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Marshall in Minnesota???

Posted on: April 10, 2010 12:39 pm
Everyone is Seatle is going to be the landing place of Marshall or he'll wind up in Washington...I however disagree. Minnesota will be the team to reach out and knab him. I say this because it makes sense in a lot of ways. Yes Percy Harvin, and Sidney Rice are both young and talented, but that would be the beauty of it. You throw Marshall in the mix instantly you create huge match up issues. Who would you put two guys on? Probably Marshall. Hope you got a corner that can out jump him. So that'd leave Harvin and Rice singled up, as well as Shinacoe at tight end, and Adrian Peterson out of the backfield. Minnesota has no real glaring need in the first round that could be filled at 30th overall. So you send a package to Denver for Marshall. Bernard Berrian, and the 30th pick overall. Berrian gives the Broncos a reciever who is talented in return but not disruptive like Marshall, he would be better utiilized in Denver's system to use multiple 3, and 4 reciever sets, and they recieve the first round pick they want. Marshall becomes instant fuel for Favre's fire making him decide he doesn't want to retire with an offense featuring possibly 2 of the best young recievers in Sydney Rice, and Brandon Marshall? My next point in this trade would have to be who can you hope to get 30th overall who'll offer 100 catches a season over 1000 yards and 10 tds every year? I highly doubt Marshall would wanna complain if he ended up catching only 85 passes and still getting over 1000 yards with Rice on the other side doing the same. Not only would this move make this offense dangerous it would be unstoppable. Brad Childress will eventually pull the trigger draft day if Marshall is still on the Broncos. I also think if I were Childress and planned on keeping Jackson to back up Favre I'd trade Rosenfels to a team looking for a veteran back-up perhaps the Saints? For something like a 4th or 5th round pick this year. Granted it wouldn't be much but he's a 3rd string qb on your team that you gave up a 4th round pick for. The Saints are reportedly exploring trade options for a back-up qb to replace Brunell who is looking elsewhere for work, so there is validity to these claims. The Vikings would then hold:
2nd round (62)
3rd round (93)
4th round (128)
5th round (161)
5th round (167)
6th round (199)
7th round (237)

The Saints have the 130th overall pick and could give that up for Rosenfels or they could try and demand the Vikings' 6th round pick in return as well. Either way it's a win for both teams. The Vikings acquire a mid round pick they would then use on a back-up running back, some depth on the offensive and defensive lines, or perhaps some developmental defensive backs. They could even start utilizing Percy Harvin in the backfield more in passing situations and as a 3rd down back. He's obviously a huge threat to catch a pass but having played running back in college, and having carried the ball 7 times in the postseason alone (just 3 carries shy of Taylors total), and the 15 carries he had in the regular season on which he averaged 9.0 yards per carry I'm guessing the Vikings aren't too worried that Taylor is gone now. Albert Young is a guy who could compete for time with any rookie, and Harvin in the backfield having spent last season as the 3rd back. He had 12 carries for 53 yards averaging nearly 4.5 yards per carry.
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Posted on: April 12, 2010 12:45 pm

Marshall in Minnesota???

The Saints may well be exploring options for a backup QB trade, but it won't be for a 4th round pick.  The team is on record saying that they'd prefer to add as many picks as possible in this years' draft, so I don't see them unloading anything other than a 6th or 7th rounder.  The Saints do not currently hold a 5th round pick in this draft btw (traded to move up last year for Thomas Morestead).  As for Rosenfels, no thank you.  We don't need a QB who is singlehandedly capable of losing a game in the 4th quarter, and has a pattern of doing just that.

As for the Brandon Marshall side of things, that would certainly make the Vikings offense pretty formaidable.  It's not like the Vikes need more WRs as their offense is already top notch, but I see your point.  A move like that could be good for the Vikes (and Denver if they really don't want the guy long term), but they may also want to see about taking a QB at 30 if a top prospect like Clausen (certainly unlikely) or McCoy (pretty good chance) is still there.  If Favre doesn't come back, they may not even be a playoff team with TJ starting, and certainly not a SB contender any longer.  I'd say the smart move for them would be to protect their immediate and long term future by finally getting a QB.

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