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Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

Posted on: December 16, 2010 11:14 am
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I find it hilarious when someone comes onto my blog to tell other posters that I'm a moron; then accuses me of being unfair when I delete his post.  My response to that poster is - NO - I don't delete posts everytime someone disagrees with me.  Silly me for not tolerating being called a moron on my own blog.  LOL. 
People crack me up.  Anyway, enjoy the read gang. 

@ Chargers -- I would like to pick the 49ers here. They showed some intensity last week on offense and defense. But, they face a Chargers team that get's Vincent Jackson back this week, which adds to an already-potent passing attack. The Chargers haven't been a great team. But, with the playoffs on the line and the return of Vincent Jackson, I don't see how they lose this one at home. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Bills @ Dolphins -- I don't care if the Dolphins did beat the Jets on the road last week. They still look lack-luster, lost, and unimaginative on offense. They don't know how to utilize Ronnie Brown or Brandon Marshall, and they can't score. Worst of all, they can't win at home. With the Bills, I know what I'm getting - a team that's not very talented, but plays hard, will continue to play hard, and is not going to lay down because they have no playoff shot. I don't know what I'm getting with the Miami Dolphins week to week, and I just can't trust a Dolphins team that pays Brandon Marshall what they're paying him; yet can't get the guy the ball. He's 27th in the NFL in receiving yards with two TD's. They could have gotten that from Ted Ginn for a lot less money. Look for another mind-boggling home game letdown. PREDICTION: BILLS

Eagles @ Giants -- Both teams are battling their share of injuries. The Eagles have lost several starters on defense, while the Giants have lost WR Steve Smith for the season. But, the Giants have been running the ball well, and the Giants defense has only surrendered 10 points in the past two games; 13 points in the past 10 quarters. Because of their defense and resurgent running game, I think the Giants match up better this time around. I think they control the clock with the running game and limit Vick's production on defense by getting after him and shutting down his running lanes. The Giants are due for a win in this series, and DeSean Jackson is due for some humble pie. PREDICTION: GIANTS

Jaguars @ Colts -- I think people are reading too much into the Colts victory over the Titans last week. What escapes most people about last week is the fact that after the Colts had a 21-0 lead, they were outscored for the remainder of the game 28-9. This was a Titans team that had been horrible on offense; the same Titans team that got shut out by the Texans. The Colts don't impress me; particularly their defense. They just don't have the look of a playoff team. The Jaguars are one of the best rushing teams in the league. The Colts are one of the worst rushing defenses in the league, plus they can't run the ball. The Jaguars will use Jones-Drew to control the clock and keep Peyton Manning off the field. The Colts defense has not shown me they can stop anyone. I don't think Peyton Manning bails this defense out again this week. PREDICTION: JAGUARS

Cardinals @ Panthers -- Well, the Cardinals finally figured out that Derek Anderson isn't the answer. Too bad they're about 15 weeks too late. The rookie John Skelton isn't great, but he's still a step up. The Cardinals are running the ball better, and their defense is getting better. That will help. The Panthers just have nothing going on to make me believe they'll win any of their remaining games. When they get some kind of legit supporting cast around Jimmy Clausen, they might start winning some games. PREDICTION: CARDINALS

Saints @ Ravens -- A lot of people are picking the Ravens to win this game. I have no idea why. The Ravens blew a sure victory against the Steelers, and let the Houston Texans outscore them 28-7 in the second half Monday night to force overtime. That's not the look of a team that's ready to beat the defending Superbowl Champs. These aren't the Ravens of old, and the Saints seem to be clicking at the right time. I'll take Drew Brees and HIS defense over Joe Flacco and his. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Lions @ Buccaneers -- The Buccaneers have lost several of their starters on defense. Still, I don't see anything in the Detroit Lions to make me believe that Drew Stanton will outscore Josh Freeman. The Lions defense has improved, but not enough to overcome their lack-luster offense. PREDICTION: BUCCANEERS

Chiefs @ Rams -- I don't think Matt Cassel's absence was the reason the Chiefs lost last week. I think it was horrible play-calling and even poorer game-planning. Everyone saw how the Raiders ran the ball all over the Chargers, so what do the Chiefs do? They barely give Jamaal Charles the ball. You've gotta be kidding me. Let's just say I trust Sam Bradford and the Rams to bounce back more than I trust the Chiefs. I think the Rams take it; whether Cassel plays or not. PREDICTION: RAMS

