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Week 17 NFL Picks & Predictions

Posted on: December 30, 2010 3:47 pm

Hey, Gang.  Here are my picks and predictions for the FINAL week of the regular season.  Can you believe it's gone by THAT fast already?  In case I don't post between now and Saturday, a HAPPY AND SAFE NEW YEAR to everyone. 

Dolphins @ Patriots-- I have a feeling that with the #1 seed locked up, the Patriots won't keep their starters out there too long. There's already talk by the team that back-up QB Brian Hoyer might play. Plus a lot of the starters are banged up, so resting the starters make sense. The Dolphins can't score and can't win at home, but they seem to be OK on the road. I'll take the Dolphins starters over the Patriots back-ups. PREDICTION: DOLPHINS

Bills @ Jets-- After a poor performance by the Jets defense last week, I think they bounce back against a Bills team that only managed 3 points last week. The Jets clinched a playoff berth already. But, I don't think Rex Ryan will let the team ease up. Jets big at home. PREDICTION: JETS

Bengals @ Ravens--The Bengals have won two in a row, and finally seem to have figured out that Chad "Ochocinco" and Terrell Owens are not the answer at WR. Too bad they play a Ravens team that's still fighting for a possible division Championship. The Bengals gain nothing by winning this game. The Ravens possibly gain the #2 seed with a win. I trust the Ravens more to rise to the occasion. PREDICTION: RAVENS

Raiders @ Chiefs-- The Raiders are an improved team over 2009's collection of misfits. But, they still don't know how to win; even when teams like the Colts and Jaguars give them chances. They basically have no run defense. Not good when you're facing Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones. The Chiefs are playing for a possible #3 playoff seeding, and will not be resting starters for this one. Chiefs BIG at home. PREDICTION: CHIEFS

Steelers @ Browns-- The Browns have their QB in the future in Colt McCoy and their RB of the future in Peyton Hillis. Now, they need about eight or nine other quality players on offense who can contribute. They just don't have the talent to match a Steelers team who will be playing for a first round bye in this one. Closer game than people think, but the Steelers take it. PREDICTION: STEELERS

Vikings @ Lions-- I like what Jim Schwartz has done with the Detriot Lions. The team has gotten BETTER as the season has gone on. That's what you want to see from a young coach and a young team. Winning three games in a row against winning teams with your 3rd string QB is impressive. Most of all, I like how the Lions defense looks; with Ndamukong Suh leading the charge. Favre or no Favre, Peterson, or no Peterson, the Vikings are on a short week. I like the Lions to finish the season with their fourth straight victory. PREDICTION: LIONS

Buccaneers @ Saints--The Saints defense seems to have come back to life after some lack-luster performances. We all know what the offense can do. Raheem Morris' Bucs should consider this season a success; win, lose, or draw here. I just don't see how this squad beats Drew Brees and the Saints on the road for a second-straight season. PREDICTION: SAINTS

Panthers @ Falcons-- Why the Falcons suddendly fell apart at home and couldn't win the battles at the line of scrimmage last week is beyond me. Michael Turner single-handedly ruined my chances at a Fantasy Football Championship. 1st and goal from the 1 yard line, and he fumbles; something he hadn't done all season. Wow. Anyway, personal feelings aside, I think the Falcons bounce-back against the hapless Panthers and their laMe-duck coach John Fox. PREDICTION: FALCONS

Jaguars @ Texans-- The Texans are just pathetic on defense. No one knows why. No one can explain it. They're drafted nothing but defense in the first round for - how many years in a row now? They seem to have the talent and ability; yet consistently under-acheive. Even if they somehow keep Kubiak, it's definitelty time for a new DC. This guy Bush, or whatever-his-name-is clearly isn't cutting it. On the other hand, the Jaguars seem to be doing some folding down the stretch as well. They lost a game against the Colts that they could have won, then lost to the Redskins with Rex Grossman at QB. Amazingly, they still have a shot at the NFC South Title. I don't see how it happens. Also, the Jaguars will be without Maurice Jones-Drew. They couldn't even beat the Redskins without him last week. The Texans pull out a win for their lame-duck defensive coordinator. PREDICTION: TEXANS

Cowboys @ Eagles-- The Eagles will be resting Michael Vick for the playoffs. He's banged up anyway. Kevin Kolb hasn't played in a while. I'd expect some rust there. I don't think it really matters to Andy Reid whether or not the Eagles are the #2 seed or #3. The priority here will be to rest Vick to get him healthy. The Cowboys will try to win this one to prove last week was a fluke, and also to prove that Jason Garrett should be their coach next season. I think the Cowboys surprise everyone, including the Eagles here. PREDICTION: COWBOYS

Bears @ Packers-- The Packers are playing for a playoff berth, and come off a very impressive performance against the Giants. The Bears come off a win against the Jets. However, the defense seems to be struggling a bit at the wrong time. The Packers defense is playing much better, and they're at Lambeau. Advantage Packers. PREDICTION: PACKERS

Cardinals @ 49ers-- The 49ers play their final game of the season with an interim head coach. I have a feeling Mike Singletary was part of the problem; not the solution in SF. John Skelton may be the QB of the future for the Cardinals, but he still can't seem to get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald and some of his other playmakers enough. Interim head coaches have done well this season, so I'll go with the trend here. PREDICTION: 49ERS

Chargers @ Broncos-- I like Tim Tebow. I think he's a QB who's going to prove all of his doubters wrong eventually. But, not this day. I don't think he's ready for the Chargers defense, and I can't see him outscoring Philip Rivers; not even at home. PREDICTION: CHARGERS

