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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11

Posted on: November 9, 2009 2:45 pm
Edited on: November 16, 2009 12:05 pm

Alright here's how this is going to go. I'll come up with 12 games of interest every week for you all to choose from. You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the thread, whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with. I try to pick games between teams in the top 25, or in the other's recieving votes but then I move to teams with winning records then .500 records, and all teams are FBS.

Anybody is welcome to join in at any time, dont worry about missing a week if you decide to join late.

Good Luck!


This week's games:

(Rankings Reflect BCS rankings)


#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2) 0-31


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati 21-24


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3) 17-42

Stanford (6-3) at #5 USC 55-21

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3) 24-33

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3) 14-52

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4) 24-31

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4) 10-65

#16 Utah at #4 TCU 28-55

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St 17-24

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh 22-27

#17 Arizona at California (6-3) 16-24

My Picks :  7-5

incase anybody notices. yes, i put this up at 9:15 at which time the game is 10-0 rutgers but to qualify, and I wouldnt lie. before logging onto the website, knowing the game had started I said that i would pick a winner incase i saw the score. because i did want to do some research still. I chose rutgers because USF has sucked in conference play, and then when i went to do research i saw the score so i just stuck with it. I did like that rutgers had a much more impressive showing against Pitt though.

alright . . . i didnt see a second of the game but I do remember the bulls saying something about some revenge lol. so then they go out and get shut out.

  I was going to go with WV with the feeling that Cinci cant keep rolling like this and the whole Pike-Collaros thing would be a distraction. but WV will be without Devine and their QB in this one. Just too much to overcome

I see devine ended up playing but it wasnt enough obviously

both teams coming off of games against cupcakes. Ole miss has 3 losses. 2 on the road and one against Bama. another toss-up game but the vols also lost 3 important players

One thing that has been consistent for the Vols is thier defense. Not today . . .

it's probably important to note that all 3 of Stanford's losses are on the road and both of USC's losses are also on the road. USC is the home team but on paper these two teams are evenly matched . . . the only reason you'd pick USC ahead of them is because they're USC. They followed up a horrible game against Oregon with a bad game against AZ state.

Can you all please climb off of USC's junk now . . .

  The Heels D has been solid for most of the season. it's the offense that has been inconsistent. Miami has been held under 20 just once (loss to virginia tech, who UNC beat 2 weeks ago) I think Miami just has a little bit too much offense for the heels. Home field advantage? no, 2 of the heels 3 losses are at home (one to virginia)

I knew I was going to get this wrong . . . i think i have yet to correctly predict the outcome of a UNC game

Should be a heck of a game but Nevada's offense with 3 games of 60+ points is just ridiculous and hard to ignore. Add that it's a huge conference game at home and voila

Wow, Nevada just dominated lol

I honestly dont know what georgia looks like anymore but apparently it's not good, I think that after losing 3 in a row Auburn is back on an up-tick and get it done

Well Auburn started out looking like a winner . . .

well I messed up and opened another page over this one while I was doing the picks so I dont have time for an analysis here. I think i had said something about A&M not being bad on the road necessarily.

The score was 14-10 when i turned away. Guess I should have kept watching

TCU had better games against every conference opponent except Air force. Good enough for me.

unanimous pick, and made it look easy

another pick I made and then erased by accident. blah blah blah, they played better against Texas and Houston

well I started strong but my picks are falling apart here at the end

Pitt is rolling, I hate having to rush my picks but I hate Notre Dame and Pitt just looks great right now, meanwhile all I hear about Notre Dame is that Weis will probably be fired . . .

Pitt was dominating . . . apparently they let Notre Dame back in but they won so yaay

Best, who would have been the X factor, is out. So the better team will win.

and just like that Oregon is the lone 1-loss Pac 10 team

Your Picks:

ramblinon ------------ 5-7


cubansajoke --------- 7-5

LAwish------------- --- 6-6

Scott-24------------- -NA 7-5

valencourt ----------- 7-5

nate75--------------- - 7-5

wildcatsfan 1--------- 6-6

Bradman125 ---------- 7-5

Gameday_101------- - 6-6

French Embassy----- 9-3

WI Deer Hunter ----- 7-5

Broncos #7 ---------- 8-4
meuse2win----------- - 6-6

Hurricane Alum----- -- 5-7

mmagettepack ------- 6-6

The Law Dude --------- - 5-7

redwingsNSK----------- 8-4

BlueDevilBob ---------- 6-6

SportsJunkie76 ------- 10-2


Bigg John Studd ------- 6-6

gato-------------------- 4-8

MajorMetsFan ---------


JobaTheDrunk-------- -  

Silversword551 --------

hawks fan --------------


Points. S/N (weeks participated)

88. valencourt (11)

86. Broncos #7 (11)

84. nate75 (11)

83. Scott-24 (11), meuse2win (11)

82. WI Deer Hunter (11)

81. redwingsNSK (11)

80. wildcatsfan 1 (11)