Browns @ Bengals -- Jake Delhomme sucks. There's just no kind way to put it. I don't think we see him back as the starting QB unless Eric Mangini is actually trying to lose his job. Either McCoy (if he's healthy) or Wallace will be taking the snaps this Sunday. The Bengals, on the other hand, are in self-destruct mode. They've lost 10 games in a row, and you have idiot players like Terrell Owens publicly blaiming the coaches and owners for the way things are going. Browns complete the season sweep and win the battle of Ohio. PREDICTION: BROWNS

Texans @ Titans -- The Texans showed great resilliency coming back against the Ravens and forcing overtime. There's talent there. They just can't seem to do anything with it. I think the Titans are the perfect cure. 39-year-old Kerry Collins and Randy Moss aren't exactly keeping opposing defensive coordinators up at night, and teams have figured out how to slow down Chris Johnson. Arian Foster is having the better season, and will have the bigger impact in this contest. I'll take Matt Schaub and Arian Foster over Kerry Collins and Chris Johnson. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Redskins @ Cowboys -- The Cowboys running game seemed to come back to life last week; while the Redskins are struggling to find an identity. Releasing your punter isn't the answer after a bad snap costs the team the game. Why not just have the back-up QB hold the ball on extra point attempts? Why fire your punter; leaving you short on your special team unit? Just one of many boneheaded moves this season by Shanahan. Jason Garrett hasn't made too many dumb moves so far as head coach. I think the Cowboys simply out-score the struggling Redskins in this one. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Falcons @ Seahawks -- The Seahawks got blown out by the same 49ers team they blew out earlier in the season. They're back home, where they play better, but that won't matter here. The Falcons are hitting on all cylinders, and I've seen nothing to indicate to me that an upset here is even possible. Blow out. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Jets @ Steelers -- The Jets have gone 2 games without a TD, and now face the #1 rushing defense in the Steelers. If they can't run the ball, it will be up to Mark Sanchez to try to win it for them. How's that been working out lately? The Jets can try to cheat again if they want, but I don't think it will matter. Expect at least one pick six by the Steerers D'. PREDICTION: STEELERS

Broncos @ Raiders -- The Broncos may as well start Tim Tebow and see what he's got. They drafted him in the first round, so why not? By trading up for him, they must have thought he could be the starter someday, so what's the point of keeping him on the bench with the season going nowhere?  What have they got to lose aside from another game?   The season's over, and Kyle Orton hasn't been winning games, so what's the point of keeping him out there? Anyway, the Broncos run defense is atrocious, and the Raiders are one of the better running teams in the league. You do the math. PREDICTION: RAIDERS

Packers @ Patriots -- They're not even sure Aaron Rodgers is playing Sunday. Given how Matt Flynn and the team performed in his absence makes this pick a no brainer. Another blow out. PREDICTION: PATRIOTS

Bears @ Vikings -- This will be a brutal outdoor game at the University Of Minnesota. It will be about 10 below at kick-off time. I don't expect there will be a lot of passing, which will make the running game the key to victory. I think the Vikings have the edge in that category. Matt Forte has done almost nothing for the Bears all season. I think Adrian Peterson has a bounce-back game here and helps decide the outcome. Upset alert. PREDICTION: VIKINGS

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 12:21 pm

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

I would appreciate a quick response to which WR I should start T. O. or S. Rice as my Flex WR?

With a rookie QB going for the Vikings in brutal cold, I'd go with T.O.   Good luck. 

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 9:35 am

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

Nice job with the blog.  Pretty well thought out, of course except for the Bears/Viking game.  The Vikings have very little to play for, a rookie qb, and Adrian Peterson is hurting.  You mentioned the running advantage going to the Vikings.   The Bears have very solid run defense.  If the only Bears game you saw was the Patriots game, or if you only listen the East Coast biased ESPN analysts you might nit realize that they will dominate the Vikings.  The Bears will win the North.   BTW- I am a huge bears fan and fully admit to the HOMER reply.

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 9:01 am

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

Do you think it's hilarious picking the games NOT vs. the spread? What's the point. Look, I'm not insulting you. I think it's terrific: for children. If you want real life, adult picks ...

