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Week 5 NFL Picks & Predictions

Posted on: October 7, 2010 3:55 pm

An unpredictable season so far, no doubt. Here goes:

Jaguars @ Bills-- The Bills run defense is poor. Not good if you're going up against Maurice Jones-Drew. Between that and the confidence-boosting win over the Colts, I think we can expect the Jaguars to be the ones who come out swinging in this contest. PREDICTION: JAGUARS

Broncos @ Ravens-- Kyle Orton is the leading passer in the NFL. But, I think that's more a testament to the Broncos lack of a running game than anything else. Without balance on offense, I don't give the Broncos much of a chance in this one. I expect this Ravens defense will be well-prepared. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Chiefs @ Colts-- The Chiefs defensive coordinator - Romeo Crennel - knows Peyton Manning well from his days as the Patriots DC. Manning has less weapons now than he did then. But, as well as the Chiefs have been doing, I just don't see how they shut down Peyton Manning on his own home field. The Chiefs are better than expected, and it will be close, but I don't think they're ready to beat Peyton Manning on the road. PREDICTION: COLTS

Packers @ Redskins-- I'm not reading too much into the close call the Packers had against the Lions; nor am I reading too much into the Redskins victory over the Eagles. The Redskins offense still looks like a work in progress to me, and I don't think 17 points will get it done against the Packers. Look for Clay Matthews to give Donovan McNabb fits and Aaron Rodgers & company to bounce back and be more focused in this one. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Rams @ Lions-- Most of the experts are predicting the Lions will get their first win of the season. I disagree, and here's why. The Lions are 28th in the league in scoring defense. The Rams are 4th. Plus, the Lions STILL do not have Matthew Stafford back yet. I expect Sam Bradford to have a field day with this defense. Expect the 3rd win in a row for the rookie of the year candidate. PREDICTION: RAMS

Bears @ Panthers-- Oddly enough, some experts are picking the Panthers to win in the upset based soley on the # of times Bears QB's got sacked last week. Here's why I don't agree. The Panthers are dead last in the NFL in scoring offense. Somehow, I don't see Mike Martz, Jay Cutler, and the Bears offense being held to three points again; even if it is on the road. The Panthers are improving, but are still not scoring enough points to convince me they can beat a 1st place team. PREDICTION: BEARS

Buccaneers @ Bengals-- The Bucs come off a bye week to face a Bengals team that's ticked off after losing a game they should have won against the Browns. I expect a bounce-back day by the defense. Bucs come back down to earth. PREDICTION: BENGALS

Falcons @ Browns-- The Browns definitely look like a tougher; more physical team. Peyton Hillis is special. But, I don't think he can do it alone, and I don't think the Browns score as much against this Falcons defense. I'll take Matt Ryan and Roddy White over Seneca Wallace and Brian Robiskie. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Giants @ Texans-- The Giants finally showed signs of life on defense last Monday night. But, they have yet to show me in over a year that they can put up back-to-back efforts like that. This game is on the road against one of the best offenses in the NFL. The Texans are a team on the rise, while the Giants, despite the impressive outing Monday night, are a mere 5-10 in their past 15 games. I'll remain unconvinced until they can repeat a performance like that one back-to-back; on the road. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Saints @ Cardinals-- Rookie QB Max Hall gets the start this Sunday, which is the right decision. This is an upgrade and will make the team better. Another plus for the Cardinals is that they've done a decent job of running the ball. I'd give them the edge on special teams as well. Fitzgerald is due for a big game. Maybe the QB change helps that happen. The Saints have had trouble running the ball and scoring points. Only Chicago and Denver are worse running the ball so far. Through four games, it's pretty evident this isn't the same team as last year's. Want an upset pick? How about this one? PREDICTION: CARDINALS

