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Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

Posted on: February 3, 2011 10:49 pm

Favre got what he wanted, thats what alot of disgruntled Packers fans would want you to believe. He got the team he craved, the salary he could live with and the NFC North Division he knows by heart. But the second he signed that two-year, $25 million contract with the Vikings was the second he burned the last few remaining wooden bridges between him and Packers fans.

Anyway, he's a Viking, which is what Favre wanted all along. Actually, that's not true. He wanted to be a Packer, but remember all that Packers management stuff about crossing the Rubicon River and protecting Favre's legacy? It was as sincere as Favre's first retirement announcement. Mike McCarthy was even quoted as saying that he would personally see to it that Brett would fail if he decided to come out of retirement. How's that for protecting a legacy?

Bottom line: The Packers didn't want Favre as their quarterback, and equally as important, they didn't want Favre as the Vikings' quarterback. They wanted to control his every move. They wanted him to retire, they did NOT want him to come to training camp and compete for the starting position with Aaron Rodgers. They didn't want him to go to any other team... least of all The Vikings. That's why they poisoned any deals with NFC North teams, and that's why Favre ended up in another conference with the New York Jets.

I've got zero problems with Favre unretiring again. It's his career, his body, his legacy. No matter what happens when he wears purple, Favre is still going to end up in Canton. There is NOTHING Mike McCarthy can do to erase what Brett Favre has already accomplished, try as he might, all he can do is attempt to poison the last few years he has left in the tank. How pathetic... and it seems like it worked. With the injuries, and the fact that he almost didn't come back for another year with the Vikings, it seemes like Mike McCarthy is yucking it up behind Brett's back. He enjoy's the injury, the fact that Brett didn't make it to the Super Bowl, and its pretty shallow if you ask me.

I love it when the Michael Irvins of the world say Favre should have stayed put, as if Irvin wouldn't have played longer if he could have. Favre could, and did. And he did it with a throwing arm that worked this time, as opposed to the torn biceps tendon he played with during the latter part of the '08 season. Brett played a good 2009 season, and almost made it. Proving that he still had some left in him. Too bad really that this season was as poor a showing as it was for the rest of the Vikings, because had they performed as well... oh well. Speculation.

I have zero problems with Favre signing with the Vikings. Maybe it was personal -- I'm sure he'd love to stick it to McCarthy and Packers management -- but it's also business. If you're Favre, wouldn't you want to play for this team, in that West Coast offense, for that coach, in that division, for that kind of money? He didn't go there to be a ceremonial clipboard holder. He started for a team that was favored to go long and far, even before he signed.

Favre is old. He turned 40 five days after that Monday night game against the Packers. There were times when he looked every bit of those 40 years. But Vikings coach Brad Childress, who's no dummy, knew Favre at 40 is better than Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson at any age. It didn't work but the franchise will pocket whatever percentage it made from all the Favre jersey sales. Also had bragging rights about stealing away the Packers "Golden Boy".

This was win-win-lose situation. It's a win for the Vikings: They got an experienced, Hall of Fame quarterback who is familiar with the division and intimately familiar with his former franchise, which just so happens to play in that same division. It was win for Favre: He got a playoff-caliber team, a potential Hall of Fame running back (Adrian Peterson), a killer offensive line, the first season lol, an offensive system he knows by memory, a speedy X factor in Percy Harvin, a domed stadium in the dead of winter and another chance to play. It's a loss for the Packers, who were hoping Favre would simply go back to Mississippi and stay there. Or at least thats what McCarthy sold the Packer management. He thought for sure Brett would fold under pressure, and give up on his dream of winning another super bowl.

Of course, none of this guaranteed that the marriage between Favre and the Vikings would live happily ever after. Some Vikings players weren't thrilled that Favre stiffed the team and showed up halfway through training camp last year. And what happend this year when he struggled early, and that Jets controversy unfolded? The team never dogged him. In fact it was a few players on the Vikings that went to Favre's home and talked him into comming back one more time.

Favre's career has been a long series of risks. That's how he played the game. That's why he retired, unretired, retired and unretired again. Give him this much: He's never been afraid of success or failure, of praise or rip jobs.

Vikings fans loved him. For them, it was the best of both worlds. They got an upgrade at quarterback (admittedly, one with some bald spots on the football tires) and they got the possibility of a super bowl victory.