78. cubansajoke (11), French Embassy (11), The Law Dude (11)

76. r amblinon (11), LAwish (11)

74. Bradman125 (10), mmagettepack (11)

73.  Hurricane Alum (11)

72. SportsJunkie76 (9)

70. IU Dave Returns (9), Coach Bib13 (11)

69.  Gameday_101 (10)

55. BlueDevilBob (9)

32. TexYat (4)

30. BiggJohnStudd (5)

25. MajorMetsFan (4)

7. Madtanker (1)

6. Silversword551 (1)

4. hawks fan (1), gato(1)

3. JobaTheDrunk (1)

Per week Avg. valencourt, TexYat, and SportsJunkie76 (8)

Bib's Pick 'em Winners

Bib's College Football Pick 'em: Overall - Fresh LA Style and Drookabeeyacht, Per Week Average- Phanaholic

Bib's Bowl Pick 'em: Wingnut 4life

Bib's College Basketball Pick 'em Overall - Wingnut 4Life, Per Week Average redwingsNSK

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Posted on: November 12, 2009 4:52 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11


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Posted on: November 12, 2009 4:06 pm

Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11

This week's picks:

#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2) - South Florida, they just have better talent


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati - Cincinnati, the next coach of Natre Dame takes it too the Mountaineers


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3) - Missiissippi, Tennessee finds it difficult to focus after this week's off the field headlines  

Stanford (6-3) #5 USC - USC, USC rebounds at home

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3), North Carolina, Butch Davis beats his old team

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3), Fresno State,

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4) - Auburn, Auburn continues Georgia's down season 

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4), Oklahoma, The Sooners rebound after last week's road debacle

#16 Utah at #4 TCU, TCU, the horned frogs win a close at home.

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St, Oklahoma State, the Cowboys prove they are the second best team in the not so Big 12 

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh, Notre Dame,  Charlie Weis silences the critics for one week, on;ly because Dave Wannstedt  can never win the big game.  

#17 Arizona at California (6-3), Arizona, the widcats continue their strong season

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11


#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2)      
; Futgers


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati   This one may be close.  Bearcats


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3)   Ole Miss in a blow out.

Stanford (6-3) #5 USC   USC

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3)    The U

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3)   Nevada

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4)   Georgia

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4)   Sooners

#16 Utah at #4 TCU    TCU

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St    Okla St.

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh   Pitt

#17 Arizona at California (6-3)   Cal

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11


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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11


#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2)- I'll take USF. No real reason.


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati- Cincy. In Morgantown I'd be more worried but the BCS isn't off the hook with them yet.


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3)- Ole Miss. Not sure Tennessee can score with them.

Stanford (6-3) #5 USC- USC. Stanford threw the PAC-10 into a tailspin but doubt they have it two weeks in a row.

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3)- Miami, any slim chance they have at the ACC CG they have to win this week.

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3)- Fresno St. They got in done for me last week. I'll return the favor.

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4)- Georgia. Auburn's not 7-3 good and Georgia's not 5-4 bad. Plus in Athens, UGA inspires them by biting Chiznik before the game.

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4)- Sooners. Back home, they regroup and get a W. Man how far have they fallen since Week 1. 

#16 Utah at #4 TCU- TCU. They know whats at stake. Texas loses a game and this team can be chamionship bound.

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St - Cowboys. They get to 100 first.

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh- Notre Dame. After a bad loss, they may need this one to save Weis' job at the end of the season.

#17 Arizona at California (6-3)- Arizona. With Best not even a guarantee to play I don't think, I'll play it safe and take the Wildcats.

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11


#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2) ... #24 South Florida


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati ...  Cincinnati


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3) ...  Mississippi

Stanford (6-3) #5 USC ...  USC

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3) ...  Miami

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3) ... Fresno St

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4)  ... Auburn

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4) ... Texas A&M

#16 Utah at #4 TCU ... TCU

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St  ...  Oklahoma St

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh ...   Pittsburgh

#17 Arizona at California (6-3) ... California

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11

guess who's a tard and forgot to submit last week! ... me =]
Can I send um in late!?!? =]

This week:::

#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2)


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3)

Stanford (6-3) #5 USC

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3)

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3)

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4)

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4)

#16 Utah at #4 TCU

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh

#17 Arizona at California (6-3)

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Bib's College Pick 'em 2: Round 11


#24 South Florida at Rutgers (6-2)


#25 West Virginia at #5 Cincinnati


Tennessee (5-4) at Mississippi (6-3)

Stanford (6-3) #5 USC

#14 Miami at North Carolina (6-3)

Fresno St. (6-3) at Nevada (6-3)

Auburn (7-3) Georgia (5-4)

Texas A&M (5-4) at Oklahoma (5-4)

#16 Utah at #4 TCU

Texas Tech (6-3) #19 Oklahoma St

Notre Dame (6-3) at #12 Pittsburgh

#17 Arizona at California (6-3)

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