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An Aquired Taste, Makes for a Disgruntled NFL Fan

Posted on: September 23, 2008 10:23 am
Edited on: September 23, 2008 6:07 pm
Texans love to do nothing more than crush the Jaguars spirit every opportunity they get. Texans may as well see this game as nothing more than being the closest to a Super Bowl as they can get at this point with
their prospects to beating Jacksonville after their 0-2 start never being so high.

The Texans know the impact of a win against Jacksonville will remove all doubts of the Texans being a pretender with the 0-2, not to metnion the labor pains born from the painful effect that the devastation from a hurricane unleashed. Last time I seen a team this Hungry was when the Saints charged to the NFC championship game, and with the prospects of seeing an 0-2 giant team make it to the SB last season, Texans may as well have a red carpet rolled out for their victory against jacksonvile given the fact that the emotional state between these two teams could not be any further divided on the spectrum of hunger.

"Houstonians still without POWER"

A win against Jacksonville would take the the Texans for the outhouse to the Penthouse. Jaguars have the power and oh do they know it, this makes the Texans hunger to possess it undoubtedly being the biggest factor in this matchup between two teams that have all the appearances of being equally matched otherwise.

"I don't think the NFC East can match up against AFC South teams when you put things on the line," Taylor said.

I am disconcerted as to the Jaguars fans and players being completely out of touch with what not only ails our team but division as well, Taylors lackadaisical approach to not only what ails our team but clearly our division speaks volumes as to my concern for this game. How delusional do you have to be to assume the state of the AFC South to be any where near the vsacinity at this point to the contending level that NFC East is at the moment?

Texans clearly have no delusions to what is at stake and where they stand in the big picture, this IMO makes the resolve they are bringing to the field of play, much more of a factor to this game than the Jaguars resolve which is obviously disingenuously maligned by a sense of entitlement, inspite of the atrocious redzone deficiency that is choking the life out of this team.

This is a tale of what the two teams are bringing emotionally to the table being the ultimate factor in this game. Jaguars mindset of being phat with assuming it is a contender, and Texans hunger to be contender again, will like many times before, be ultimate factor in this game.

"Going up and beating Indy on the road certainly ought to give you a little confidence," Del Rio said. "That's something you can build on, something our guys can gain some confidence from having that experience. We do have the ability to come back and put together a drive and win a game."

"We need to improve the way we open football games," Del Rio said. "We want to start fast, but no matter how we start we're going to keep playing . . . you can't bail out. If you stay the course then you'll have special moments like yesterday."

When you have JDR calling the performance we saw on Sunday, special, then it is clear that this team is being fed a load of crap, crap that is keeping it from possessing the hunger it is going to need to compete with a team that is clearly hungry. Seeing our pedestrian offense has this fan thinking the only thing special about the performance was its short bus special ultraconservative pedestrian philosophy on offense.

“I did. I really did. I thought the coaches did a great job of calling plays. I felt like when my number was called to make a play, I could make it,” Garrard said.

The official making what was clearly a lame call on Garrards failure to convert on 4th down on the last drive, ultimately led to the Jaguars victory and being more and more delusioned than even I could have imagined. I felt like when my number was called to make a play, I could make it? This from a QB who failed to score a TD twice inside the opponents 10? This is David Garrards definition of a great job calling plays? This is his definition of I did, I really did, when it was clearly the officials that did? 1 fumble, 3 ints and 1 TD and this guy has the nerve to say I did I really did? "I understand that you're not going to be able to run the ball for 200-and-some-odd yards week in and week out," Jack Del Rio said. "You're going to have to make plays and be more balanced, and when the situation dictates that, we'll look to do that." This is a man who has and is clearly aiming to forgoing possessing any semblance of a multidemsional deep passing treat with his philosophy to attempt to be multi dimensional only if and when the situation dictates it.   Is it there any wonder why this fan is so disgruntled, especially with JDR showing his true colors, that has him forcing his ultra conservative one dimensional pedestrian offense down the throats of a fan base whose pallat has been gravely denied its aquired taste of a more refined, modern and sophisticatedly multideminsional scheme possessing both a powerful ground attack as well as a vaunted deep passing threat on offense, thanks to the disalutionment resulting from a team being made phat with hype?  UUUUUHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG
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Posted on: September 29, 2008 12:42 am

An Aquired Taste, Makes for a Disgruntled NFL Fan

A good read... I honestly don't think either of our teams will catch TEN this year. that D is scary as hell, and jags/colts are both injury plagued. it'll be a battle but maybe 3 afc south teams in playoffs again? who knows. stranger things have happened (NE losing in the SB!!!!)

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 1:44 pm

An Aquired Taste, Makes for a Disgruntled NFL Fan

Bet,  I imagine after a win it ought to be possible... But right now it looks like any attempt on my part to do that as nothing more than a menthos moment...

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Posted on: September 23, 2008 12:47 pm

An Aquired Taste, Makes for a Disgruntled NFL Fan

Hey Jags. Looks like me and you might have to make a bet on the Texans-Jaguars game. Nono, not an avatar bet. I got an even better idea. If the Texans win, I have to write a positive glowing blog about the Texans and if the Jaguars win, you have to write a positive glowing blog about the Jaguars! That's right. The person whose team wins has to write good stuff about their team in the next week's blog.

Do we have a bet?

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