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Week 3 Power Rankings

Posted on: September 29, 2009 1:09 pm
1. Baltimore Ravens (3-0) – Joe Flacco looked fantastic, albeit against a terrible Cleveland team.

2. New York Giants (3-0) – They beat up on Tampa Bay better than I expected them to.

3. New Orleans Saints (3-0) – Drew Brees has an off day? It doesn’t matter, the Saints played great defense and ran all over Buffalo.

4. Indianapolis Colts (3-0) – Peyton Manning is unstoppable and on pace for his 4th MVP award.

5. New York Jets (3-0) – They got a little lucky on special teams but I bumped them up because their win over New England looks more impressive now.

6. Minnesota Vikings (3-0) – Great throw by Favre to win the game but they were lucky Dre Bly dropped an easy pick-6.

7. New England Patriots (2-1) – The defense really stepped up against a good Falcons offense and Tom Brady looked good.

8. San Francisco 49ers (2-1) – Basically did everything but win at a good Minnesota team without their best offensive player.

9. Atlanta Falcons (2-1) – Their wins are not looking that impressive right about now so I am hesitant to put them this high.

10. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1) – I never thought I would have them in the top 10 but beating the Packers and Steelers, and losing on a fluke to the Broncos, earned by respect.

11. Green Bay Packers (2-1) – The offense finally looked good but I wouldn’t get too excited yet, it was against the Rams.

12. San Diego Chargers (2-1) – Philip Rivers is an elite quarterback and their defense is solid but they need to get a running game going.

13. Chicago Bears (2-1) – After an awful week one, Jay Cutler has 5 TDs to 1 pick, 240 yards per game, and is completing over 70% of his passes.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) – Beating up on the Chiefs, even without McNabb, does not prove anything in by book.

15. Dallas Cowboys (2-1) – Looked good against two bad teams but they need to do it against someone halfway decent.

16. Pittsburgh (1-2) – I refuse to drop them out of the top half even though they barely beat an 0-3 team and lost to the two good teams they faced, they were close games.

17. Denver Broncos (3-0) – I would be surprised if they win even 1 game in the next 5 weeks but they are undefeated right now.

18. Houston Texans (1-2) – The Jags had a few lucky breaks and one big play which allowed them to squeeze out a victory, the Texans outplayed them.

19. Arizona Cardinals (1-2) – A week after looking so good they played like crap and couldn’t even run on a soft Colt’s run defense.

20. Miami Dolphins (0-3) – I think their winless record is more because of the quality of their opponents than anything else.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2) – The running game kind of got going against Houston but their pass defense is still a joke.

22. Buffalo Bills (1-2) – Their defense shut down Brees but got gnashed in the running game and their offense did nothing.

23. Tennessee Titans (0-3) – I feel like they would have beaten the Jets if their returners could hold onto the ball but they didn’t.

24. Seattle Seahawks (1-2) – If Hasselbeck was healthy then they might have beaten the Bears on Sunday.

25. Carolina Panthers (0-3) – They really have too much talent, especially on offense, to be this low. Delhomme needs to step it up.

26. Detroit Lions (1-2) – lolskins

27. Washington Redkins (1-2) – See above.

28. Oakland Raiders (1-2) – JaMarcus Russell is completing 40% of his passes with 1 TD to 4 interceptions.

29. Kansas City Chiefs (1-2) – It looks like paying Matt Cassell that much money was a good idea.

30. St. Louis Rams (0-3) – They actually put up a fight this week and Steven Jackson is playing well.

31. Cleveland Browns (0-3) – Awful, awful offense supported by an awful defense. Not a good combo.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3) – These bottom three are interchangeable, really.

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