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Alabama should not finish #1

Posted on: January 10, 2012 3:04 am
........Wait....What? How dare I question the legitimacy of an SEC team being #1, but I'm doing that. Heck, they shouldn't even be #2, and it's beyond pathetic that they'll win another National Title so Alabama can claim another undeserving National Championship. Don't worry though SEC honks, the #1 team is from the SEC so you can win your 6th National Title in a row, and try convince other people that it somehow helps your team, and that the 12th best SEC team could win 8-9 games in every other conference and that the only reason those teams suck is because of the greatness of the SEC.

Now, why should Alabama not finish the year in the top 2? It's pretty simple actually. Just compare the resumes of the the Alabama Crimson Tide with the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and the LSU Tigers as well. Oklahoma State will finish the season with 4 wins over teams in the top 16, and that doesn't include wins over Texas, and Missouri who both finished just outside the top 25. Alabama on the other hand beat a top 5 Arkansas team(Who for the record is not a top 5 team), and LSU on a neutral field. Oklahoma State has the higher SOS then Alabama, and for the longest time we've heard of when all things being equal we should look at who played the Strength of Schedule, and Oklahoma State beat Alabama. Alabama may have the better loss, but Oklahoma State played the tougher schedule, and had 6 very good wins, while Alabama had 2 very good wins. There is no reason that Oklahoma State shouldn't finish above Alabama, and quite honestly when your best argument is, "Well, we lost to a better team" then you should shut up right there because that is a tired argument.

On the other side the comparison between LSU, and Alabama is also quite interesting. The LSU Tigers beat the Big East Champion, the Pac 12 Champion, the BCS National Champion, a Top 5 Arkansas team, and a top 20 Georgia team. Like said earlier in this post, the only wins of note for Alabama is a win over LSU on a neutral field, and Arkansas at home. While you may say, "Well, Alabama beat LSU easily on a neutral field" you also forget that LSU beat Alabama in Tuscaloosa so if you're going to bring up the game just played, why can't I bring up the game played a few months ago. As far as I'm concerned they cancel out, and LSU went on a great win with quality after quality victories as they put together one of the best College Football resumes in recent memory.

The thing probably worst about the evening though, is the fact that we had this game played anyways. Alabama already had their chance when they had the more favorable SEC Schedule with their two toughest challenges for the SEC West being played in Tuscaloosa. It should've never happened as Alabama already blew their chance, and it should've been Oklahoma State playing all along, and even if the Cowboys would've gotten blown out it wouldn't have changed my opinion that the Cowboys deserved their shot at LSU. We hear so often how College Football is the only sport where every single game matters, and using this logic there is clearly one team that deserves to be #1, and that is the LSU Tigers. At the same time there is one team that deserves to be #2, and that is the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Alabama may have won the National Title in 2011, and while I should be happy because I picked them in the preseason, I'm not. As a grave injustice was done to College Football when these two teams had to play again, and for so long we heard how you have to win your conference to play in the National Title Game.....Guess that isn't the case when it involves Alabama. Next time ESPN, be consistent, and not hypocritical.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 5:01 pm

Alabama should not finish #1

What would it take for you cheesehead to give Arkansas some credit!  Why do they not deserve to be ranked where they are!  They have beaten several highly ranked teams and dominated Kansas State.  The game was not as close as the score.  They dominated South Carolina and everyone else after the back to back bad weeks where they escaped with wins. 

Arkansas is a very good football team this year and is in a group of about 10 schools that are just behind LSU and Alabama the clear best two in football. 

I have given Wisconsin credit all year and said that is the one team I hope we don't play.  I think it would be a good game and either team could win but I honestly don't see any true separation in a lot of teams. 

for you to say Arkansas is no where near a top 5 team please tell me the teams you feel are clearly better than them?

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 4:34 pm

Alabama should not finish #1

Chi, I actually think Alabama is the best team in the country, but at the same time don't believe that they deserve a National Title. I did state that Arkansas is nowhere near a top 5 team when I was talking about Bama(But I did give them credit for the win). I didn't watch the game last night as I felt there was no reason that the game should've been played. When I rank teams I look at resumes more then anything else. Agreed that Alabama destroyed LSU last night from all account, and may have outplayed them in Tuscaloosa, but in the end of the day that the Tigers STILL won that game. Like I said LSU destroys them in every category, but one, and IMO that is why I still would rank LSU #1 as they deserve it more in the end.

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Posted on: January 10, 2012 12:43 pm

Alabama should not finish #1

Ballers, I certainly respect your opinion, and I generally agree with your views in most areas. However, I can't buy this for a few reasons. First thing is you stated that the 2 LSU-Alabama games virtually cancel each other out. If you believe that, you are only looking at the fact that they each won one game. Watching the first game, Alabama was (I understand this is my own opinion) the better team on the field, even though they lost. It wasn't by a huge margin, but I certainly feel they were better that night. Then last night, it wasn't even remotely close who the better team was. So just going off of those two head-to-head games, Alabama >>> LSU, regardless of score. That can't offset each other. I realize that the first game was at Alabama, and the second game was at a neutral field. But I mainly judge things by what happens on the field.  

Secondly, when breaking down Alabama's schedule, you pointed out specifically that Arkansas wasn't a legit top 5 team, but you maintained Arkansas' top 5 status in LSU's rundown without using the same denouncement of thier top 5 ranking. This may be a silly point, but it has to be consistent. Also, I believe that Kansas State really isn't as good as their ranking would say they are. Same with Texas. But looking at the teams on the field, instead of the boxscore, I personally have thought that Alabama was the best team in the country all year. I agree with you that if you don't win your conference, or even your division, it is hard to claim a National Championship. However, to me that fault lies in the whole system, and should not be held against the team.

Most fans look at the rankings each week, and give many reasons on why they disagree with them, and how it should be different. Yet, when they talk about SOS and who played who, they use those same rankings (which they question every week) to make their case on who had the better schedule. I am not saying this about you Ballers, but fans in general. That baffles me.  

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