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My fantasy team

Posted on: August 12, 2010 1:28 am
Edited on: August 12, 2010 11:36 pm
Check out the line-up I got in my fantasy draft today. 6 man league. 4 bench players, 1 qb, 3 wr, 2 rb, 1 te, 1 def, 1 kicker, 1 rb/wr/te
1st round pick 3: RB Maurice Jones-Drew-I selected Jones-Drew mainly because he was the best rb left on the board in my opinion. Chris Johnson, and Adrian Peterson were both gone and I don't trust Turner's production this season. I debated on Ray Rice but figured Jones-Drew has no viable option stealing mass amounts of carries like Willis McGahee, and Leron McClain will do. Another thing I demand in backs I pick: Versatility.Good hands are a must. Last season alone he caught 53 passes for 374 yards and 1 td. While carrying the ball 312 times for 4.5 yds per carry totalling 1,391 yards and 15 tds. Sounds like the perfect back for my 4 headed rotation.

2nd round pick 4: Qb: Aaron Rodgers. His stats and age speak for themselves. At only 26 years old he has already shown vast improvement from his first year as a starter to his second. His interception total dropped by 6, he threw 2 more tds, completion % raised by 1.1% even though he threw 5 more passes in 09. By the way he even rushed for a 5.4 yrd average on 58 carries scoring 5 tds, 1 more than his 08 total. I'd have to say Rodgers and his young recievers are poised to have a break out year. I can't wait. ]

Then comes my ultimate steal 3rd round pick 3: RB Steven Jackson. Despite being rated as the 11th best player on the board he was selected 15th. With two unproven qbs lining up under center that can only spell more running the ball with Jackson, and a lot more dump offs to him in the passing game. The thing I like about Jackson this season especially the more he runs the ball the better off he is. Point proven by last season he carried it 324 times for 1,416 yards and 4 tds. While also catching the ball 51 times for another 322 times all while only fumbling twice. His td total can only really go up even if his carries dwindle this season..But I'm guessing with Kenneth Darby, Samkon Gado, and Chris Ogbonnaya behind him his carries will only stay above 300. If you look back at 06 the only season he had more carries 22 more to be exact he ran for 112 more yards, 9 more tds, caught 39 more passes for nearly 500 more yards and 2 more tds. In other words the Rams offense keys off how much he gets the ball. The more...the better. My only fear is injury. I adressed that later on...

4th round pick 4: WR Brandon Marshall is headed for another 100 rec. season basically almost promised by this offense. He is a huge target and towers above corners, has great hands, and better yet a young qb with a lot of weapons surrounding him but no #1 reciever til now. Believe it or not I think Marshall will actually in the long run be a better reciever because of being traded to Miami my reasons being: Davonne Bess's 76 rec. and 758 yards as the #1 rec., and Greg Camarillo's 50 rec. for 552 yards. Both of these guys can't be ignored. So not every team will have the talent in their secondary to cover all 3 of these guys while doubling Marshall. If you want to look a bit at Sparano and Parcell's production with bigger recievers look at T.O. under these guys he produced 3,587 yards 38 tds, 235 rec. averaging:15.2 yards per rec. over that stretch. Marshall is younger, bigger, faster, and breaks just as many tackles. I'd be happy if he even hit 14.0 per rec. on 90 rec.

5th round pick 3: WR Greg Jennings-Everyone at this point knows Donald Driver is complimenting Jennings no longer is it the other way around. He averaged 16.4 yrds per rec. with 68 rec. for 1,113 yards and 4 tds. Those totals actually dropped from a year ago when he had 12 more rec. and 179 more yards and 5 more tds. Which is about where I'd assume he'll land this season in the 75 rec. range for around 1,200 yards and 8 or 9 tds. With Driver, Jordy Nelson, and James Jones all in the reciever line-up it takes a lot of attention away from Jennings. Not to mention a break out tight end in Jermichael Finley, and a solid running game.

6th round pick pick 4: WR Steve Smith (NYG), with 107 rec. 1,220 yards and 7 tds last season he definitely annouced his presence in the NFL as an elite reciever. Granted this year his production may fall due to more attention, he still has former 3rd rounder Mario Manningham opposite of him taking some attention, and Hakeem Nicks as well. What I like the most is he's young still meaning he can only get more pollished in route running, catching, and disguising his routes as well as fighting the double teams. He has a very good qb, and a solid run game as well which will contribute to his success.

7th round pick 3: TE Brent Celek. Potentially the biggest steal of last season's draft for me, joins my team again to help me dominate opponents. In only his 3rd season he caught 76 rec. for 971 yards and 8 tds. With a younger QB I expect his catch totals to go up. He's the prototypical tight end right now with good speed, good hands, and being a decent blocker he won't see much time on the sideline giving him that much more of a chance to improve on last season.

8th round pick 4: RB LeSean McCoy:WR/RB/TE spot will be filled by him. Being the starting back for the Eagles may not net him 1,000 or more rushing yards even though he had some games close to 100 yards last season despite being a back-up for most of the season. He never had a game with more than 20 carries. With only 7 games over 10 carries 4 of which were 14, 13, 11, 10 respectively. His added value is his hands catching 40 passes nearly shadowing Westbrook perfectly except the injury. I expect him to have a break out year somewhere around 1,000 rushing with 5-7 tds, and around 500 rec. yards and 1-3 tds.

9th round pick 3:New Orleans Def/ST: Most def/st tds last season with 8. Solid return men, good corners, improved pass rush should only help out this defense. Hoping they'll be a make or break pick.