So think of this as final act of Favre's playing career. There was the glorious Packers phase, the inglorious Jets phase and the bittersweet Vikings phase. Whatever goodwill currency he had left with the Packers faithful is spent. They turned on him like he was nothing. Like he was less than nothing. Play for the Vikings and we hate you. Retire or we will burn you down every chance we get no matter what you did for us in the past. You are done in the NFL, or you are done in our hearts. How pathetic.

Favre knew this. He knew there are green-and-gold die-hards who will never forgive him for wearing a Vikings uniform. The only thing worse would be seeing him wear the Bears' navy blue. And when Minnesota somehow sweept the season series against the Pack, and cost Green Bay that playoff spot -- well, he destroyed alot of his old fans memories of him.

Favre got what he wanted. But at what cost? It's the price you pay for trying your best, growing old, and having Aaron Rodgers as your backup. Now the Packer management are talking about mending fences. McCarthy and Brett are both even making small respectful comments.... tho neither have came out and said "I love you man".


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Posted on: February 5, 2011 12:53 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

yeah, but you still read the post, and replied..


Money mouth

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Posted on: February 5, 2011 9:39 am

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

Tongue outGet over it already!  Brett the diva is getting the attention he craves!  For once, just once- put your focus on the Super Bowl.  There are two teams that should be talked about.  This is not about has beens, we are talking about real champions.  GO PACK GO!!!!

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 4:36 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

Brett Favre's retirement controversy occurred when allegations came forward of Favre's intent to still play football, months after a tear filled press conference on March 3, 2008 when Brett Favre officially announced his retirement from the National Football League and the Green Bay Packers.

Following his official retirement from the NFL, reports on July 2, 2008 emerged of Favre's 'itch' to come back and play football. A week later, Favre sent a letter to the Packers asking for his unconditional release to allow him to play for another NFL team, but in a move to control Brett Favre's options, manager Ted Thompson refused to release him, and reaffirmed the organization's commitment to Aaron Rodgers as its new quarterback.

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren Favre spoke publically about the issue for the first time, where he stated his views of the Packer's organization and his commitment to return to football.

 He appeared on Fox News in the program "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren" to speak about his retirement reversal. Favre made reports about his treatment by coach Mike McCarthy:

"And Mike McCarthy says, 'Well, playing here is not an option, we have Aaron and he is our starting QB no matter what, but we can't envision you playing with another team either.'

Basically I am being told what to do, and how they are going to prevent me from playing wherever I choose. That is when I decided I would play with the Vikings if given the chance. I just wanted to play ball anywhere I could. They (McCarthy and Thompson) were hell bent that I was NOT going to play for any team in the NFC especially the NFC North. I thought "well these guys want Aaron, and I can understand that, however, I want to play, not hold their clip board and smile for the camera".

Greta Van Susteren asked Favre about his reports that he was "never fully committed" to retirement, and that he felt pressured by the Packers to make a decision by manager Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy. Favre stated that he knew the Packers wanted to move on, but thought the Packers should release him if that was the case. Favre also stated his displeasures with Ted Thompson's descisions to not sign crucial players, such as Randy Moss, Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle. He also stated his displeasure that the Packers did not interview Steve Mariucci for a head coaching job once coach Mike Sherman was fired. In the interview, Favre stated his communication with Thompson:

"none of those had anything to do with me retiring once again but, you know, it's hard for me to trust this guy when either I'm told one thing and everyone else is told another, or he's telling the public one thing and telling me another," Favre said, according to the newspaper. "And so that's part of the reason for requesting the release. Not only was I told that playing here was not an option, we're moving on, it was kinda like Mike McCarthy and Ted Thompson were trashing me every chance they could to other prospective teams. That's OK, I guess in their eyes I was just another problem. I never thought after all I gave that organization that they would turn on me so easily. It was the hardest part of the whole retirement thing".

In the second part of the interview, Favre said he was tempted to show up to the upcoming Packers training camp. He stated that he didn't want to go back "just to stick it to them" and knew he would not get a fair chance to compete for the starting position, and it would be a media circus regardless of his attendance.

Favre also stated his respect for the Packers current starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. He stated that Thompson and McCarthy had every right to back Aaron, and that he was a good QB, but that they also did not care about Favre's legacy, being released was only fair in his mind after all they had been through, but that they were so insistant on controlling his ability to play again that a trade was the only way they were going to let him go.

