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Week 2 NFL Predictions

Posted on: September 16, 2010 10:19 am

Hi, everybody. I need a good bounce back week after going a pedestrian 9-7 in week 1.  I actually got a couple of my upset picks correct; yet still only finished 9-7.  Here's hoping for a better week:

Ravens @ Bengals -- Nice performance by the Ravens D against the Jets, but they face a unit that can score points in the Bengals. I think the Bengals D bounces back in this one at home. The Ravens just aren't showing me enough in scoring offense right now. PREDICTION: BENGALS


Bears @ Cowboys -- I don't care what the official rule is. In my mind, the Lions should have won that game last week. He caught the ball and put it down.  That's a catch - PERIOD.  Anyway, the Cowboys offense has issues, but I believe the play of their defense will offset that. I don't see Matt Forte bailing out the Bears in this one nor do I see TD catches being nulified for a second week in a row. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Eagles @ Lions -- The Lions are a team on the rise, but Matthew Stafford has to stop getting hurt. The Lions defense keeps it competitive. But, I've gotta go with Kevin Kolb over Shaun Hill. No Stafford = another loss for the Lions. PREDICTION: EAGLES

Cardinals @ Falcons -- Derek Anderson is garbage. Why some people are high on this guy is beyond me. Expect the Falcons offense to get it going and bounce back at home. Don't dump Michael Turner nor Matt Ryan from your fantasy teams just yet. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Chiefs @ Browns -- The Browns have the king of turnovers - Jake Delhomme - as their starting QB. The Chiefs have an improving defense and a young team with speed and talent at key positions. Not much to think about here. Chiefs start 2-0. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Bills @ Packers -- The Bills have no offense. The Packers have one of the best offenses in the NFL, and they won't miss Ryan Grant as much as some people think. The Packers also have a defense that knocked Kevin Kolb out of the game last week. Scary imagining what they'll do to Trent Edwards behind that O-line. Yikes. Embarassed  Good luck Trent. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Steelers @ Titans -- The Steelers defense should keep things competitive. But, I'll take Vince Young and Chris Johnson at home over Dennis Dixon and Rashard Mendenhall. PREDICTION: TITANS

Buccaneers @ Panthers -- The Bucs barely beat a Browns team last week with Jake Delhomme as their QB. They face a Panthers team that got banged around by the Giants last week and gave up five turnovers. My gut says the Panthers turn it around in their home opener. PREDICTION: PANTHERS

Dolphins @ Vikings -- I like the Dolphins defense, but they just haven't shown me enough on offense yet to have any faith in them against playoff teams. 57 year-old Brett Favre won't throw for tons of yards. He's got ankle problems, and his best days are behind him. I expect Adrian Peterson to be the difference maker in this one. The Dolphins putz around with Ricky Williams too much and aren't giving Ronnie Brown enough carries. PREDICTION: VIKINGS

Rams @ Raiders -- The head coach showed last week that he trusts Sam Bradford to run this offense. That is the right decision. The Raiders simply looked awful last week in their loss. Just don't know what else you can say. Bradford gets much-needed help from Stephen Jackson this week and leads the Rams to their first win with him as their starter. PREDICTION: RAMS

Seahawks @ Broncos -- I don't know what to make of the Seahawks. I'm not sure if last week's victory was a sign of Seattle's improvement or a sign of the 49ers simply not showing up. The Broncos are coming off a surprising loss to a Jaguars team that wasn't expected to do much this season. I'm not sure what to think of either team, really. I flipped a coin to make this pick. PREDICTION: BRONCOS

Texans @ Redskins -- The Redskins defense was impressive last week. The feeling is they simply don't have enough on offense going for them to keep up with Schaub, Foster, Johnson, & company. Texans shock the NFL world and start 2-0. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Patriots @ Jets -- Same concept as my above pick. Great defense by the Jets, but there's just not enough there on offense right now to keep up with Brady & company. Expect a rough day for the self-proclaimed future Superbowl Champions.   PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Jaguars @ Chargers -- I think the Chargers were caught off guard by an improved Chiefs team that was fired up at home. This week, the Chargers are at home and should have more success against a Jaguars team that doesn't have much going for it aside from Maurice Jones-Drew. Expect a bounce-back day from Phillip Rivers. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Giants @ Colts -- I'd love to pick the Giants in this one. But, I just can't go against Peyton Manning in what the Colts will consider a must-win game. If they lose, the Colts are 0-2. I'd love for it to happen, but I just don't see it. This is a pick I hope I get wrong. PREDICTION: COLTS

Saints @ 49ers -- I don't believe the performance we got out of the 49ers last week is indicative of what we'll see from this team this year. I believe we'll see a close contest here with both defenses contributing to the outcome. We've seen several upsets already. This is my upset pick of the week. 49ers bounce back at home. PREDICTION: 49ERS














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