Relax, chief.  The guy is just trying to pick the winner of the games.  He is not trying to help you with your "adult" gambling vice.  Ugh.

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Posted on: December 19, 2010 7:49 am

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

 I find it very helpful to read as many different blogs on predictions in order to help me make a self educated guess on who is going to win!  There is no time or place for people to criticizing others, where one should be subjective and tend to agree or disagree.  Statistics speak for them selves and most of us who are NFL followers should be able to make there own educated assumption on which team should win.  There are many variables that come into play week by week, which makes it challanging for any one of us to make a concrete decision.  Even professional sports analyist can find themselves struggling to make proper picks week by week.  So, put the drama behind and start filtering through as many blogs or sites that give you what you need in order to successful.

This is my first season playing fantasy football and I have made the playoffs with very limited player data.  I am finding it difficult to decide which WR to start over the other as I feel it could make or brake my season.  I am starting Drew B as QB; J. James RB IND; Ben Jarvus RB NE; T. Gonzalez TE ATL; Crosby K GB; Miami DST; Mike Williams WR TB; Reggie Wayne WR IND; and last but least either T. Owens WR CIN or S. Rice WR MIN.

I would appreciate a quick response to which WR I should start T. O. or S. Rice as my Flex WR?  I do have the Eagles DST, Brandon Jackson RB GB; and J. Cutler sitting on the bench.  Yes, I have a week running game but my boys have performed when I needed them to in order to get me into the playoffs.

Obee One

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Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

just a hunch, but I think the Falcons lose in Seattle.  

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Posted on: December 17, 2010 8:47 am

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

BurningPhoenix - thanks for your comments.  Welcome to my blog.  Hope to see you around.  The Chiefs are doing much better and are maybe a solid draft away from being a deep playoff threat.  Hang in there.  They'll get there. 

String - for what it's worth, the Dolphins are my second favorite team.  It just blows my mind how awful they are on offense.  I don't think Sporano's the long term answer.  I don't think Chad Henne is necessarily the problem.  I think he and Brandon Marshall thrive under the right offensive coordinator.  Thanks your comments as well.  Hope to see you posting here in the future too. 

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Posted on: December 16, 2010 7:51 pm

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

Nice write Charlie.  Just a few comments, with respect:

You are absolutely right - the Dolphins were very unimaginative last week - and ALL YEAR on offense.  Just think, thanks to Nick Saban, the Dolphins did NOT get Brees when they had the chance - how's that for unimaginative.

I agree.  the Giants are due for a win against the (no pun intended) high-flying Eagles.  They played well last week, especially on the ground.  Eli, however, has scared me recently with his poor decision-making.

Even though I hope you're right and the Jaguars paste one on the Colts, I can't see it happening.  I think Manning once again bails out his defense by not forcing any bad throws (he always throws a couple) and allows them to rest for more than a few seconds when they leave the field.  Both are fighting for the division because neither will get in as a Wild Card, so this will be a great game to watch.

Watching the Ravens D last week was almost painful in the second half of the last quarter - Schaub was chewing them up.  Will the Ravens (offense) let that happen again?  I don't know.  This will be another one of those win or die games as both teams are fighting for the division with the Falcons and Steelers, respectively.  I will disagree with you, however.  I don't think Brees performs as well in colder weather, and in Baltimore, it's a little chilly.  It'll be close, though.

Bucs all the way, regardless of who commands the Lions offense.  Freeman is going to be very, very good some day.

A few quick-answer games - I think the following will be victorious - Bengals, Titans and Bears.  The Bengals just because it's in Cincy, the Titans because Collins as resumed the QB position and Britt is back, and the Bears for two reasons - 1. the game is outdoors: advantage Bears and 2. the Vikings are starting a QB who has played less than one pro game in his career on a frozen university stadium in Minnesota.

By the way, McFadden will be a beast against (possibly) Tebow and the McDouche-less Broncos.  Thanks for listening.

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Posted on: December 16, 2010 6:43 pm

Week 15 NFL Picks & Predictions

Thats funny - lol guess some people get a little upset when someone voices their opinion huh? didn't think it was arrogant just confident and its the same way I am when it comes to my opinions - If his picks were perfect he wouldn't be sharing them he'd be betting with them!

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