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College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Posted on: December 30, 2010 11:44 am
Edited on: January 7, 2011 3:50 am
Alright so here's how this is going to go.

I'll come up with 12 games every week. I'll have them up on Monday or Tuesday of each week. I'll only try to use teams from Major conferences or small conference teams that have a shot at being in the NCAA tourney, and I'll only choose games that are to be played on Friday - Sunday.

You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the GB10 thread, PM them to me, just get them to me. Whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with.

My thinking is that keeping up with the regular season will enhance your brackets come March.

as for the bowl pick 'em just submit your bowl picks before the game starts and you're good.

Good Luck!

This week's games:


(Rankings Reflect AP rankings and record at the begining of the week)

***Scoreboard ***

* Saturday *

Boston College (10-3) at South Carolina (8-3) Boston College: 85-70

Valparaiso (10-4) at Butler (9-4) Butler: 76-59

New Mexico (11-2) at Dayton (11-3) Dayton 76-73 2OT

#15 Notre Dame at #5 Syracuse Syracuse: 70-58

West Virginia (8-3) at Marquette (9-4) Marquette: 79-74

St. Johns (8-3) at Providence (11-3) St. Johns: 67-65


Miami (11-3) at #1 Duke Duke: 74-63

Rutgers (9-3) at #8 Villanova Villanova: 81-65

Penn State (8-4) at Michigan (10-3) Michigan: 76-69

LSU (8-6) at Virginia (8-5) Virginia: 64-50

Wisconsin (11-2) at #23 Illinois Illinois: 69-61

California (7-5) at Stanford (7-4) Stanford: 82-68

Bowls (Feel free to pick ahead)

(Rankings reflect BCS rankings)

*Dec. 30th*

Armed Forces Bowl

Army (6-6) vs. SMU (7-6) Army: 16-14

Pinstripe Bowl

Kansas State (7-5) vs. Syracuse (7-5) Syracuse: 36-34

Music City Bowl

North Carolina (7-5) vs. Tennessee (6-6) North Carolina: 30-27 OT

Holiday Bowl

#18 Nebraska vs. Washington (6-6) Washington: 19-7

*Dec. 31st*

Meineke Bowl

South Florida (7-5) vs. Clemson (6-6) South Florida: 31-26

Sun Bowl

Notre Dame (7-5) vs. Miami (FL) (7-5) Notre Dame: 33-17

Liberty Bowl

#25 UCF vs. Georgia (6-6) UCF 10-6

Chick-Fil-A Bowl

#20 South Carolina vs. #23 Florida State Florida State: 26-17

*Jan. 1st*

TicketCity Bowl

Northwestern (7-5) vs. Texas Tech (7-5) Texas Tech: 45-38

Capital One Bowl

#16 Alabama vs. #9 Michigan State Alabama: 49-7

Outback Bowl

Florida (7-5) vs. Penn State (7-5) Florida: 37-24

Gator Bowl

#21 Mississippi State vs. Michigan (7-5) Mississippi State: 52-14

Rose Bowl

#5 Wisconsin vs. #3 TCU TCU: 21-19

Fiesta Bowl

Connecticut (8-4) vs. #7 Oklahoma Oklahoma: 48-20

*Jan. 3rd*

Orange Bowl

#4 Stanford vs. #13 Virginia Tech Stanford: 40-12

*Jan. 4th*

Sugar Bowl

#6 Ohio State vs. #8 Arkansas Ohio State: 31-26

*Jan. 6th* Bowl

Middle Tennessee (6-6) vs. Miami OH (9-4)

*Jan. 7th*

Cotton Bowl

#11 LSU vs. #17 Texas A&M

*Jan. 8th*

BBVA Compass Bowl

Pittsburgh (7-5) vs. Kentucky (6-6)

*Jan. 9th*

Fight Hunger Bowl

#15 Nevada vs. Boston College (7-5)

*Jan. 10th*

BCS Championship

#2 Oregon vs. #1 Auburn

My Basketball Picks: 5-7 Yell

Should be going to the game but whatever... Evenly matched and we're the home team so. boomSurprised

Should be a good Horizon league matchup... i should probably take butler at home but why not the upset. Valpo is not afraid to put up pointsUndecided

Got to take the Lobos here. Dayton is an enigma to me. Close games to bad teams and no wins I can really call good wins.Undecided

Syracuse is undefeated but they have a lot of close gamesUndecided

Tough call.. i was gonna go with WV but Marquette being home after how they played Duke wouldnt let me...Cool

at first I thought these were both bad teams and questioned my own putting them on here but then i see that st. johns beat WV and Providence held thier own with the cuse... the latter being why i picked providenceYell

Yeah if I pick duke to lose it wont be at home against a team that lost by 16 to rutgers...Cool

