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Bears Updated Mock Draft

Posted on: March 9, 2008 7:44 pm

Well, my first mock looked pretty nice, and i did some nice research on it, but things have changed since Brandon Lloyd has been signed.  Some things will be the same, but there will be some different things.

So now the Bears have added Lloyd and Booker to Hester and Bradley.  They must be crazy if they think they can go anywhere with this WR core.  I trust Jerry Angelo when the draft comes around, and think he will do the right thing(hope he does the right thing.) 

Before the draft, i still hold the believe that JA will bring in a FA G or T for depth usage.  Here's the draft.

1-Ryan Clady, OT(Boise State)--The Bears need help and a true starter on their offensive line, and Clady seems to be dropping on everyone's charts.  Lovie went to Boise to have a personal workout with Clady, and seems excited about him.  If he's there at 14, he will be taken, if not, look for Jeff Otah or Chris Williams.

2-Felix Jones, RB(Arkansas)--JA said Benson will have competition, and Felix should be around to be taken at 44.  I know everyone is huge on Joe Flacco, but he keeps rising and doesnt look to be available at 44.  The front offices may look to Chad Henne but Felix is way too good to pass up on.  His stock is falling and he has plenty of upside, and should try to garner starting hopes.

3a-Davonne Bess, WR(Hawaii)--The Bears need help at the WR position, and Bess should stick out like a sore thumb.  This means good or bad obviously.  He played a system where he got a lot of balls thrown his way, and hes proven he can make the best of it.  Hes very similar to Bernard Berrian when it comes to the speed factor, and comes from the west coast.  But unlike Berrian, Bess has good hands.  His blocking may not be stellar, because it was the Colt Brennan show in Hawaii.

3b-Tom Zbikowski, SS(Notre Dame)--No surprise here.  The Bears need a Safety.  Archuleta has proven to be a bum, McGowan should be back, unless another team matches our tender agreement with him.  Tommy should see much playing time, because McGowan is nothing more than a backup, and Archuleta is the new ST player.  Lets all hope Mike Brown turns it around and stays healthy.

4-Colt Brennan, QB(Hawaii)--Davonne Bess will need a teammate to get along with.  They hooked up and made a good tandem in Hawaii, and look for Angelo to pick from him, O'Donnell, and Eric Ainge.  Brennan gets the nod.  Coming from a very controversial team, Angelo will take him. 

5-Donald Thomas, G(UConn)--The Bears will still be looking to bring in young guns on the OL.  Thomas should be around, and has size and good fit for help on the line.  

6-Marcus Coleman, C(Wisconsin)--Olin Kreutz is getting old.  He will be 33 at the start of next season, so its time to groom a young one.  Hes got one of the best to learn from.

7-Jehuu Caulcrick, FB(Michigan State)--This kid would be an absolute steal.  Hes got power, good hands and explosiveness out of the backfield.  He was one of the dynamic duo at MSU.  His combine stats were unknown, but he would definitely make a tremendous upgrade to Jason McKie.    

All comments welcome.

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 1:32 pm

Bears Updated Mock Draft

I think Felix will be.  Solely because Seattle probably wont take a RB first round with the addition of Julius Jones.  So unless Morris or Alexander is cut, which wont happen because of Holmgren, Felix Jones will drop to the second round.

We are keeping two of the 3 added DTs last year, making our DT depth look like Harris, Dvoracek, Anthony Adams, Israel Idonije, Babatunde Oshinowo, and Matt Toeaina.  Thats 6 DTs.  That may be a little too much.  Unless we cut two which doesnt seem probably, another DT making the number 7 is a little much.  I thought about that too until i saw 6.

Jiggadhu, i still think we're the only Bears fans that like Colt Brennan.  Davone Bess will be good if he goes to the right place, and he reminds of a more skilled Bernard Berrian.  I liked him and Grice-Mullen out of Hawaii, but i took Bess because hes 21, while Grice Mullen is 23.

Jehuu Caulcrick is a FB/RB.  He can be explosive out of the backfield, and can throw a good block too.  Hes picked to drop, and i think hes worth it, especially because i saw him a lot last year with MSU, and this kid can play.

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Posted on: March 10, 2008 10:53 am

Bears Updated Mock Draft

I honestly don't believe Felix Jones will be available in the  sencond round. I believe the order of RBs will go something like this:

McFadden will go to the Raiders, Rashard Mendenhall will to either the Panthers or the Texans. Stewart will probably end up with the Seahawks and the Cowboys will take Jones.

I like the selection of Bess a lot especially if we do take Colt Brennan althoguh Brennan will probably last until at least the 5th round.

I also don't think we need a FB. I'd like to see us take a DT somewhere in the draft.

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