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The WORST Sports Town in the US

Posted on: March 13, 2008 8:43 am
Recently, a town that I love for familial connections and sports teams has received a whole lotta love as the Best Sports Town in the US; Boston, Mass.  With the success of the Patriots (even with a surprising loss in the Super Bowl), Celtics, and Red Sox.  Even the Bruins are above .500 at 36-26-8 and the 7th seed in the East.  The amazing success of Beantown brought to mind...who would be the Worst Sports Town in the US?

What would have to be the criteria to be a Sports Town?  It would have to have all four of the major men's sports in its general geography and it would have to have had some level of past success in one or all of these.  Without these, it wouldn't be a true contrast to Boston's performance.

In evaluating, there really aren't that many cities that have all 4 in their general geography:
Boston ,Dallas, Greater New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Phoenix, San Francisco / Oakland / San Jose, Minneapolis / St. Paul, Detroit, Chicago, Miami / Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta, & Denver.  Pittsburgh doesn't count, because the Pisces weren't REAL!

From this list and looking at last year's or current season's (if in progress) numbers I came up with the two likeliest suspects for WORST SPORTS TOWN!!!

#2 (Done in reverse order for dramatic effect) ATLANTA - The Falcons had incredible internal turmoil finishing with a 4-12 record.  The Hawks are somehow still in the playoff picture with a 26-38 record (yes, the East sucks!).  The Thrashers are 30-33-8 after doing so very well last year and out of the playoffs (is that possible in hockey?).  And the savior from being the worst team is the Braves.  They finished with 84-78 record last year with potential for being pretty good this season.

#1MIAMI / Ft. LAUDERDALE  - The Dolphins were a league-worst 1-15.  Bring in another fish to save the FINS!  The Marlins were worst in the NL East and gave away the last of their good players with a 71-91 record (stadium?  no stadium?).  The Heat are 11-52 and the worst in the NBA and lost their heart with Wade shutting down.  Finally, the Panthers are 33-31-8 and irrelevant again in the NHL.

There were some thoughts around Washington DC and San Fran/Oakland/San Jose, but they each had a team that saved them with playoffs.  Greater New York City would have been a possibility, too, had the Giants not won the Super Bowl.

This measurement is by no means reflective of the passion of some of these cities' fans.  They each do have, collectively, some of the worst fans in the nation, though.  What came first, though, the poor performance or the apathy?

Who do you think has the Worst Sports Town in the US?


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Posted on: March 13, 2008 9:49 am

The WORST Sports Town in the US

El Gigante,

I think 3 of the 4 major sports teams should be sufficient to quality.  Hockey just isn't that big in the US, especially the South.  I had it in my head to vote for Cleveland with all the sports other than NHL Hockey, although it does have a minor league professional team, because of over forty years without a championship.  But I've changed my mind.  I have to agree with AV, LA's fan base is a disgrace and gets my nod as well.

Nice blog, I would just change the criteria to 3 out of 4.

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Posted on: March 13, 2008 9:42 am

The WORST Sports Town in the US

There is no visceral love by the fans for any of these teams except for the Lakers and Trolley Dodgers..


I like your way of looking at this question.  I figured Cleveland should win because I live here and despite being 52 years old, can't remember a championship, except in indoor soccer.  You made my day.  I think your right:  It's not the quality of the team that should be judged, but the quality of the fans.  In my opinion, Cleveland has tremendous fans for all the teams. 

In Cleveland, the agony and outcry when the Browns were stolen from us in 1995 was tremendous.  The Indians still hold the record for consecutive sell-outs in the 90's, something like five or six seasons worth.  I also feel support for the Cav's has been pretty good over the years considering how bad they usually are.

The fact that LA can't support an NFL francihse, and doesn't care, speaks to what a bad sports down they have.  I change my vote from Cleveland to LA.  Cleveland is a great sports town, and you have it right.


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Posted on: March 13, 2008 9:38 am

The WORST Sports Town in the US

El G - I have to take it down from the 4 sports to the 2 and throw out KC for the Royals and Chiefs, I do give them an extra bump for the racetrack as well.  Again this is based solely on teams and winning percentage, not the town and the fans.  Chiefs fans are great, the stadiums are great for both teams, in fact the stadiums are so unique in that they are right next to each other - you won't find that anywhere else in the country that I know of, the ticket prices are reasonable, the clubs are likeable, the settings are great.  You also have a few minor league teams in and around the KC area.

As I lived there for 7 years I can honestly say I do not think of KC as a sports town, but a town that has sports.  There are a lot of sports minded folks there and the town is a wonderful place to live, or it was for me anyway.  There is a place in North Kansas City called Chappell's that is probably the coolest sports bar and grill you will ever set foot into...the place can be looked up on the internet, but let's just say where else can you go to see a Heisman Trophy?  Paul Hornungs sits there.  The ceiling is not a ceiling, it is a helmet hanging place....every helmet from almost every team you have ever heard of hangs there.

And yet, the reason I nominate my former residence is the product on the field.  Chiefs & Royals - one has a bad GM, the other a bad owner.  That translates into poor field product. 

These days they could remake Major League with the Royals or Chiefs.  In fact, maybe we can get Charlie Sheen to help out Soria this year?  Oh wait to get a save you have to be winning the game first...

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Posted on: March 13, 2008 9:25 am

The WORST Sports Town in the US

The worst sport town is Los Angeles.  They have 2 MLB teams, 2 NBA teams, 2 NHL teams and ZERO NFL teams.  Ridiculous.  The fickle fans only like winners and like to be seen as trendy.  Take the Trojans of USC, now the local celebs show up because it is cool, but not that long ago a celeb would not show up for any reason.  One basketball team never wins (Clippers).  

Who actually an Angels fan? Or a Clipper?

There is no visceral love by the fans for any of these teams except for the Lakers and Trolley Dodgers....

....maybe it is because most of their teams are transplants like the people - no genetic love for a particular team.

I have been to a Dodgers game or two.....why were all the fans whispering?  I went to a Raiders game way back in my youth. Wow there were a lot of empty seats.

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