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Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

Posted on: October 4, 2011 11:26 pm
Edited on: October 11, 2011 9:46 pm
Alright so here's how this is going to go. 

I'll come up with 12 games every week. I'll try to have them up on Monday or Tuesday of each week. I'll try to choose games between bowl caliber teams and choose the best 12 matchups I can find overall. 

You'll pick the winners and post them here or on the GB10 thread, PM them to me, just get them to me. Whether you post them here or not, I will add them to the blog to make them easy to keep up with.

Good Luck!

This week's games:

(Rankings Reflect AP rankings and record at the begining of the week)


* Saturday * 

#3  Oklahoma @ #11  Texas Oklahoma 55-17

#23  Florida State @  Wake Forest (3-1) Wake Forest 35-30

 Pittsburgh (3-2) @  Rutgers (3-1) Rutgers 34-10

#22  Arizona State @  Utah (2-2) Arizona State 35-14

 Air Force (3-1) @  Notre Dame (3-2) Notre Dame 59-33

 Iowa (3-1) @  Penn State (4-1) Penn State 13-3

#17  Florida @ #1  LSU LSU 41-11

#24  Texas A&M @  Texas Tech (4-0) Texas A&M 45-40

 Georgia (3-2) @  Tennessee (3-1) Georgia 20-12

#15  Auburn @ #10  Arkansas Arkansas 38-14

 Iowa State (3-1) @ #25  Baylor Baylor 49-26

 Ohio State (3-2) @ #14  Nebraska Nebraska 34-27

My Picks: 9-3

 You have no idea how bad my idiocy wants me to pick Texas. Fact is they have yet to play a team with an offense... and uh Oklahoma has quite the offense. Colt's little brother will not be able to outshoot Landry. I will temper it though and say Oklahoma wins 35ish to 21ish.. 

 Sorry Wake... it appears its unanimous... you beat NC state and BC... and barely.... nobody believes you. 

 Ugly game, I know but hey its for Big East Supremacy! yeah I didnt bite on that either.... Pitt is the better team easily. All of Rutgers' games have been close to this point though. 

 Utah's really got up for BYU apparently because that was the last time that team was seen. AZ State is as just-above-average as just above average gets but I dont think Utah packs enough of a punch when they arent playing a rival to handle AZ state. 

 Putting my infatuation with the armed forces academies aside to pick the Irish here... somewhere along the line they became a defensive team. Who knew. 

 I think Iowa has JUST enough offense to get this done... 

 Ah now I struggled deciding if I was going to go with the upset here... two pretty evenly matched defenses... Florida better offensively but their QB has been more mistake prone than LSUs... LSU is at home. I think Florida pulls this off. I want them to because i hate LSU. If they dont i wont mind because I kinda want my Gamecocks to win the East lol. I wish i had more reasoning for everybody else picking LSU. Alright I wasnt paying attention to the Florida QB situation... pick changed to LSU lol 2:30 Eastern

 Poor A&M, barely losing to two top teams has got to suck... They should have a field day against the Tech D. I could see them taking out their frustrations on them. Or... falling flat on their faces. Obviously hopin for the former. 

 I had high hopes for Tennessee... looks like the Dawgs win this one. not a better QB but SEC is about defense and running backs... Georgia wins both categories. 

 Allow me to pretend last week didnt happen. No reason for my Gamecocks to lose to Auburn... too much throwing, not enough Lattimore. Anyway. Go Hogs. 

 Ill admit I let bias make me go against the laws of football and it got me the L on K state-Baylor but whatever. I dont see Iowa state having enough of anything to beat Baylor. Especially at home coming off of a dissappointing loss. 

 Nebraska is highly overrated... theyve been huge disappointments. That said Im not sure Ohio State has enough offense. Their defense could make it interesting but Im not sure the O can get it done. Id be more inclined to take them if they were at home but they arent. Nebraska it is. 

Your Picks:

texans101------            6-6

LilMagill2--------            9-3

ramblinon-------            9-3

valencourt-------            8-4

mattries37315--            9-3

meuse2win------            9-3


Broncos #7------            8-4

TexYat-----------            10-2

redwingsNSK-----            10-2

hoosierguy1019-,,,,,,,,,,, 9-3

SportsJunkie76--            10-2

EagleMtnAirtax--            8-4

Bradman125----            8-4

Koufax32--------            8-4

Pick standings:

(Total correct picks- name - weeks participated)

49. redwingsNSK (6)

47. Broncos #7 (6), TexYat (6)

46. valencourt (6)

45. ramblinon (6), mattries37315 (6)

44. SportsJunkie76 (5)

43. Coach Bib13 (6), meuse2win (6)

42. LilMagill2 (5)

41. hoosierguy1019 (5)

36. texans101 (6)

27. EagleMTNAirtax (4)

16. Koufax32 (2)

14. Bradman125 (2)

10: wildcatsfan1 (1)

9: Satchell Paige (1) 

Weekly Highs:

*week - name: (record) [weekly average]*

Week 1 - wildcatsfan1: (10-2) [8.6]

Week 2 - SportsJunkie76 (11-1) [8.5]

Week 3 - valencourt (10-2) [8]

Week 4 - ramblinon (9-3) [6.786]

Week 5 - Koufax32 (8-4) [5.923]

Week 6 - SportsJunkie76, redwingsNSK, and TexYat (10-2) [8.667]

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Posted on: October 8, 2011 12:24 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

Picks have gotten worse each week if you look at the weekly averages I added lol

I think theyll go back up soon

Im looking to be around 7 I think 

Since: Sep 18, 2007
Posted on: October 7, 2011 4:53 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

I'm putting less effort now, after that 3-9 week, I think that's a sign my prognosticator is busted.

