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Mock Draft version 3.

Posted on: March 22, 2008 4:39 pm

Some things have happened that have made me change up a couple of things.  here is what i think will happen, not what i want to happen.....

1-Rashard Mendenhall-RB, Illinois--Bears take the best available here.  The OT class is better than average, but after Clady and Long, the next 7 or so OT are the same level.  Bears pay who's worth it, expect Benson or AP to be cut, or traded.  I think Garrett Wolfe will stay.

2-Carl Nicks-OT, Nebraska--One of the next in the group of Cherilus, Baker, Otah and Williams.  The four just mentioned will probably be gone at 44, so Nicks is the next best.  He has great size and speed for an OT.

3a-Roy Shuening-OG, Oregon State--There's no saying if Beekman will be a starter.  Whether he is or not, depth is always a +.

3b-Tom Zbikowski-S, Notre Dame--Best Safety available at this point.  Hometown favorite, and has apparently already worked out with the Bears twice. 

4-Colt Brennan-QB, Hawaii--The 4th round or so is when teams start eating up the remaining half decent QBs.  Brennan is better than Josh Johnson and Kevin O'Connell at this point.

5-Davonne Bess-WR-Hawaii--He should pick up where Berrian left off.  Hes a speed WR, with great hands, which Berrian didnt have.  Can be deep threat and slot.  If Lloyd doesnt pan out, Bess will be the man.

6-Mike Gibson-OT, California--The Bears need depth for the abysmal OLine.  Gibson is very underrated, because coming from Cal, Desean Jackson gets all of the credit.......This guy gave the QB enough time to throw to Jackson, i like him.

7-John Masters-C, Michigan State--Olin Kreutz is 32, dont even ask how old Patrick Mannely is.  Time to groom a younger guy.

Supplemental pick(6 or 7th round)--Jehu Caulcrick-RB/FB, Michigan State--Very good runner.  Looks like a power back, blocks like a power back, hits like a power back, but is speedy.  Should challenge Jason McKie for the starting spot. 

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Posted on: March 25, 2008 11:20 am

Mock Draft version 3.

I've actually heard the exact opposite about Marcus Griffin. Some sites have projected him as an early fifth rounder.

To me the perfect draft would be:

1. Rashard Mendenhall (RB - Illinois)

2. Sam Baker (OT - USC)

3. Steve Justice (C - Wake Forrest)

3. Josh Barrett (SS - Arizona State)

4. Heath Benedict (OG - Newberry)

5. Marcus Griffin (FS - Texas)

6. Adrian Arrington (WR - Michigan)

7. Colt Brennan (QB - Hawaii)

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Posted on: March 25, 2008 10:02 am

Mock Draft version 3.

Hmmm, what players dont you think will last that long?  Just curious.  Some may be a stretch, i know, but it seems reasonable.  I will definitely look into Todd Blythe. 

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Posted on: March 25, 2008 5:10 am

Mock Draft version 3.

I think that would be a pretty good draft for the Bears.  I think a couple of your picks may not last as long as you think they will but you never know.  One late round player i could see the Bears getting is WR Todd Blythe from Iowa State. Midwest player with good hands that never lived up to potential. I live in Iowa and we are all really high on him

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Posted on: March 24, 2008 5:11 pm

Mock Draft version 3.

I like Bess as well, and the Bears have a thing for drafting WRs from the west coast.....Hass, Berrian, Rasheid Davis(not drafted but out of San Jose State) ect.  He and Brennan would be friends in the locker room.......

I chose Mendenhall first for a couple reasons.  After Clady and Long, there really isnt a 5 star OT worth taking.  Not taking away from the other projected 1st rounders, but Mendenhall is the better bick.  Stewart is out, so his stock rose greatly.  Plus I'd rather see him in a Bears jersey than a Lions.  That and he played HS football a mile from my HS. 

There really isnt a standout center, so i chose Masters, or even Marcus coleman out of Wisconsin.  If there's something the Big 10 is good for, its OL.  Justice is good, but we dont need him desperately in the 3rd round. 

Tommy Zbikowski is better than Jamar Adams, and i think Griffen will go earlier than expected, because his stock is still rising.  Now Mel Kiper projected him late 2nd/early 3rd.  I dont think we are able to get our hands on him then.  Plus Griffen is a FS, and we need a SS.  Zbikowski plays both well.

As for DT, we have 6 including Tommie Harris, whats another late round going to do?  Fight agains Toeiana, Babatunde Oshinowo(i like this guys name), Anthony Adams, Israel Idonije, Dvoracek and Harris for a starting spot?  Not worth it.  All of the 6 DT are younger.  I wouldnt be surprised if we took a DT, but i'd prefer that we didnt.

As for the OL, if Baker or Cherilus is available at 44, im all for taking them.  If not, Mike Glynn is a better choice than Nicks.  Nicks is solid, but 25, and Mike Glynn is 23.  Hes young and considered a 4 star OL on  I would take either, but i should've changed it.  Ill probably do one final mock draft before the draft.

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Posted on: March 24, 2008 3:41 pm

Mock Draft version 3.

I like the Mendenhall pick a lot. I think the Bears should get a top RB as opposed to a second tier OT in the first round. Sam Baker may be available, Nicks certainly isn't a bad choide. Neither id Cherilus or Collins. I don't agree with the Brennan in the 4th round selection though just because I thnk he'll still be there in the 6th. I like Devonne Bess a lot as well.

If there's any way the Bears could draft something like:

1. Rashard Mendenahall

2. Gosder Cheilus/Sam Baker

3. Marcus Griffin

3. Steve Justice

4. Jamar Adams

5. Adarius Bowman

6. Colt Brennan

7. Adrian Arrington


I'd be pretty happy even though the Bears also need a DT.

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