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Upset Meter (Round 1)

Posted on: March 21, 2009 12:02 pm

Upset Winners:
Siena (9)
Texas A&M (9)
Michigan (10)
Maryland (10)
Southern California (10)
Dayton (11)
Western Kentucky (12)
Wisconsin (12)
Arizona (12)
Cleveland State (13)

Total: 10

Last years round 1 upsets: 8

Last years total upsets: 13

10 upsets in round one 2 more than last year, and could very well beat last years total upsets today.

Possible upsets in round 2:
Cleveland State over Arizona
Southern California over Michigan State
Purdue over Washington
Michigan over Oklahoma
Arizona State over Syracuse
LSU over North Carolina
Western Kentucky over Gonzaga
Texas over Duke
UCLA over Villanova
Wisconsin over Xavier

Other games i did not mention:

Pitt and OKST: Pitt didn't play well at all on friday, but OKST did. So shouldn't that be a possible upset, yes and no. If Pitt plays their best like i would expect their coach to get them ready. OKST doesn't have a chance. I think after that performance, Pitt will have their wake up call and be playing like their supposed to.

Louisvile: UofL played extremely well coming down the strech last night. They looked like the best team in the country and right now i think they are the best team in the country. Siena is a good team and could be a dark horse to beat them but UofL has to much energy. Siena is still hyped up after that game against Ohio State and will not fare well against UofL on Sunday.

Uconn and TX A&M: Though TX AM can beat good teams. Calhoun is back and Uconn is going to make him feel alot better by destroying TX AM. If Calhoun wasn't playing i think they could've had an off night and not had the energy they can have, they would've been on the Posible upsets list.

Memphis and Maryland: This was the hardest game to choose. I think that this game is going to be on many people's upset watches. But, i think that if Memphis can play their best it will be an easy win over Maryland. Obviously Maryland can beat good teams. I think Maryland is going to have a hard time keeping up with Memphis and their great defense.


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