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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

Posted on: September 22, 2009 1:16 pm
Edited on: September 27, 2009 2:59 am

Alright here's how this is going to go. I'll come up with 12 games of interest every week for you all to choose from. You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the thread, whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with.

Anybody is welcome to join in at any time, dont worry about missing a week if you decide to join late.

Good Luck!


This week's games:

(Rankings Reflect AP rankings)

* Saturday *

#22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech (2-1)

South Florida (3-0) at #18 Florida State

Wake Forest (2-1) at Boston College (2-1)

#15 TCU at Clemson (2-1)

#9 Miami at #11 Virginia Tech

#6 California at Oregon (2-1)

Colorado St. (3-0) at #19 BYU

Arizona St. (2-0) at #21 Georgia

Arizona (2-1) at Oregon State (2-1)

Iowa (3-0) at #5 Penn St.

#24 Washington at Stanford (2-1)

Texas Tech (2-1) at #17 Houston

My Picks : 5-7

This will likely be the game I wake up to tomorrow . . . well in about 10 hours. I got no reason to pick Georgia Tech. so Heels it is

ACC back to its old tricks . . .

I wanted to pick an upset, I wanted to pick it bad but then I looked at who USF has played and see that it's . . . nobody! Three cupcakes, by now you know how I feel about untested teams in big games. It's worked out for me thus far, USF gets smacked early. perhaps they recover, perhaps not, regardless the damage will be done

I guess they had something to prove

BC finally got tested last week, and they got exposed. Wake started with two tough ones and then got a tune up game against Elon, they take care of the Eagles here

Flippin fumble on a blown play in OT when you're already in position to tie it . . . worst way to lose

Defense has been TCU's bread and butter, the D looks soft this year and I know Clemson's D is good, throw in Spiller and the fact that they're at home and you get a Clemson W. Should be a close one though

I hate kickers . . .

Everybody is on Jacorry Harris' junk, I want Miami to be successful, I hate that they've not been what they used to be, yeah I hate the giants but I like having them. so when they get beat it's a big deal. I dont know, I just like the Hokies, I rarely pick against them. "Upset" time. Harris makes some mistakes.

I got one right!!! bout damn time

I'm glad Oregon has recoverd from the Blount issue but I love Cal, I've always leaned toward them but this year they've been lights out, Best is at the top of the Heisman chase and Riley has played some great ball at the QB spot. The D isnt bad either, I think this is their year.

HOLY CRAP, Cal got punked. They showed no backbone or manhood in this one, just gave up after they got down

I dont see what everybody has seen from BYU that they like . . . and I know none of you have seen Colorado St. I like to believe that they're getting votes for the top 25 for a reason and I'll be the only one to take them for the upset. Go Rams!

whatever . . .23-42, and i picked the wrong upset

I wanted to pick AZ state here, but once again untested. Georgia only has one cupcake on their schedule and they dont play them for a while.

yay, i got it right!  . . . oh, everybody else did too

I dont know what to think of Oregon St. they barely beat UNLV and people dis Zona becaus of their loss to Iowa but Iowa was billed as a solid team coming into the year. I'm talking the Cats

Close one but the cats pulled it out

Penn St. hasnt really played anybody, but they've allowed 7 points or less to each of those nobodies. They're one of the only top teams that has actually played like a top team every game. They keep rolling here.

Started well . . . ended horribly

This should be a heck of a game, two good QB's. Defenses arent awesome . . . tough call . . . really tough, toss up. I'll go with Stanford

Second half looking better than the first

Houston is just way too efficient. The QB is experienced, they've played together for a while, Tech will get stopped a few times and you cant afford that in this game. 

Thank you Houston . . . i needed this one bad


ramblinon -------------   8-4


cubansajoke --------- 6-6

LAwish------------- ---- 6-6

Scott-24------------- -- 6-6
valencourt ----------- - 8-4

nate75--------------- -- 8-4

wildcatsfan 1---------- 5-7

Bradman125 --------- 4-8

Gameday_101 -------- 5-7

French Embassy----- - 10-2

WI Deer Hunter ------ 4-8

Broncos #7 ----------- - 8-4

Hurricane Alum ------- 7-5

mmagettepack ------- 4-8

MajorMetsFan --------- 5-7

The Law Dude --------- 7-5

redwingsNSK---------- 7-5

BlueDevilBob ---------- 6-6

SportsJunkie76 -------- 8-4

Madtanker------------- 7-5

Silversword551 ------

hawks fan -------------


Points. S/N (weeks participated)

32. French Embassy (4)

31. Scott-24 (4) , meuse2win (4)

30. valencourt (4), Broncos #7 (4), The Law Dude (4)

29. nate75 (4)

28. ramblinon (4), redwingsNSK (4)

27. Coach Bib13 (4), IU Dave Returns (4), cubansajoke (4), wildcatsfan 1 (4), Gameday_101 (4), Hurricane Alum (4), mmagettepack (4)

26. Bradman125 (4), WI Deer Hunter (4)

25.  LAwish (4), MajorMetsFan (4)

18. BlueDevilBob (3)

SportsJunkie76 (2)

7. Madtanker (1)

6. Silversword551 (1)

4. hawks fan (1)

Per week Avg. SportsJunkie76 (8.5)

Bib's Pick 'em Winners

Bib's College Football Pick 'em: Overall - Fresh LA Style and Drookabeeyacht, Per Week Average- Phanaholic

Bib's Bowl Pick 'em: Wingnut 4life

Bib's College Basketball Pick 'em Overall - Wingnut 4Life, Per Week Average redwingsNSK


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Posted on: September 27, 2009 11:20 am

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

I SUCK!!!Yell

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Posted on: September 27, 2009 3:05 am

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

glad to have you aboard

I do a per-week average leader for those who miss weeks so you can still win something lol

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Posted on: September 27, 2009 2:53 am

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

I just found this. I am sorry I missed it so far. I will be in next week.