A trade that included the most stipulations in NFL trade history. The Packers organization was actually trying to control where Brett would be able to play for the rest of his career in the NFL. They almost got away with it. In his final words, Favre said there was a possibility that he would not come back to play, he had a real hard time dealing with the lack of respect and the way he was being villianized to the Packer fan base by his coach Mike McCarthy, the Packers manager Ted Thompson, and even the owner, Mark Murphy, who made it clear to ESPN in an interview on October 2nd 2008 that he backed the decisions of his head coach and general manager.

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 1:35 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

Its funny how CBS works. All the information I put out there. The blogs with actual NFL content. The hot issues and objectivity I post with, it all takes a backseat to crap like...

Who's the worst black QB.

Who's the best white QB.

Who's the most annoying fan base.

Ben Rapeslotsahoes.... etc.  (i made this last one up)

Seriously tho. That is what it takes to get the superstar status I guess. Lots of replies about nothing to do with football. No intelligent dialogue, not stimulative debates with poignant or jovial information about wins and losses, X's and O's, history of the game, or even reality.

Its all about being a kid, acting like a kid, or just plain idiocy.

Racism gets lots of attention.

Ignorant rantings and chest thumping gets lots of attention.

Biggots, Homo's, Children, Losers... is that what the superstar status is all about? being a child? being a racist? pushing the hot button issues that are really nothing to do with football at all, just chatter.... meaningless chatter, and your a superstar!!!!!

5's for any poster who actually can share an opinion or memory that has SOMETHING to do with football, and or Brett Favre, Vikings, Packers, the superbowl matchup, or ANYTHING with SUBSTANCE.


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Posted on: February 4, 2011 1:33 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

Whose idea was it to start Sidney Rice as cornerback anyway?

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 1:31 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

He did play for the Saints damnit!!Yell he threw to his teammate Tracy Porter!!Yell shows you how much you know about football...LMAO!!Tongue out

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 1:14 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

Favre unable to rally Vikes past Saints
no... he didn't. lmao!!!!!


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Posted on: February 4, 2011 12:58 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

I thought Brett Favre played for the Saints

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Posted on: February 4, 2011 12:57 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?

hey atleast you guys can have something to talk about in the offseason...after you lose the superbowl to the steelers

Steeler fans are so funny.

Just like when the Giants beat the Patriots in the super bowl when all the Pats fans were chanting that they were going to have the best unbeated season and that Don Shula and the Dolphins wouldn't be poping the cork on their champaign that year. I loved telling them how stupid they looked being so sure of themselves and being so rude and condescending towards other teams fans.

It was poetic justice.

I look at this year as similar to the year the Cowboys beat the pizz out of your Steelers in the super bowl. As one ignorant Steeler fan said on another post about who is the best dynasty... a dynasty doesn't lose the super bowl.....

guess he forgot that in fact the Steelers haven't won every time they made it either.


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Posted on: February 4, 2011 12:44 pm

Brett Favre... still a member of the Pack?


I read that hole mess and have no idea what side of the fence your on

Packers did what they had to do no player holds me hostage year to year

What could they do open challange Rodgers - Farve ----------lose--lose situation

Farves mistake was going to Jets should have gone to the Raiders would have helped them

If he really wanted to wear Purple horns just to beat Green Bay thats his ego (holding another team hostage)

All the great things Brett did playing all those games, setting records, ext. ext. he only won 1 SB @ lost the other.

And it took him 20 years to do it I can't give him much credit for that, he's lucky the Packers stuck with him.

As for becoming a BEAR --------NEVER HAPPEN-------------They wouldn't stoop that low

I'm sure Packers @ Farve will kiss and make up in future and good for them-----------BUT

rest assured the Packers would not be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday with Brett Farve as QB

With a Packers win it will be ------R.I.P. Farve ba ba ba
Why do you have to call it a mess? I have searched and read plenty of your posts before replying to this, and you haven't spent any time posting meaningful comments or blogs. Why do you have to hate?

Did you not see my Avatar? Im a bears fan too bro. I am riding the fence on this issue because I can see both sides. It was an objective artical, not a biased opinion.

Sorry you had a hard time understanding that but perhaps you are just quick to get crappy instead of really trying to understand or relate to this blog, or this issue.

I just felt like there were alot of meaningless articles being put out even by cbs sports writers, and I felt like talking football, not racism, not Big Ben singing karaoke in a bar again, etc.

So sorry you didn't get it, but I still gave you a 5. 5's for everyone who replies to my blog because differences of opinion are what makes this world so awesome. If everyone agreed with everyone, this world would be one dimentional... and boring.

Diversity is the spice of life.

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