10th round pick 4:Kicker Stephen Gostkowski-85.1% through 4 seasons on field goals missed just 1 xp in 205 att. Has scored 513 points in that span. Good distance. Consistently good.

11th round pick 3:RB Joesph Addai: Nearly 1,200 yards on 270 touches. 13 tds. these totals may drop but he's a back-up and bye week star only for me.

12th round pick 4:WR Mike Sims-Walker:Recievers tend to bank large numbers their 3rd season Walker heads into it having never averaged less than 13.6 yrds per rec. and scored 7 tds in only 63 rec. which is one every 9 rec. a feat he may wind up hitting in a single game quite often this season. I'd expect around 80 rec. for 9 tds and around 1,100 yards. Not bad for insurance.

13th round pick 3:QB Donovan McNabb-Even I won't start him at this point unless he lights it up. But something about passing up McNabb as a back-up qb seems against my beliefs. I've been a fan of the Eagles for years because of McNabb. Plus no offense Andy Reid but Shanahan is a great offensive mind with solid recievers, tight ends, and running backs he'll use McNabb's mobility to his advantage doing a lot of those roll out plays. He'll have a great season playing with a new team, and a new chip on his shoulder.

14th round pick 4:TE Chris Cooley-He may have missed time last season but in the 2nd to last round as a back-up tight end? Couldn't pass him up. He will have a huge season being moved around to everywhere he's eligible to line-up. A probowl qb, and an improved o-line won't hurt either.

15th round pick 3: Last pick: Steeler's D/ST: In the return game Stefan Logan avgs. 26.7 yards on kicks and 9.3 yards on punts. With 85 total returns. However everyone knows the defense was the draw here. The one move here I don't understand...cutting Matt Stewart a 3-4 olb who could've replaced Andre Frazier and seen sometime outside. However their linebacker group is one of the best and their line helps them out big time.

Needless to say I feel pretty confident of my players.
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Posted on: September 28, 2010 11:09 pm

My fantasy team

I traded away Addai, and Mike Sims-Walker as my back-ups for Arian Foster who now starts, and Jeremy Maclin who is going to replace Greg Jennings if he doesn't have a stellar week against Detroit. I unfortunely didn't start Maclin for his 2 td game last week and instead suffered through another week in which Jennings didn't do squat. I still won my game. The benefit of this being such a wide open league as far as an abundance of players it makes it kind of hard to keep up with who is hot right now thats available to pick up before someone else does.

But yes I am worried about Maurice Jones-Drew's injury I don't think it's serious but he isn't exactly blowing anyone away this year like he has the past couple seasons. I still think he'll get back on track. I'm planning on LeSean McCoy starting in his place this week against Indy while McCoy should be a factor against Washington's defense in both the pass and run game.

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Posted on: September 3, 2010 12:33 pm
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My fantasy team

I wouldnt go that far, you did great for a 12 man league. 6 man leagues shouldnt be talked about unless the have a large number of starting positions. ex...2 starting QBs, 3 starting RBs, ect.

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Posted on: August 20, 2010 11:20 pm

My fantasy team

6 team league? Why didnt you guys each draft 2 teams and just have a no trading clause? Or at least make it all NFC or AFC? Sorry man, but that is pretty lame! Proud of a roster on a 6 team league is like being proud of geting your sister married off before she is 40!

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Posted on: August 20, 2010 5:35 pm

My fantasy team

We did 6 guys because yes we did run out of friends who wanted to join. Granted that sounds horrible but that's what happens when you're 21 years old and none of your friends are interested in fantasy football, or even football in general. Besides it's all for fun. You guys are way too critical considering I got one of the best fantasy qbs, probably two of the highest scoring rbs in the league, two of the best tight ends. By the way...I've placed in the top 2 at the very least for 5 years straight in multiple different leagues from 6-12 teams. I'm proud of this team. I'll post the final scores and show that this team was respectable when i win the league. I even broke down every pick to show exactly why I selected who I selected. Just watch and see. I silence with action not word.

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Posted on: August 14, 2010 12:41 pm

My fantasy team

17 Years ago we started our league with just 8 teams. That was before the era of running back-by-committee. Even then, everyone had a fair amount of studs on their team and scoring was through the roof. I can honestly say in 20 years of fantasy sports I have never heard of a 6 team league. As stated by others, I'm really not sure what the point is. Fantasy teams never win their leagues with the first few picks. They win because they can catch lighting in a bottle in the later portions of the draft. In a six team league, there are still monsters available half way through. Sorry dude, no challange in your league. I'd love to see your waiver wire though.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 4:41 pm

I'm trying not to hate BUUUUUUT.......

You need to find more friends.

6 team fantasy football is pretty much reserved for wives of guys that decide they want their own league, but can't garner much interest.

Posting your 6 team draft results is like proudly proclaiming that you just finished reading cat in the hat all by yourself. If you AREN'T happy with your team post draft in a 6 team league....I can't even finish this....obviously everyone's happy with their team post draft, regardless...but OF COURSE in a 6 team league.

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 4:11 pm

My fantasy team

What a Jackass! Great analysis......Why did you stop at 6 out of friends?????..... How can you bragg about these picks....

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Posted on: August 13, 2010 3:52 pm
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My fantasy team

In a six team league its hard to judge heres mine in a twelve team league

QB Romo
RB Jackson
RB Greene
RB/WR Addai
WR Boldin
WR Owens
TE Celek
D/ST Jets
Bench Kolb
Bench Tomlinson (Last Pick)
Bench Sproles
Bench Breaston
Bench Avery
Bench Walter
Bench Mason

Ill take mine over yours

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