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 8:39 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

Easy to place the Clemson game on our kicker. It ended up being a big miss, but the defense gave the offense every chance in the world to win that game. Once again, offense couldn't produce. TCU got the benefit of a fluky tip, other than that, the Clemson D was bending but not breaking the rest of the game.

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Posted on: September 26, 2009 12:08 am

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4


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Posted on: September 25, 2009 10:28 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

1. UNC
2. Florida St.
3. BC
4. TCU
5. Miami (FL)
6. Cal
7. BYU
8. Georgia
9. Oregon St.
10. Penn St.
11. Washington
12. Houston

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Posted on: September 24, 2009 4:53 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

Whoops....forgot one.

Texas Tech (2-1) at #17 Houston- Give me the Red Raiders. Neither team can stop the other. Texas Tech's had more success with these types of games than the Cougars (mmmmm...).

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Posted on: September 24, 2009 4:48 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

#22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech (2-1)- GT. Look for the Yellow Jackets to bounce back from a bad loss to Miami and beat a UNC team who for some reason I'm just not sold on.

South Florida (3-0) at #18 Florida State- FSU. They appear to have a little swagger back. South Florida and the BE is a fraud.

Wake Forest (2-1) at Boston College (2-1)- BC. Battle of two below average ACC teams. Give me the Eagles.

#15 TCU at Clemson (2-1)- Gonna be there Saturday at 3:30. Big game. Our D's been lights out minus the first 11 minutes of the GT game. TCU's in for a rude awakening at Death Valley. Clemson in a low scoring affair.

#9 Miami at #11 Virginia Tech- I like VT. Still not drinking the Miami kool-aid. This could be the final moment that makes me buy a pack.

#6 California at Oregon (2-1)- Cal. Oregon's a tough place to win, but Cal's been rolling and I think Best has another great day.

Colorado St. (3-0) at #19 BYU- BYU bounces back from a season-ruining loss to FSU with a multi-TD win over the Rams.

Arizona St. (2-0) at #21 Georgia- UGA. Their D looked shaky last week but I think they'll fix some of that this week.

Arizona (2-1) at Oregon State (2-1)- Beavers. Rodgers runs wild on the Cats. Hope Im wrong.

Iowa (3-0) at #5 Penn St. - Nittany Lions. After Iowa ruined their NC hopes last year, this game could get ugly for an Iowa team who's looked shaky this year.

#24 Washington at Stanford (2-1)- Huskies. I don't think they'll have a let down following the USC game. They dont want it to look like a flash in the pan.

Texas Tech (2-1) at #17 Houston

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Posted on: September 23, 2009 11:08 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

yeah LA I noticed a lot of ACC and a lot of Pac-10 (you didnt complain about the latter)

I pick the games based on my standards

teams that are ranked, or teams that are in the "other's recieving votes" get prime selection

then if I need to I pick a game between two teams that are not in either of those categories that I think could be good (BC-Wake)

Colorado St. is in the "others recieving votes" by the way

Since: Dec 30, 2006
Posted on: September 23, 2009 10:01 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 4

#22 North Carolina at Georgia Tech (2-1) - I picked GT last week and got burned.  Got burned on a lot of my picks actually.  Let's go with GT again just because the ACC can't keep teams ranked.

South Florida (3-0) at #18 Florida State - Florida State dominated BYU as if they were FIU.  The same BYU that beat Oklahoma.  They seem to be legit.  I don't trust South Florida, never have, never will.

Wake Forest (2-1) at Boston College (2-1) - All the ACC games much?  Not picking BC again.  Wake seems to be decent.

#15 TCU at Clemson (2-1) - BYU and Utah have both lost already, this might be TCU's year for the big show.  Clemson goes down.

#9 Miami at #11 Virginia Tech - Why is every game from the ACC in here!!!  VT, because I pick them consistently and they follow through.

#6 California at Oregon (2-1) - The hardest game of the week to pick!  Everyone watch this game, should be amazing if the Ducks can bring their A-game like they did last week.  Cal has the Best RB in the country, and Oregon can run all day long too.  Both with momentum, Cal coming off a road win, Oregon getting a big win over Utah.  Going with the gut...Cal.

Colorado St. (3-0) at #19 BYU - Why's this game in here?  Everyone has picked BYU so far.  No reason not to.

Arizona St. (2-0) at #21 Georgia - AZ State has been untested, Georgia has horrible defense but can seemingly score like the New Orleans Saints.  Dawgs roll.

Arizona (2-1) at Oregon State (2-1) - Oregon ST picks it up.  They are going to lose on the road, not at home. AZ is not a very good team, especially after Tuitama left, now there's no offense to go with no defense.

Iowa (3-0) at #5 Penn St. - No reason to pick Iowa.  All they beat was Zona.

#24 Washington at Stanford (2-1) - OMG the game between #1 and #2 in the Pac-10!!!!!!!  Taking Stanford, expecting a letdown from Washington.  They don't deserve a nation ranking.

Texas Tech (2-1) at #17 Houston - Houston got a big win over OK ST.  Lightning doesn't strike twice however.  TTech takes this.

Bib you left out the game of the week, USC vs Wash ST for last place in the Pac-10!!!!! 

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