Titans @ Cowboys-- The Titans haven't been all that impressive to me on either side of the ball. The offense is average because teams have figured out how to contain Chris Johnson. I guess they got sick of his "2,500 yards" predictions. The Cowboys aren't the superbowl caliber team most think they are either. But, they are the more talented team and they're at home, so I'll give them the edge over America's dirtiest team. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Chargers @ Raiders-- Well, the Raiders have proven they can score more points with Gradkowski out there. Unfortunately, they can't stop anybody on defense. Let's put it this way, if Phillip Rivers and Ryan Matthews are on your fantasy teams, start them! PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Eagles @ 49ers-- The Eagles are having offensive line issues. That's not good; whether Vick is out there or not. On the flip side, which 49ers team will we get? The team that got blown out two weeks ago by the Chiefs? Or, the team that was a screw-up fumble away from beating the Falcons? My feeling is we'll get something in between. The 49ers play at home, so the effort will be there. This time they finish the game and give their fans their first win of the season. PREDICTION: 49ERS

Vikings @ Jets-- Moss to the Vikings is not as big a deal as people will make it out to be. Brett Favre is old, and he's at odds with his coach because he's a spoiled, selfish player who wants things his way and thinks he's above the team. I hate the Jets, but I will say that they function well as a team. I don't expect the Moss signing to effect the game's outcome whatsoever. Jets big at home. PREDICTION: JETS

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Since: Sep 15, 2010
Posted on: October 8, 2010 2:35 pm

Week 5 NFL Picks & Predictions

Lot of personal reasons for your picks.....will give it a go:

Packers @ Skins - Skins got a needed win for McNabb, but Packers are better team, even with the inner turmoil between coach and QB

Rams @ Lions - Would love to go with the Lions on this one, but Steven Jackson and Bradford will have a big day, and Stafford is still not playing.  If that Rams D got to a vet like Hassellback then I know they can get to the Lions QB

Broncos @ Ravens - Ravens with a great road win against an average back up, now face a better QB that will take what you give him and can find the open man.  Only edge is the Ravens are home for this one, expect some let down from the "Birds" but the defense will keep them in it.

Buccaneers @ Bengals - Bengals need a win DESPERATELY, Bucs are still a young team...hmm even with the week off, you can't stop a desperate team at home.

Jaguars @ Bills - The Bills fire sale is still hot!  Jags took them for granted last year and it almost cost them, NOT this time! Jags are focused, and strike early and often.

Chiefs @ Colts - This will be a true test on how good this Chiefs team really is.  Remember Romeo is the DC and Wiess is the OC both tortured Manning for years with the Pats!  I like KC to go in with no fear and run all over the Colts leaving Manning and Co. with little time to score

Falcons @ Browns - Senaca Wallace is playing well and showing progress, Falcons are showing signs of being a GOOD team, especially with the Saints struggling.  Don't think the Browns can do it two weeks in a row.

Bears @ Panthers - No Cutler, but Peppers is home! (LOOK OUT CLAUSEN),  and like McNabb he will have a good game. I see more passes to Forte to take the pressure off of Collins, this will be a close game due to lack of QB play.

Giants @ Texans - G-Men benifited from a injured Cutler (although they sacked him 10 times in the first half), but the Texans are a better team running and passing, this should be an interesting one but Texans are home.

Saints @ Cardinals - QB swap....sounds like a whole lot of Beanie Wells, which is bad for the Saints and their D, but that bad. 

Chargers @ Raiders - Bolts are finding thier stride and the Raiders are still looking!

Titans @ Cowboys - Dallas had a week to get ready for this one, and whatching the Broncos shut down Chris Johnson is something they should be able to do also.  The x-factor is and will be VINCE YOUNG!  If he scrambles and makes plays with his arm....Dallas goes down at home...again, a lot to ask for.

Eagles @ 49ers - Eagles haven't hit panic mode yet....but a loss here, and the fans will start reaching for the button (hello Andy Reid).  9ers looked good against the falcons, the Eagles are wounded due to Vick's absence

Vikings @ Jets - Revis is still hobbled and this time they have to worry about more than just MOSS!  Peterson (out of the backfield), Harvin, Rice and Berrian.  Jets may be able to handle the run, but pass too much for them.

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