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TBDPITL week 9 ballot

Posted on: October 26, 2008 7:54 pm

1. PENN ST - showed that they can beat the big boys this weekend. Even losing starting QB didnt stop the Nitany Lions! Out right number one for this week.

2. Texas - win against OKST was a good solid win if even only by four points

3. Alabama

4. Oklahoma - how do you score that many points in the first half against a big 12 opponent.

5.  Florida - burried Kentucky, made close game for against Alabama look bad.

6. USC

7.Texas Tech - Matt Williams, you are the man!

8  UGA - pick on the first play of the game showed domination

9. Utah

10. TCU - one loss BCS buster?

11. tOSU - Pryor is just too young

12. Boise St - hasnt beat anybody yet.....

13. FSU

14. LSU - need to stop getting blown out.

15. USF

16. OKST

17. Minnesota

18. UNC - big shoutout to Tremaine Goddard

19. BYU - almost lost again

20. Ball St - 8-0? hmmmm

21. Kansas

22. Mizzou

23. Tulsa

24. Mich St

25. Maryland

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