Giants @ Redskins-- The New York Giants have been an absolute disgrace since the middle of the 4th quarter in week 15. They come out in Green Bay last Sunday - after getting disgraced at home against the Eagles - and absolutely lied down and DIED against the Packers. There's just nothing positive you can point to about their play lately. If you can't get up for a game with a playoff berth on the line - after you've just been disgraced at home, then you don't deserve to go to the playoffs. There's nothing I can't point to right now to make me believe in this team. Absolutely NOTHING. New leadership is needed; starting with the head coach. PREDICTION: REDSKINS

Titans @ Colts-- The Colts running game and defense seem to have improved as of late, and Peyton Manning is still making enough plays to win. I don't think the Colts will go to far in the playoffs. But, I DO think they'll take care of business against an underacheiving Titans team who seem to quit on their coach whenever the mood strikes them. PREDICTION: COLTS

Rams @ Seahawks-- I love what the Rams have done this season to turn things around. They drafted Sam Bradford; then had the guts to start him in week 1 and stuck with him since. Way to go, Spagnolo!!! You coach to win. You don't coach scared. I also think the Rams defense gets a little better each week. I don't think Charlie Whitehurst and this Seahawks offense scare anyone at this point. The Rams secure their division championship with their rookie QB. Early playoff exit or not, Rams fans should be proud of what this team's done. PRECITION: RAMS

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Week 17 NFL Picks & Predictions

I think the G-men win it with a lot of subs playing.  Maybe some of the over rated veterans take a hike after this year.  You can change coaches if you want, but I think the G-men stay pat.  Of all people, Jerry Jones said, no coach has won  a super bowl with two different teams.  If he's right, I don't want Chucky or Boot-lip Cowher.  If it were me, I would get Singletary.  At least he looks fit on the sidelines and would have some talent to work with.  I think he might be a good coach for the G-men, but I think Coughdrop stays.  If Wellington were alive, I'm sure he would keep him.

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Week 17 NFL Picks & Predictions

Hey, Sammy... you hang in there.  The Lions are one of the youngest teams in the Leaugue, and they have gotten better every year.  If they can just stay healthy, they'll be a force in the next season or two.  Happy New Year to you too, Sammy!

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Week 17 NFL Picks & Predictions


Firstly, happy holidays to you and your family - be safe.  Secondly - love the picks.  As usual, I'll offer some comments, always with respect, if you don't mind.

MIA @ NE - You've said just about everything that needed to be said.  I will add that the Dolphins always seem to play the Patriots tough in Foxboro.  I don't know what it is, but they do.  Love the pick.

BUF @ NYJ - While I agree that Rex won't let them take the foot off the gas, I also believe that the Bills are now a better team than their record indicates.  I think Fitzpatrick has given them some identity over the last 6-8 weeks, and I honestly believe they will be a much better team next year.  I don't know why, but I took the Bills to win this game.  Sanchez needs to rest that shoulder, but having Clemens play wouldn't be that big of a factor.

CIN @ BAL - I agree, 100%.

OAK @ KC - I hope you're right on this one, Charlie... and I hope you're right about them not resting anyone.  I made a bet (case of beer) that the Raiders wouldn't win 8 games this year.  Obviously, I took the Chiefs as well.

PIT @ CLE - I agree, 100%.

MIN @ DET - I agree, 100%.  I think the Lions have gotten better each of the last 3 years (including this one).  If everyone can stay healthy next year, they may just have a 0.500 season, or slightly better.

TB @ NO - A lot of my chums think that the Bucs can pull this one off.  I think it is not impossible, but from what I saw of Brees last week against the Falcons, I don't think that there's a team out there that can stop him.  He's not a fast QB, but he is extremely elusive, as evidenced by the 25-30 blitzes he avoided against Atlanta.  I'm with you on this one Charlie.  The Bucs have accomplished a lot more than most people thought this year, and I agree, they should be proud of themselves.  They just don't match up with the Saints this weekend.

CAR @ ATL - I agree 100% with the pick, but Charlie, you're not playing Kreskin with respect to your comment about Fox are you (Is he any better than Coughlin - who should be sent out to pasture?)?

JAX @ HOU - I agree, 100%.  I couldn't have said it better myself.

DAL @ PHI - And I thought I was the only one who thought Dallas had a shot to win this game!  Teams not going to the playoffs are very dangerous this time of year, and I say the Cowboys are just dangerous enough, even possibly without Kitna, to win this game.

CHI @ GB - The Packers need to gain some respect back from the Bears, and this is the game that will earn them that respect.  Chicago, having already locked up a playoff spot, will be looking ahead (despite the fact that Martz and Cutler both said that the Bears will be "a full go" come Sunday.

ARI @ SF - I agree 100%.

SD @ DEN - For some reason, again, I chose the Tebow lead home team to win this game.  Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a Tim Tebow fan, but his being in the lineup seems to have inspired the rest of the underachieving crew.

NYG @ WAS - While I think the Redskins can win this game, I also think that the Giants redeem themselves.  I do not like Coughlin in the least, nor his ability (or lack thereof) to inspire his team.  But I think that the Giants PLAYERS get it done against a porous Washington D.  I know you at least hope I'm right, Charlie.

TEN @ IND - Colts, 100%.  There's no reason to think CJ will get to 2500 yards in this game.

STL @ SEA - The Rams have been quite a surprise this year.  Bradford will be a star in this league, maybe even sooner than I anticipated.  He has performed well the entire season (almost) with no true stars to throw to (if we don't include Steven Jackson).  What a story to be able to get your team to the division title and host a playoff game.  Good for you Bradford.

Hey, Charlie.  Love the picks and the insight provided.  Keep up the great work, chum!!

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