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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7

Posted on: October 12, 2009 2:44 am
Edited on: October 18, 2009 6:23 pm

Alright here's how this is going to go. I'll come up with 12 games of interest every week for you all to choose from. You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the thread, whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with. I try to pick games between teams in the top 25, or in the other's recieving votes but then I move to teams with winning records then .500 records, and all teams are FBS.

Anybody is welcome to join in at any time, dont worry about missing a week if you decide to join late.

Good Luck!


This week's games:

(Rankings Reflect AP rankings)


#8 Cincinnati at #21  South Florida 34-17


Pittsburgh (5-1) at Rutgers (4-1) 24-17


#20 Oklahoma at #3  Texas 13-16

#11 Iowa at Wisconsin (5-1) 20-10

California (3-3) at  UCLA (3-2) 45-26

Texas Tech (4-2) at #15 Nebraska 31-10

N.C. State (3-3)  at Boston College (4-2) 20-52

#4 Virginia Tech at #19 Georgia Tech 23-28

Texas A&M (3-2) at Kansas State (3-3) 14-62

Stanford (4-2) at Arizona (3-2) 38-43

Missouri (4-1) at #16 Oklahoma St. 17-33

Washington (3-3) at  Arizona State (3-2) 17-24

My Picks :    4-8

Alright neither team has really played anybody. Yes USF beat Florida St. but what exactly is Florida St. right now? Not good if you ask me. Cinci's best win is against Oregon St. Another confusing team. It took 5 interceptions from Paulus for USF to beat them by 14 so I think I'll take my chances with Pike although a USF win wouldnt shock me with their defense.

They lost Pike and kept right on rolling Smile

Rutgers got raped and pillaged by cinci, but that was week one so throw it out. Their best win is against Maryland. Pitt's loss was to NC State on the road by one TD, and this game here is on the road at Rutgers. Like the first game in the pick em, Rutgers got 5 turnovers in that Maryland game. Pitt takes better care of the ball and is a better team than Maryland. they win.

That little freshman running back is a stud. Thank you lewis for the W Smile

Alright this one could be huge. Texas has not looked like we expected them to look but in one game (UTEP) that is why alabama jumped them in the polls, even this messed up politcal system we have recognizes their weaknesses. Trailing to the likes of Wyoming and Colorado. Now they went on to rout those teams but that was more on the intimidation factor after they came back into those games. Oklahoma isnt scared. you know what. To hell with it, I was going to be safe and go with Texas but I think I'm taking the Sooners. The D can force some turnovers and Bradford will avoid turning it over.

Damn bradford and his inability to fall like an athelete! OU wins if he stays healthy

Neither team really impresses me on paper, yes Iowa beat Penn St. but they just seem to have thier number for some reason. Close games against the likes of Northern Iowa, Arkansas State and Michigan. Wisconsin against michigan state and minnesotta . .. why not, Upset!

Well they went up 10-0 but then Iowa took over

With Cal I question their manhood. They seem to get down and then just roll over and take their beating (see USC and Oregon games). Both teams come in with 2 straight losses looking to turn it around. Cal managed just a field goal in their last two contests and have had 2 weeks to think about it. I think they explode on UCLA and Jahvid Best saves my college fantasy team :X

Well Cal won and Best saved my fantasy team Laughing

Texas Tech on the road against good teams 0-2. Also the only two games where they didnt break 30.

Well they broke 30 . . . and they won

These two teams are pretty evenly matched. Both were blown out in their last games. BC understandably by Vtech, NC state not so much so by Duke . . . naturally this tells you to go with BC but the ACC makes no sense so Wolfpack it is.

Holy doo doo. BC put up 52, are you kidding me . . .

The Georgia Tech D offers little resistance out there. VT and no hesitation with this on my part.

Awesome . . . ACC continues to F with me

The A&M offense is just going to be too much for this Kansas state team that allowed 66 (no not the route) to Texas Tech last week.

Allow 66 one week . . . score 62 the next, who the hell saw that coming

Stanford let me down last week but the good teams wont do that twice. They have been fairly consistent this year as opposed to other teams. If Arizona lives up to what they've been this year it should be a close game but Stanford pulls it out in the end.