Florida State
Air Force
Penn State
Texas Tech

Since: Dec 2, 2007
Posted on: October 7, 2011 2:55 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

Since: Feb 26, 2008
Posted on: October 6, 2011 8:02 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6


- The Sooners aren't hitting on all cylinders yet, but I have a feeling that'll change against the Longhorns.

- The Demon Deacons are surprising this year, might even make a bowl game, however the Seminoles have had an extra week to prepare and are stinging from the Clemson game. 

- I almost went with the Scarlett Knights, but I didn't look at who they played and last week's thrashing of USF is still in my mind so I'm going with Pitt. 

- The Utes got crushed at home by the surprising Huskies while the Sun Devils had a bye after trouncing the Trojans, going with ASU.

- The Falcons beat a good Navy team, after letting them come back, the problem for them is they're facing a hot Irish team hitting that is playing up to their talent.  The Domers. 

- A toss up game that goes to the home team.

- Did the Gators have a chance with Brantley? No.  Do they have a chance now? Only if the devil is in a snowball fight come Saturday.

- I'm taking the Aggies for a third week in a row, don't know why but I have a feeling the Red Raiders are going to wish either the Cowboys or the Razorbacks hadn't of come back on A&M.

- The Chattanooga Time Free Press has Georgia beat writer, he's picking the I'm picking the Vols. 

- Both teams are coming off big wins away from home, I think the match-ups favor the Razorbacks so I'm going with the Hogs.

- The Bears have better talent and are at home, so I see them bouncing back better than the Cyclones.

- The Cornhuskers got stomped, the Buckeyes look dreadful, the Cornhuskers have a lot of talent, the Buckeyes are on the road...Nebraska gets its first Big Ten victory.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 5:40 pm

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

Should be a good weekend. I can't wait for my Tigers to dismantle the newbie QB for Florida. Just wish it was a night game.

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 11:20 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

Oklahoma.....the better team doesn't always win this game, but I say it does this year.

Bobby Bowden takes time off from shooting commercials to see his former team win. 

No one likes to admit they're from New Jersey.  Rutgers is NJ's primary state university.  Princeton was orinally called College of NJ.  What?  Oh, the game.  Rutgers loses.

ASU....Utah surprised me earlier in the year by beating BYU.  I hope they don't surprise me again.

The Domer chubby continues to grow.

Iowa....Neither team has come close to matching their pre-season hype. 

LSU........Alabama then LSU.  Damn, that's a brutal back-to-back for the Gators.

Mike Leach's orphaned players

Georgia.......Mark Richt saving his job

Arkansas.....Bobby Petrino may suck as an NFL coach, but he knows how to coach at the college level.

Baylor.......I still can't believe the way Baylor lost to Kansas St last week.  Bill Synder must have made a pact with the Devil.

Nebraska.........a lesson in humility for Buckeye fans this season.  Couldn't happen to a nice group of people.  Cool

Since: Jan 10, 2008
Posted on: October 6, 2011 3:09 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

#3  Oklahoma @ #11  Texas - Oklahoma

#23  Florida State @  Wake Forest (3-1)  - Florida State

 Pittsburgh (3-2) @  Rutgers (3-1) - Rutgers

#22  Arizona State @  Utah (2-2) - Utah

 Air Force (3-1) @  Notre Dame (3-2) - Notre Dame

 Iowa (3-1) @  Penn State (4-1) - Penn State

#17  Florida @ #1  LSU - LSU

#24  Texas A&M @  Texas Tech (4-0) - Texas A&M

 Georgia (3-2) @  Tennessee (3-1) - Georgia

#15  Auburn @ #10  Arkansas - Arkansas

 Iowa State (3-1) @ #25  Baylor - Iowa State

 Ohio State (3-2) @ #14  Nebraska - Nebraska

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Posted on: October 6, 2011 12:39 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6

in trying for consistency, I should be 6-6 again with these picks.

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Posted on: October 5, 2011 11:31 am

Bib's College Football Pick 'em 4: Week 6


#3  Oklahoma @ #11  Texas

#23  Florida State @  Wake Forest (3-1) 

 Pittsburgh (3-2) @  Rutgers (3-1) 

#22  Arizona State @  Utah (2-2) 

 Air Force (3-1) @  Notre Dame (3-2) 

 Iowa (3-1) @  Penn State (4-1) 

#17  Florida @ #1  LSU

#24  Texas A&M @  Texas Tech (4-0)

 Georgia (3-2) @  Tennessee (3-1) 

#15  Auburn @ #10  Arkansas

 Iowa State (3-1) @ #25  Baylor

 Ohio State (3-2) @ #14  Nebraska

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