Nova seems legit enough to me..Cool

Yeah Penn State scored 39 against maryland...Cool

Both teams have some horrible losses. LSU's are less horrible.Yell

Its hard for me to ever pick against Wisconsin. Just a well coached team.Yell

stanford for the hell of it Cool

Basketball Picks:

SportsJunkie76---- -- NA NA NA NA NA NA 5

ramblinon------------ 7






TexYat---------------- 6



Basketball pick standings:

(Correct picks, S/N, weeks participated)

23. EagleMtnAirtax (3)

SportsJunkie76 (3) , redwingsNSK (3)

CoachBib13 (3) , mattries37315 (3) , TexYat (3)

ramblinon (3),  wildcatsfan1 (3)

Hoosierguy1019 (2)

9. Bradman125 (1)

LilMagill2 (1)

Weekly Highs:

Week 1: EagleMtnAirtax- (10-2)

Week 2: SportsJunkie76- (9-3)

Week 3: redwingsNSK- (10-2)

My Bowl Picks: 20
(30 games played)

  Guess I'll take SMU since I have to rush my pick Undecided

Syracuses D... Cool

I dont remember anything the vols did this year...Cool

they had some stumbles but whatever... Undecided

Yeah, I picked Clemson... 0 times this year lol Cool

Just cant pick Jacorry Harris to win anything Cool

Should be a good game, I'll take UCF for the hell of it Cool

Gamecocks unanimous? really? Cry I mean you saw my doubt though lol

Neither team has a defense... but tech has a much better offense... Cool

Not the year they thought theyd have but should take care of mich state... everybody is gunning for the SEC though lol Cool

F it, I'll take Joe Pa... Undecided

Alright I'll take the defensive squad here. Michigan has no defense whatsover and offense is more likely to drop off with a long break than defense. Cool

Badgers vs TCU. This should be an awesome game... Im conflicted about who I want to win but I'll take Wisconsin. I have a hart time picking them to lose anything Undecided

almost went to do research for this game but then realized connecticut shouldnt be in a bowl game... Cool

I was pulling for Va Tech to make the BCS ever since they lost to boise but stanford is the better team here. Luck needs to cement himself as that #1 pick...Cool

didnt get the pick in but would have taken arkansas Frown

Picking the more talented team better not backfire on me like it did with nebraska...

Bowl Picks:


wildcatsfan1--------- 8  

Hoosierguy1019----- 9

LilMagill2------------- 1

ramblinon------------- 4

Meuse2Win----------- 11

EagleMtnAirtax----- - 10

redwingsNSK--------- NA 8

TexYat---------------- 8

Broncos#7--------- --- 1


Bradman125---------- 2

Bowl Pick standings:

(30 games played)

20. Coach Bib13

19. Hoosierguy1019

17. wildcatsfan1 , Meuse2Win , TexYat

16. EagleMtnAirtax

15. RedwingsNSK

14. Mattries37315

11. ramblinon

LilMagill2 , Broncos#7

7. Bradman125


Bib's Pick 'em Winners

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 3: redwingsNSK(2010)

Bib's College Bball Pick 'em 2: SportsJunkie76

Bib's Bowl Pick 'em 2: Valencourt

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 2: Overall-Valencourt. Per Week average-Valencourt (2009)

Bib's College Basketball Pick 'em:  Overall - Wingnut 4Life, Per Week Average redwingsNSK

Bib's Bowl Pick 'em: Wingnut 4life

Bib's College Football Pick 'em: Overall - Fresh LA Style and Drookabeeyacht, Per Week Average- Phanaholic

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Posted on: January 6, 2011 3:41 pm

College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Im working on the next post now.

gonna update this one through the last bowl game

then have the ones that havent been played on the next post

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College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

We've picked more than 14 Bowl Games. Aren't they all together added?

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College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Okay. Sorry about the double post. I made that comment last night and I never could see the post, so I thought I had to do it again to get my picks in.

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College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

I fell into some Sugar Bowl tickets last night. It was an interesting game. I can't believe Arkansas had a chance to win the game and blew it. Anyway, here are the rest of my bowl picks:

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Posted on: January 5, 2011 4:36 am

College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Well, I landed a couple of tickets to the Sugar Bowl and off I went. It was an interesting game. It went right down to the wire. I lost my pick, but I was very close to getting it. If Mallett doesn't throw the interception at the end of the game, Arkansas wins. Oh well. Here are my picks for the next few days:

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Posted on: January 4, 2011 12:51 pm

College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Sugarbowl pick:

Woo Pig Sooie!!!

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College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem


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Posted on: January 3, 2011 6:15 pm

College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Here are the rest of my bowl picks:

Since: Jan 24, 2008
Posted on: January 3, 2011 4:54 am

College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

meuse i caught that, i think i had two edits open and saved the wrong one when i got that post

i just now saw your post but I had changed it earlier lol

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College Bball Pick 'em: Round 3 and Bowl Pickem

Bowl pick for tomorrow:

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