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TBDPITL week 7 ballot

Posted on: October 12, 2008 10:05 am

name: Piratefan08

1. PENN ST - Absolutely killed Wisconsin who was a good team early this year and ended up winning by 41 on the road against a Big 10 opponent. I think that this team is the real deal and is contending for a spot in the NCG.

2. Texas - moves up 3 spots after an impressive showing against OU. Colt McCoy played great but he got away with what was a sure pick by an OU defender in the endzone that later led to a Texas field goal. Still overall great work by the team so they get no. 2

3. Alabama

4. OKLAHOMA - Only drop 3 spots because they lost to a top 5 opponent and did not deserve to drop any more. Sam looked good getting 5 TDs on the day with only 2 picks. Will surely miss the middle LB that is likely out for the season.

5. BYU - hated to move them up since they are playing nobody right now. If Florida gets another quality win next week, Look to see BYU drop.

6. Florida - OMG, how did you do that to LSU?

7.Texas Tech - Way to go Harrell, you are a beast.

USC -  Sanchez throws three picks and they still end up winning big.

9. tOSU

10. UGA - should have beaten Tennessee by a lot more than they did.

11. Utah - good rout of Wyoming

12. Mizzou - horrible loss. Daniel throws three picks including one on the last drive.

13. Kansas

14. VT

15. Boise St - beat So Miss pretty bad on the road. This team looks really good.

16. Illinois

17. LSU - should be ashamed to lose by this much.

18. Mich St

19. OKST - win against Mizzou looks really impressive

20. UNC - I like the effort against ND. Good comeback win

21. FSU

22. USF

23. WF- beating Clemson doesnt show that much but at least they did.

24.  Ball St - cannot leave out a 7-0 team

25. Vandy

dropped out: Vandy, ND, Wisc, Auburn

pow - J. Shipley (Texas) Had a KO return for a score and a rec TD putting him above 200 all purpose yards on the day.

come back next week and see the next TBDPITL poll by Piratefan08

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