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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6

Posted on: October 4, 2009 8:06 pm
Edited on: October 14, 2009 6:59 pm

Alright here's how this is going to go. I'll come up with 12 games of interest every week for you all to choose from. You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the thread, whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with. I try to pick games between teams in the top 25, or in the other's recieving votes but then I move to teams with winning records then .500 records, and all teams are FBS.

Anybody is welcome to join in at any time, dont worry about missing a week if you decide to join late.

Good Luck!


This week's games:

(Rankings Reflect AP rankings)


#21 Nebraska at #24 Missouri 27-12


#17 Auburn at Arkansas (2-2) 23-44

Boston College (4-1) at #5 Virginia Tech 14-48

Iowa St. (3-2) at #16 Kansas 36-41

#3 Alabama at #20 Mississippi 22-3

#13 Oregon at UCLA (3-1) 24-10

Wisconsin (5-0) at #9 Ohio State 13-31

Connecticut (3-1) at Pittsburgh (4-1) 21-24

Kansas St. (3-2) at Texas Tech (3-2)14-66

Stanford (4-1) at Oregon St. (3-2) 28-38

#1 Florida at #4 LSU 13-3

Michigan (4-1) at #12 Iowa 28-30

My Picks :  8-4

One loss between the teams and that was a one point Nebraska loss to Virginia Tech. We all remember Tyrod Taylor scrambling around. All the wins were blowout wins over bad opponents. Missouri only beat Nevada 21-31 and from what I've seen Nevada is a bad team so nebraska it is.

Smile Alright got the first game right . . . lets hope it carries into saturday, really need that Iowa St. upset

  Alright here's our upset, Auburn just jumped into the rankings but they will likely be falling out after this one. Bama shut them down but I dont think the Auburn D is that great this year. They had a close one on the road against Tennesee last week. Arkansas steals this one at home

Smile I got an upset right!!! can't believe it lol

They survived their bad game last week against Duke. They bounce back at home and take care of business against the Eagles

Cool That got ugly fast

This is going to be the biggest test thus far for Kansas and that's saying something. That, combined with the fact that they're coming off of their bye dont bode well for them. Iowa State suffered a highly disappointing loss last week on a missed EP so they have added motivation to get it done.

Iowa St. has killed me two weeks in a row now

I have no idea what happened to Ole Miss, there is no reason for them to have fallen off the way they have . . . I dont see an upset happening here.

Smile Poor Ole Miss . . .

The Oregon bounceback continues as they beat the Bruins, UCLA is a defensive team, Oregon offense is too much though.

Smile Thank you Oregon

Wisconsin is 5-0 but all of their wins, except Wofford, are by 8 points or less, This game could be similar but I dont think they come out on top.

Smile KEEP Rollin Rollin Rollin Rollin AGGH

really tough one here. Pitt coming off a trouncing of Louisville and before that a loss to NC state. Uconn off of beating Baylor and trouncing Rhode Island. This is a toss-up game, Pitt is home but I dont care.

I always pick wrong on the close games it appears

Kansas St. should not have won last week . . . they're just a bad team right now, Im not sure about Yosemite Sam's health but Tech should win easily

Cool Damn. Glad everyone picked them lol

I really like Stanford, Gerhart keeps rolling and the Cardinal gets it done

Flippin Oregon St. . . they belong in the ACC

LSU has struggled on the road and they've played cupcakes at home. Florida wins with or without Tebow.

Smile Took care of them easily

  This should be a close one both teams have had close games against good and bad teams. Iowa had a scare against Arkansas St. of all teams last week. and Michigan lost against a challenged Mich St. team . . . Iowa seems vulnerable and seems to not be able to score like they should be able to against bad teams. Michigan will simply outscore them

Ah, no 4th quarter comeback for Forcier the one time I need him to . . .


ramblinon ------------- 8-4


cubansajoke ---------- 8-4

LAwish------------- ---- 7-5

Scott-24------------- --   10-2
valencourt ----------- - 11-1

nate75--------------- -- 8-4

wildcatsfan 1---------- 9-3

Bradman125 ------------ 11-1

Gameday_101 -------- - 10-2

French Embassy----- -- 5-7

WI Deer Hunter ------- 9-3

Broncos #7 ------------ 11-1

meuse2win------------ 9-3

Hurricane Alum- ------ 8-4

mmagettepack -------- 9-3

The Law Dude ---------- 10-2

redwingsNSK----------- 8-4

BlueDevilBob ---------- 10-2

SportsJunkie76 -------- 9-3

TexYat------------------ 9-3

MajorMetsFan ----------


JobaTheDrunk--------- -  

Bigg John Studd --------

Silversword551 ---------

hawks fan ---------------


Points. S/N (weeks participated)

47. valencourt (6), Broncos #7 (6)

46. Scott-24 (6), meuse2win (6)

45. IU Dave Returns (6), The Law Dude (6)

44. Gameday_101 (6)

42. Bradman125 (6)

43. WI Deer Hunter (6)

41. cubansajoke (6), nate75 (6), wildcatsfan 1 (6), Hurricane Alum (6), redwingsNSK (6)

40. ramblinon (6), French Embassy (6), mmagettepack (6)

39. Coach Bib13 (6)

37. LAwish (6)

32. SportsJunkie76 (4)

31. BlueDevilBob (5) 

25. MajorMetsFan (4)

14. TexYat (2)

7. Madtanker (1)

6. Silversword551 (1)

4. hawks fan (1), BiggJohnStudd (1)

3. JobaTheDrunk (1)

Per week Avg. SportsJunkie76 (8)

Bib's Pick 'em Winners

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Posted on: October 8, 2009 1:40 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6

Here are my picks:


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Posted on: October 7, 2009 10:33 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6

Wait why did I pick Kansas State? Change that. I have no idea what I was thinking.  TTech wins

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Posted on: October 7, 2009 10:26 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6

#21 Nebraska at #24 Missouri - First real test for both of these teams. Well, Nebraska had that game with VT which they lost by some ridiculous play.  Simply because Bib picks Nebraska, I'll go with Mizzou.