Well it was close . . . only problem is Arizona scored 14 unanswered in the 4th

Alright Missouri has only played one team worth anything and that was Nebraska last week in their only loss. They let the likes of Bowling Green and Nevada hang with them. Missouri has an offense and OK state may have showed some weakness last week against A&M but I think they right the ship here and take care of business against Mizzou. Yaaaay!!! I picked a home team! lol

Wow, thought for sure I had picked Mizzou. alright this game isnt over yet . . .and it just ended. Thank you Smile

I fell into the trap of thinking Arizona State was good because they hung with Georgia . . . bad thinking. They beat Washington state in what looked like an actual game. Not good. Washington it is.

That had to be the worst defensive play in the history of football on that game winning catch . . .


ramblinon ------------- 7-5


cubansajoke ---------- 8-4

LAwish------------- ---- 6-6

Scott-24------------- -- 7-5
valencourt ------------ - 7-5

nate75--------------- -- 9-3

wildcatsfan 1---------- 8-4

Bradman125 ---------- 8-4

Gameday_101 -------- - 7-5

French Embassy----- -- 6-6

WI Deer Hunter ------- 8-4

Broncos #7 ------------ 9-3
meuse2win------------ 8-4

Hurricane Alum------- 5-7

mmagettepack ------- 7-5

The Law Dude --------- 7-5

redwingsNSK---------- 9-3

BlueDevilBob ---------- 6-6

SportsJunkie76 ------- 6-6

TexYat----------------- NA 6-6

MajorMetsFan ---------


JobaTheDrunk-------- -  

Bigg John Studd -------

Silversword551 --------

hawks fan --------------


Points. S/N (weeks participated)

56. Broncos #7 (7)

54. IU Dave Returns (7), valencourt (7), meuse2win (7)

53. Scott-24 (7)

52. The Law Dude (7)

51. Gameday_101 (7), WI Deer Hunter (7)

50. nate75 (7), Bradman125 (7), redwingsNSK (7)

49. cubansajoke (7), wildcatsfan 1 (7)

47.  ramblinon (7), mmagettepack (7)

46. French Embassy (7), Hurricane Alum (7)

43.  Coach Bib13 (7), LAwish (7)

38. SportsJunkie76 (5)

37. BlueDevilBob (6) 

25. MajorMetsFan (4)

20. TexYat (3)

7. Madtanker (1)

6. Silversword551 (1)

4. hawks fan (1), BiggJohnStudd (1)

3. JobaTheDrunk (1)

Per week Avg. Broncos #7 (8)

Bib's Pick 'em Winners

Bib's College Football Pick 'em: Overall - Fresh LA Style and Drookabeeyacht, Per Week Average- Phanaholic

Bib's Bowl Pick 'em: Wingnut 4life

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Posted on: October 15, 2009 3:50 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7

#8 Cincinnati at #21  South Florida - USF has beaten nobody becuase what is Florida State?, and Cincy beat Oregon State.  Cincy steps up for the Big East.

Pittsburgh (5-1) at Rutgers (4-1) - Pitt has not let me down so far.  I'll stick with them.

#20 Oklahoma at #3  Texas - Oklahoma would love to shock everyone and beat Texas.  But I'll play it safe.

#11 Iowa at Wisconsin (5-1) - Okay enough picking against Iowa.  I picked Iowa to lose for 3 weeks in a row and that has always failed.

California (3-3) at  UCLA (3-2) - Cal is not a good road team at all, actually, not a good team in general.  UCLA has enough to beat the defeated Cal team.

Texas Tech (4-2) at #15 Nebraska - Picking against Nebraska has not worked well for me either.  No more mistakes.

N.C. State (3-3)  at Boston College (4-2) - Okay both of these teams suck.  This game is only here because they have winning records. 

#4 Virginia Tech at #19 Georgia Tech - VT and GT both have been faithful to me.  This breaks my heart to pick against one of them.  But VT wins.

Texas A&M (3-2) at Kansas State (3-3) - Both of these teams are horrible.  There are better games out there than these with losing records.  Only positive about the 'no losing records' rule is that no more Florida State.

Stanford (4-2) at Arizona (3-2) - Zona is just not that good.  Stanford easily wins.

Missouri (4-1) at #16 Oklahoma St. - So tempting to pick Mizzou.  But they burned me last week so no more fooling around.

Washington (3-3) at  Arizona State (3-2) - AZ State is not good either.  Desert teams aren't that great, people don't pick them!

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Posted on: October 15, 2009 1:04 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7

#8 Cincinnati at #21  South Florida

Pittsburgh (5-1) at Rutgers (4-1)

#20 Oklahoma at # Texas

#11 Iowa at Wisconsin (5-1)

California (3-3) at  UCLA (3-2)

Texas Tech (4-2) at #15 Nebraska

N.C. State (3-3)  at Boston College (4-2)

#4 Virginia Tech at #19 Georgia Tech UPSET BABY!

