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Undefeated Teams

Posted on: December 19, 2009 5:19 pm

Which undefeated team will go the longest without losing?

Here are the remaining undefeated teams:
Seton Hall
Gs. eorgetown
West Virginia
Texas Tech
Missouri State
New Mexico

  1. Texas undefeated until- Jan. 23 @ Connecticut
  2. Georgetown undefeated until- Jan. 17 @ Villanova
  3. Syracuse undefeated until- Jan 16 @ West Virginia
  4. Kentucky undefeated until- Jan. 12 @ Florida
  5. Kansas undefeated until- Jan. 10 @ Tennessee
  6. New Mexico undefeated until- Jan. 9 vs. UNLV
  7. Missouri State undefeated until- Jan. 3 @ Northern Iowa
  8. Purdue undeafeted until- Jan. 1 vs. West Virginia
  9. Texas Tech undefeated until- Dec. 29 @ New Mexico
  10. West Virginia undefeated until- Dec. 23 vs. Mississippi
  11. Seton Hall undefeated until- Tonight vs. Temple

Just a prediction.

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