#17 Auburn at Arkansas (2-2) - I'm not looking at any more of Bib's picks before I choose, because they are a bad influence!  This game seems lousy, I wonder if anyone will pick the Hogs at all.

Boston College (4-1) at #5 Virginia Tech - Okay Boston College is pissing me off.  But VT has pulled through for me, I have never gotten their game wrong.  I like them now.

Iowa St. (3-2) at #16 Kansas - I have no idea what to do.  Kansas is ranked, so lets go with that.

#3 Alabama at #20 Mississippi - Ole Miss lost to South Carolina.  How embarassing.

#13 Oregon at UCLA (3-1) - UCLA is certainly better than they are last year, but still not very good.  Ducks are hot now.

Wisconsin (5-0) at #9 Ohio State - Ohio State wins all the Big Ten games. End of story.

Connecticut (3-1) at Pittsburgh (4-1) - Seems tough.  I don't know much about either team, except that Pitt should have a good D because the Steelers have a good D right?  I really don't know much.

Kansas St. (3-2) at Texas Tech (3-2) - TTech and K-State have both let me down.  They lost Potts to injury, so lets go with K-State.  Now watch the backup throw for 800 yards and 9 TDs...

Stanford (4-1) at Oregon St. (3-2) - I officially am no longer a Beaver fan in the slightest.  They can lose their bowl game even if they are playing LSU for all I care.  I have gotten them wrong 5 weeks out of 5 I think.

#1 Florida at #4 LSU - For fun I'll pick LSU, just because Florida is annoying and Timmy Tebow needs to get thrown off his media high horse.  Should be a good game in any case.

Michigan (4-1) at #12 Iowa - Iowa is not as good as people think they are.  Michigan is the Team of the Comeback!  A miracle to finish this one.

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Posted on: October 7, 2009 5:51 pm
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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6


#21 Nebraska at #24 Missouri- I'll take Nebraska. They played a great game vs. VT on the road already. Missouri Im still not sold is "moving on" without Daneils, Macklin.


#17 Auburn at Arkansas (2-2)- Im gonna take the Hogs. Its at home and Auburn is definately a good football team which i doubted prior to last week, but the Hogs should be able to win what I think will be a shootout.

Boston College (4-1) at #5 Virginia Tech- VT. Easiest pick of the week. Plus, Clemson needs BC to lose here if we still want a shot at the Atlantic.

Iowa St. (3-2) at #16 Kansas- Kansas. At home, better team and Iowa St. screwed me last week.

#3 Alabama at #20 Mississippi- Bama. How can I pick against a team I call the best in the country. Wouldn't be good for business.

#13 Oregon at UCLA (3-1)- Screw You-C-L-A. I've been wrong on them everytime they've been in this so far. Ducks win.

Wisconsin (5-0) at #9 Ohio State- Bukeyes. Need this one just to calm the wave at Tressel. I think Wisconsin isn't as good as the 5-0 says.

Connecticut (3-1) at Pittsburgh (4-1)- Uconn. One unfortunate hold in the endzone from maybe being 4-0. They're good.

Kansas St. (3-2) at Texas Tech (3-2)- Texas Tech. They should hang about 60 in this one.

Stanford (4-1) at Oregon St. (3-2)- Stanford. See UCLA and Iowa St. Haven't got Oregon St. right yet. Standford's playing for a chance to win the PAC-10.

#1 Florida at #4 LSU- In picking LSU. Death Valleys a tough place to play anytime, but especially at night. Pretty sure this is a night game. Plus, I hate Florida so I wanna be able to root for LSU. Honestly, think Florida wins but I'll take LSU. 

Michigan (4-1) at #12 Iowa- Iowa. Game they have to win if they want a shot at the Big Ten Title. I've been calling Michigan frauds for months.

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Posted on: October 7, 2009 1:05 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6


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Posted on: October 6, 2009 1:11 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6


#21 Nebraska at #24 Missouri ... #21 Nebraska


Boston College (4-1) at #5 Virginia Tech ... #5 Virginia Tech

Iowa St. (3-2) at #16 Kansas ... #16 Kansas

#3 Alabama at #20 Mississippi ... #3 Alabama

#13 Oregon at UCLA (3-1) ... Oregon

Wisconsin (5-0) at #9 Ohio State ... #9 Ohio State

Connecticut (3-1) at Pittsburgh (4-1) ... Connecticut (3-1)

#17 Auburn at Arkansas (2-2)  ... #17 Auburn

Kansas St. (3-2) at Texas Tech (3-2)  ... Texas Tech

Stanford (4-1) at Oregon St. (3-2) ... Stanford (4-1)

#1 Florida at #4 LSU  ... #1 Florida

Michigan (4-1) at #12 Iowa ... #12 Iowa

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Posted on: October 6, 2009 12:59 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6


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Posted on: October 6, 2009 12:53 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 6


#21 Nebraska at #24 Missouri


Boston College (4-1) at #5 Virginia Tech

Iowa St. (3-2) at #16 Kansas

#3 Alabama at #20 Mississippi

#13 Oregon at UCLA (3-1)

Wisconsin (5-0) at #9 Ohio State

Connecticut (3-1) at Pittsburgh (4-1)

#17 Auburn at Arkansas (2-2)

Kansas St. (3-2) at Texas Tech (3-2)

Stanford (4-1) at Oregon St. (3-2)

#1 Florida at #4 LSU

Michigan (4-1) at #12 Iowa

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