Texas A&M (3-2) at Kansas State (3-3)

Stanford (4-2) at Arizona (3-2)

Missouri (4-1) at #16 Oklahoma St.

Washington (3-3) at  Arizona State (3-2)

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7


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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7


#8 Cincinnati at #21  South Florida ... #8 Cincinnati


Pittsburgh (5-1) at Rutgers (4-1) ... Pittsburgh (5-1)


#20 Oklahoma at #3  Texas ... #3  Texas

#11 Iowa at Wisconsin (5-1) ... #11 Iowa

California (3-3) at  UCLA (3-2) ... California (3-3)

Texas Tech (4-2) at #15 Nebraska ... #15 Nebraska

N.C. State (3-3)  at Boston College (4-2) ... Boston College (4-2)

#4 Virginia Tech at #19 Georgia Tech ... #4 Virginia Tech

Texas A&M (3-2) at Kansas State (3-3) ...  Kansas State (3-3)

Stanford (4-2) at Arizona (3-2) ... Stanford (4-2)

Missouri (4-1) at #16 Oklahoma St. ... #16 Oklahoma St.

Washington (3-3) at  Arizona  ... Washington (3-3)

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7

Ramblinon and bluedevil are retards!


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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7







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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7


#8 Cincinnati at #21  South Florida- I'll take Cincy in this one. Not sure how long USF can succeed with the backup as the starter. At some point M.G's absence hurts them. I'll say it starts here.


Pittsburgh (5-1) at Rutgers (4-1)- Pitt's rolling. Rutgers has recovered from a disastrous start but I'll take the Panthers to get Wanny another W.


#20 Oklahoma at #3  Texas- Tough game. If Bradford's ok then this goes back to almost a toss-up. I think Texas is fueled by the screw-job they got handed last year. They might lose before the years over but no way they let Oklahoma do it to them again.

#11 Iowa at Wisconsin (5-1)- I think Iowa's bound to lose. Question is am I willing to say it's here or at Ohio St. Something tells me I'm going to regret this but give me the Hawkeyes.

California (3-3) at  UCLA (3-2)- I'll take Cal. They're falling apart but now that there's no pressure and they're out of every race (NC and PAC-10), they should settle down and play well here.

Texas Tech (4-2) at #15 Nebraska- Nebraska. I think they will give up some points, but they're the better team and at home.

N.C. State (3-3)  at Boston College (4-2)- BC will win but I need N.C State to for Clemson to pickup ground if we win. But I don't see the Eagles losing at home after the beatdown VT gave them.

#4 Virginia Tech at #19 Georgia Tech- This has trap written all over it. VT is slowly climbing back into the NC picture and a win here could lock up the Coastal for them as they'd basically have a 2 game lead on Miami and GT. I'll take the Hokies to win realizing the importance of this game.

Texas A&M (3-2) at Kansas State (3-3)- Two bad teams. Can I just flip a coin? Give me A&M.

Stanford (4-2) at Arizona (3-2)- God what is it with you and these PAC-10 middle of the road games? They kill me every week. My gut says take Zona' but my guts been wrong every week in these games. Nonetheless can't turn my back on the UofA. Give me Arizona.

Missouri (4-1) at #16 Oklahoma St.- I'll take OSU. Missouri is coming back to life I think. They're not a program yet who can overcome the losses of two major college football stars.

Washington (3-3) at  Arizona State (3-2)- Yuck. Another one. Give me the Huskies for no other reason than I dont trust ASU anymore.

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 7

#8  Cincinnati at #21  South Florida-- Cincinnati


 Pittsburgh (5-1) at  Rutgers (4-1)--Rutgers


#20  Oklahoma at #3  Texas-- Oklahoma

#11  Iowa at  Wisconsin (5-1)---Iowa

 California (3-3) at  UCLA (3-2)--- California

 Texas Tech (4-2) at #15  Nebraska-- Texas Tech

 N.C. State (3-3)  at  Boston College (4-2)-- Boston College

#4  Virginia Tech at #19  Georgia Tech-- V Tech

 Texas A&M (3-2) at  Kansas State (3-3)-- Kansas State

 Stanford (4-2) at  Arizona (3-2)-- Stanford

 Missouri (4-1) at #16  Oklahoma St.-- Missouri

 Washington (3-3) at  Arizona State (3-2)-- ASU

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