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Week 11 @ Green Bay Breakdown

Posted on: November 23, 2009 10:14 am

I don't even know how to fill up space with a summary because what needs to be said can be said so simply.  We were completely outcoached, for the millionth time it seems, on both sides of the ball.  That is it.


Some 49er fans seem to think that Alex Smith played extremely poorly yesterday but that is just not true.  No quarterback would have been able to do anything in the first half yesterday.  Dom Capers seemed to know exactly what Jimmy Raye was thinking on every play, so he of course had something to stop it, the offensive line was awful, and the receivers did not create any separation.  That is a recipe for poor quarterback play and that is what happened.  When Smith actually had a chance to get rid of the ball once the 49ers switched to the shotgun, he played well.  Even then the receivers were still not getting open but Smith made some good throws, including the touchdown to Davis.  Even Smith's interception was clearly Davis' fault.  At first glance, I thought that Davis cut in and that is why the ball was intercepted but after watching it over and over I realized that even though he did cut inside, the ball was still catchable but he ducked it.

Why Frank Gore only got 10 touches, I will never know.  Even when the game was close, Raye thought it was smarter to run that stupid screen to Crabtree that has not worked at all this year.  Gore is our best player on offense, and it isn't even close, and yet you only give him 7 carries?  What the **** is wrong with Raye?

Vernon Davis was pretty much invisible for the entire first half, I seriously thought that he was not even on the field for it, but came out in the second half and played well.  He recorded his second 100-yard game this year and the route he caught his touchdown on seems to net a touchdown almost every play.  His one mistake was already mentioned and it was when he ducked the pass that Nick Collins intercepted.  I seriously do not know what he was thinking.

As much as I hate to say it, Michael Crabtree got away with a Randy Moss level push off on his touchdown.  I am actually surprised, and relieved, that it wasn't called.  None of our other receivers did anything because they were not open at all.  On every replay that was shown, Josh Morgan had a Packer all over him.  I know that the Packers have a good secondary but you have to create at least some separation. 

Another piss poor performance (say that 5 times fast) from the offensive line.  In the first half they were all completely awful.  I think that everyone of them allowed a pressure or sack in the first half, which is sad considering Smith only dropped back like 10 times.  In the second half they actually played a lot better, in that they were not getting beat as much as Raye was getting outschemed.  There were at least 6 times where a Packer player blitzed and a 49er player was not blocking anyone.  To me, that falls on Raye's shoulders.  He did not seem to notice that the Packers were sending corner blitzes, or maybe he felt like he did not need to make an adjustment.

Fire Jimmy Raye:
I am changing the name of this section for obvious reasons.  Raye does not know what he is doing.  He gives our best player on offense the ball only 10 times, his playbook consists of maybe 10 plays and even less routes for the receivers, he does not understand how to design a protection scheme, and he does not play to his player’s strengths.  All of these things were obvious yesterday, even more so than they have been all year.  I could be a better offensive coordinator than Raye at this point.

This was easily the worst performance that the defensive line has had all season.  Justin Smith and Aubrayo Franklin , who have both been great against the run this year, where being pushed out of the play 95% of the time and Isaac Sopoaga might as well not even have been there.  Smith has been especially disappointing since he started off the year so well.  He has not gotten any pressure on opposing QBs recently, and since he was the only one doing that before then there is no one doing it now.

It was hard for the linebackers to get much done, because as I mentioned the defensive linemen were not taking up blockers like they are supposed to in a 3-4.  Manny Lawson was probably our best linebacker yesterday, posting 5 tackles and a coverage sack.  He was at least quick off of the edge against the run.  Patrick Willis racked up his 8 total tackles but he could not make any big plays because he had blockers all over him.  You could definitely tell the defense missed Takeo Spikes and Parys Haralson added a meaningless coverage sack.  Matt Wilheim was solid but not Spikes.

When your 4 leading tacklers are your 4 defensive backs, you know you are not having a good game.  Michael Lewis (11 tackles) and Tarell Brown (9) both had solid games and most of their tackles came against the run or after short games but Greg Jennings was owning Shawntae Spencer all day long and Dashon Goldson in coverage is not something I want to see more of.  Considering how poorly the pass rush played, the secondary was not terrible but they were definitely not good either. 

Defensive coaching/playcalling:
A lot of people have been saying that Greg Manusky has been good this year but outside of one decent scheme against Indianapolis, he hasn't been.  His few blitzes are telegraphed and almost every coordinator could figure them out, many they work against Raye in practice so he thinks they work.  He had the corners playing 15 yards away from receivers and the linebackers playing 10 yards back like he did not mind giving the Packers the underneath and intermediate stuff, and they did.  Manusky can leave with Raye for all I care.

Special Teams

I have never seen one part of a teams special teams be so good and the other part suck so miserably.  On one hand, Andy Lee always pins opponents deep and Joe Nedney kickoffs are great and he is a reliable kicker but on the other, the return game is a joke.  A muffed punt by Reggie Smith brings the total up to like 8 for the year and Arnaz Battle cannot be the best option we have to return kicks.  Josh Morgan looked good so we might as well put him back there since he is doing nothing at receiver.

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Posted on: November 23, 2009 4:56 pm

Week 11 @ Green Bay Breakdown

Watching the Jimmy Raye offense makes me sick.  Waiting until we are down by 3 touchdowns to go to what works (the spread/shotgun) is losing us games again.  I don't know why we got rid of Mike Martz in the first place, with Martz it was the first time in years that the Niner offense actually scored points.  Martz and his style of offense is suited perfectly for Alex Smith, I say we bring the mad scientist back.  He never should have left in the first place, he was only gone because his schemes clashed with Singletary's.

Our punt returns are so bad, I have never seen worse returns in my life.  If it takes us putting Crabtree or Frank Gore to return punts, do it.  Or just rush 11 men to try to block it every time and let the ball bounce.

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Posted on: November 23, 2009 10:31 am

Week 11 @ Green Bay Breakdown

Every weekend I start with hope and end with dissapointment.  I thought this summer that we would be so much better then the past seasons but our running game seems to have taken a step backward.  We've had so many different OC's that I don't know what will work anymore.  Our defense that I thought was going to be a real focal point this year has not stepped up and made stops when it counted.  The last Packer drive epitomizes our whole season, we can't stop other teams on a consistant basis.  We still lack a pass rush no matter who we play.  Injuries have cause havoc in our lineup because we don't have enough depth and the OL is disgraceful.  The quarterback situation is not good whichever quarterback gets in there.  I might even call for Davis to start except anyone behind that line risks his life.  How did we get here?  We aren't a playoff team with what we've seen the last few weeks, we will be lucky to match last season's record at this rate.  I don't understand why Gore isn't more involved and why our passing attack waits until we are down 21 points before it gets into gear!  Is it coaching, or is it the players?  More likely its a combination of both.  Either way I'm tired of the results and want something to cheer for.  

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