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Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Posted on: August 31, 2011 1:06 am
Edited on: September 7, 2011 9:33 pm
Alright so here's how this is going to go. 

I'll come up with 12 games every week. I'll try to have them up on Monday or Tuesday of each week. I'll try to choose games between bowl caliber teams and choose the best 12 matchups I can find overall. 

You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the GB10 thread, PM them to me, just get them to me. Whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with.

Good Luck!

This week's games:

(Rankings Reflect AP rankings and record at the begining of the week)

***Scoreboard ***

* Saturday * 

 UCLA @  Houston Houston 38-34

 South Florida @ #16  Notre Dame South Florida 23-20

#5  Boise State @ #19  Georgia Boise State 35-21

 Colorado @  Hawaii Hawaii 34-17

 Minnesota @ #25  Southern Cal Southern Cal 19-17

 Northwestern @  Boston College Northwestern 24-17

 Utah State @ #23  Auburn Auburn 42-38

 Fresno State @  California California 36-21

 BYU @  Ole Miss BYU 14-13

#3  Oregon @ #4  LSU LSU 40-27


 Marshall @ #24  West Virginia West Virginia 34-13


 Miami (FL) @  Maryland Maryland 32-24

My Picks: 9-3

 I think UCLA has a shot at challenging Houston or else I wouldnt have put the game on here but UCLA had QB questions coming into the season while Keenum is one of the best in the nation. He'll take care of business at home. Cool

 As much as I hate the Irish Im not sure South Florida is anywhere near ready for them. However if Notre Dame turns the ball over and gives USF chances or keeps the score around the low 20's I could see USF stealing this one with ol Skip building that resume a litte more. USF wins with their defense. Undecided 5 ND turnovers = USF doing it with their defense

 Im going to take Boise here, just so I can talk junk to my co-worker if they win. No seriously, this is a huge opportunity for this program to pad their end of the season resume with a little meat at the beginning. Im kinda disappointed that their starting safety is being replaced by a freshman in this game with a good QB on the other side but Boise recruits like a major conference team. Im sure there wont be a huge droppoff. Cool

 I dont know a ton about these teams. I know Hawaii scores, but cant make stops.... and I know Colorado is hard to watch most of the time. lol Ill take Hawaii in a close one simply because I know they can score. Colorado could likely run on them simply because theyre bigger but I doubt theyll be that patient.  Cool

 Same as Notre Dame. As much as I hate them I cant pick against them here. Barkley is established and all that. They should get it done. Cool

 My initial choice was Northwestern with no doubt until I saw that they were going to be without their QB... BC has a solid defense. Their offenses are probably going to balance out with NW using the backup so Ill take BC to win this one at home. Undecided

 Bib did you really put this game on here??? yeah, I did. Any team with a new QB is prime to be upset in my opinion, this one in particular lost a lot on both sides of the ball. Utah State is also starting a new QB though so they balance out there. State has a great RB who missed all of last season with an injury and a seasoned O Line ready to block for him. They may be able to run on Auburn but this is a road game with new QB's. Auburn will most likely hold them off but dont be shocked if this is a game. Cool

 2 new QB's here.. Fresno is starting the younger brother of former Texans tackling dummy... i mean quarterback David Carr. fresno may have the better offense but Cal's defesnse should be stout still and this is a freshamn QB coming in against a "big boy." Although it appears Fresno fans may have similar numbers in the stands to the Cal fans Ill still take Cal. Cool

 BYU comes in here against an Ole Miss team that leaves me with a lot of Questions... BYU should be more ready for a game like this and with their Big 12 talks they cant afford to lose to an SEC bottom feeder. Cool

 I have no idea who's eligible for LSU these days. Theyre constantly in trouble. Oregon still tastes that loss to Cam Newton and Auburn last year. Theyve had all offseason to prepare to take that anger out on another SEC opponent. I dont like that QB for LSU anyway, I dont think he can hang if Oregon breaks 30 points... and they most likely will. Sealed

 Marshall almost pulled this upset last year... that said I doubt WV sleeps on them this time. They should take away any doubt early. Cool

 Ill take the Terps and their new overdone uniforms... Miami is. I mean, they... lol. They should be plenty distracted today. Sure the game takes a lot of that away but if they get down that stuff will come back. Maryland is always competitive despite how their roster looks. I cant explain it but they always manage to beat teams they shouldnt every year. If youre new to this. Ill tell you now that the ACC is my least favorite conference to pick. Cool

Your Picks:

texans101------            7-5

LilMagill2--------            8-4

ramblinon-------            5-7

valencourt------             7-5

mattries37315--            9-3

meuse2win------            6-6 

wildcatsfan1-----            10-2

Broncos #7------            9-3

TexYat-----------            8-4

redwingsNSK----            8-4

hoosierguy1019-  2-0

Pick standings:

(Total correct picks- name - weeks participated)

10: wildcatsfan1 (1)

9: Coach Bib13 (1), mattries37315 (1), Broncos #7 (1)

8: LilMagill2 (1), TexYat (1), redwingsNSK (1)

7: texans101 (1), valencourt (1)

6: meuse2win (1)

5: ramblinon (1), 

2: hoosierguy1019* (1)

*- 10 picks not made

Weekly Highs:

 Week 1 - wildcatsfan1: 10-2

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Posted on: September 9, 2011 10:44 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

I can't even count.  Things get a little dicey when I have to go beyond my fingers.  lol  Make that 10-2 for wildcatsfan1.

Since: Feb 22, 2010
Posted on: September 6, 2011 10:00 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Nice job wildcatsfan1.  9-2.  Impressive.

Since: Jan 24, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2011 9:23 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1


thanks lol

Since: Dec 2, 2007
Posted on: September 4, 2011 8:07 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

You were doing too well. We had to impose a one game penalty. LOL!

Since: Feb 26, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2011 6:58 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Hey Bib, just noticed that you have me down for UCLA when I picked Houston.

Since: Jan 24, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2011 3:47 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Haha, theres always one...

Since: Jan 17, 2008
Posted on: September 4, 2011 2:24 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Ehhh I missed it.



If it counts for anything...

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Posted on: September 3, 2011 11:39 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1


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Posted on: September 3, 2011 2:06 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Hello everyone!!!

Here are my picks:






Good luck all!!!

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Posted on: September 1, 2011 8:14 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 1

Notre Dame
Fresno St.
West Virginia

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