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Week 13 NFL Picks & Predictions

Posted on: December 1, 2010 3:30 pm
I took Thanksgiving week off and was not near a computer, so I apologize to those who look forward to this blog.  I did manage to get my GB10 picks entered in for the pick ems contest before going and went 12-4 on the week.  Hopefully, I can match that or better. 
Enjoy the read, gang. 


Texans @ Eagles - Somehow, I don't see the Texans repeating that defensive performance they had against the rookie QB of the Titans. Until I see that defense perform well consistently, I'm still not a believer. Eagles BIG at home. PREDICTION: EAGLES



Bills @ Vikings - I like the way the Bills are competing. They should have beat the Steelers last week, but a dropped pass in the end zone gave the game away. They play hard but are not yet a team that believes they can win. Until that changes, I must continue to pick against them. Leslie Frazier makes it 2-0 as a head coach. PREDICTION: VIKINGS

Saints @ Bengals - The Bengals are the most disappointing team of the season. Their defense has vanished, they can't sustain drives on offense, and Carson Palmer has turned into a below-average QB. Not seeing much chance for an upset. Saints continue to roll. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Bears @ Lions - The Lions starting QB and back-up QB are out for the season; leaving them with Drew Stanton at the helm. Their defense has slacked off as of late, and players are starting to question each other's effort. Not an ideal situation to be in when preparing for a red hot Bears team. Even if you expected the Lions to come in last again, they've been a huge disappointment. Chances for an upset here - ZERO. PREDICTION: BEARS

49ers @ Packers - The 49ers got back to the formula that worked for them in late '08; running the ball well, limiting mistakes in the passing game, and playing solid defense. I expect more of the same in this contest. Even though they're not playing against Derek Anderson this week, I'm worried about the Packers. They remind me of the Packers from the 90's. They can put up points and chunks of yards here and there, but they can't run the ball. When you're one-dimensional on offense, it will catch up to you. Just ask the '09 Colts. With Greg Jennings questionable to even play Sunday, they will need their running game to step up more than ever. I don't see how it happens when Aaron Rodgers is their biggest running threat. Upset alert. PREDICTION: 49ERS

Jaguars @ Titans - The Titans are a mess, and it's not just because Jeff Fisher shelved Vince Young for the remainder of the year. Forget the fact that Kerry Collins and Rusty Smith don't exactly keep opposing head coaches up at night. What shocks me most is Chris Johnson being held to 5 yards rushing against the dead-last-ranked Texans defense. Even more confusing to me is why he only got 7 carries for the entire game. Wow. The Jaguars were at least competitive last week, and stuck to their running game even when the Giants started shutting it down. The Jaguars seem to be making better decisions and seem to have a bit more fire and effort in their play. PREDICTION: JAGUARS

Broncos @ Chiefs - Is there a bigger loser currently in the NFL than Josh McDaniels? I'm not sure what's worse; knowing about that taped walk-through or NOT knowing about it. Anyway, I like the Chiefs running game and Dwayne Bowe to steal the show at Arrowhead. The much-improved Chiefs hold onto first place for another week. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Browns @ Dolphins - Jake Delhomme has been named the starter preliminarily for this contest. That means it will be up to Peyton Hillis to try to beat the Dolphins by himself like he did against the Panthers. The bad news for Hillis - this isn't the Panthers. With Chad Henne back; playing against Jake Delhomme, I expect the Dolphins to get their 2nd home win of the season. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Redskins @ Giants - It's anyone's guess whether or not the Giants will actually give a full effort for all four quarters. But, they have the talent advantage on both sides of the ball, and I don't think Donovan McNabb has the talent around him to pull this one out. GMEN SHOULD win by at least a TD. PREDICTION: GIANTS

Raiders @ Chargers - The Raiders are regressing at the wrong time. The Chargers are having their usual late-season streak before collapsing in the playoffs. Nothing unusual or unpredictable going on here. I'll roll with Philip Rivers and the NFL's #1 'D' in this one. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Cowboys @ Colts - I'm almost tempted to pick the Cowboys here after what I saw from both of these teams last week. But, Dez Bryant seems to be regressing, and I don't see Peyton Manning playing as poorly as he did for a 2nd week in a row. The Colts will NOT let the Jaguars take sole possession of 1st place. Bank on it. PREDICTION: COLTS

Rams @ Cardinals - Derek Anderson is the starting QB of the Arizona Cardinals. Is there any point at all in doing further analysis? PREDICTION: RAMS

Panthers @ Seahawks - The Panthers and the Seahawks are not that far apart in run defense (25th & 22nd respectively). However, with Jonathan Stewart back healthy, and Mike Goodson proving to be a viable pass-catching threat, I've gotta give the Panthers the advantage in rushing here. The Seahawks have no legitimate receiving nor rushing threats to speak of. The Panthers at least have a running game. Upset alert #2. PREDICTION: PANTHERS

Falcons @ Buccaneers - The Buccaneers played a competitive game last week against a team some feel will represent the AFC in the Superbowl. However, I just don't trust them to score enough points against good defenses. The Falcons definitely have that, plus Matt Ryan, Roddy White, and Michael Turner. I'll take these guys over Josh Freeman, LeGarrette Blount, and Mike Williams. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Steelers @ Ravens - Ben Roethlisberger is wearing some kind of boot on his foot, but expects to start Sunday. Still, it's a given that he won't be 100%. That means trying to run the ball more. I don't see Rashard Mendenhall rushing for 150+ yards again against this defense. I think Joe Flacco has more success in this contest than Roethlisberger because he is healthier and has better receiving options. Steelers defense will keep it close, but not close enough. PREDICTION: RAVENS


Jets @ Patriots - I really can't stomach either one of these teams. For me, it's just one of those game that I wish would end in a zero-zero tie. But, I have to pick one winner. Well, Rex Ryan shot his mouth off again. But, it's the on-the-field action that does the actual talking. I expect Brady and the Patriots to up their game at home; where they always play better. I think Mark Sanchez turns it over in this one a couple of times and won't quite match Tom Brady's production; which will turn out to be the difference in the game. Ben-Jarvis Green-Ellis runs the ball just well enough to help Brady with his play-action passes. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

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Week 13 NFL Picks & Predictions

Excellent picks, but I have to disagree with the 49ers beating the Packers. Aaron Rodgers has Jones who has stepped up in Driver's absence and with Driver back, Rodgers still has a credible receiving core with Jones picking up the slack of Jennings if Jennings doesn't play. No run game in Green Bay, but I don't think they will need to rely on it as much as you think as Rodgers shreds the 49er secondary. 49ers will have to abandon their run game early and the game will rest on the 49er passing offense. 
Just my thoughts....

And Josh McDaniels... HA HA HA I don't know what to think about the guy other than he needs to start winning if he has any hope in saving his job, if thats even possible at this point.
Happy Holidays Smile 

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Week 13 NFL Picks & Predictions

Right back at ya, Sammy.  Laughing

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Week 13 NFL Picks & Predictions

Anthony Dixon did really well in relief.  Furthermore, the Packers can't run the ball and are one dimensional, so I see a chance for an upset.  Sometimes, you have to go with your gut on these things.  I guess we'll see how it pans out.  Thanks for the comments, guys. 

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Week 13 NFL Picks & Predictions

Love reading your picks even if I dont agree with them.  This week I hope you do extramly well, but SF?  With Gore out and Singletary in, Im going to disagree with you on that one.

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Week 13 NFL Picks & Predictions

how will 49ers match up without gore running.

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