow in April. But, don't count RG Uche Nwaneri as one of them. His scouting report of Tebow on his Twitter page was brutal; basically stating that he can't throw nor read coverages "PERIOD", and that the wildcat will not work in the NFL. Pretty brutal comments considering Nwaneri only has 3 years experience in the NFL.


- Despite the consensus that Chad Pennington, has seen his last days in a Dolphins uniform, the former starting QB has said he wants to stay in Miami; even if it means backing up QB Chad Henne.


- Despite the recent rumors that at least one Eagles QB is going to be traded, Michael Lombardi reports that Eagles intend to keep Michael Vick despite his desire to start on another team. That a surprise to me, especially considering that he's due $5 million in 2010 for basically being a gimmick player/3rd string QB.


- Former Giants WR Plaxico "Quick Draw" Burress recently told NFL today that he vows to play football in the league again once his prison sentence is over. Well, Michael Vick killed dogs, went to jail, and now is once again richer than any of us will ever be, so why the hell not let Burress back in?


- Word At the Senior Bowl was that the Dolphins would like to add a pass-catching TE with speed this offseason. It has not been determined whether they will do so through the draft or free agency.


- Jeff Fisher has finally done something this offseason that makes sense. After Chris Johnson publicly made comments that he intends to seek a contract extension this offseason, Jeff Fisher responded; stating Johnson's plans for a renegotiated contract are "premature"; pointing out that he is only finishing up his second year of a six year deal.


- Word is Chad Ochocinco is lobbying for the Bengals to sign Terrell Owens. Good grief - can you imagine these two on the same team? One changed his name to a number, and the other is always insulting his QB's. Not so sure this pairing would work. Call it a hunch.


- Browns new GM Tom Heckert has a different take on QB prospect Tim Tebow than most scouts do. He likes Tebow, and thinks that his leadership abilities, toughness, and competitiveness will make up for what he currently lacks in mechanics. He also believes Tebow will play in the NFL as a QB, not a TE, HB, or anything else. In short, he thinks the guy's a winner, and can correct the mistakes he made at the Senior Bowl. "It's really hard to overlook the other stuff. I think somebody's going to get a good player......."

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Posted on: February 9, 2010 1:00 pm

NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 2/5/10

not at all. the two are buddies. they had a pool party last week, so if anyone can set TO straight, its 85.

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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 2/5/10

Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens on the same team? That's a nightmare waiting to happen.

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NFL Tidbits & Rumors - 2/5/10

Great job Charlie, as usual. I believe Adilas Thomas is done with the Patriots as well, but will they just release him or will they be able to get something for him in a trade?

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