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Why Crabtree Will Play This Year...

Posted on: August 7, 2009 9:54 pm
It's crazy how one comment from a relative can make things go south in a hurry. Three months ago, we were the happiest fans on the planet. We snagged potentially (and arguably) the best receiver in the draft. Now, we have a relative of Crabtree's threatening potential holdout unless Crabtree is given "fair market" value (whatever that is supposed to mean at this stage).

So now the perception is that Crabtree is going to hold out for the rest of the season. I think otherwise. Crabtree has too much at stake. So here are the reasons why I don't think Crabtree will sit out.

1) He loses a whole year's worth of salary (at least 4-5 million).

2) If he re-inserts himself into the draft, odds are that teams will shy away from drafting him in the top 10 because they don't want to go through the thought of having him hold out again. He wouldn't command top 10 $'s anymore.

3) The talent pool is much more competitive for 2010, also decreasing the chances that he will be selected in the top 10.

4) The prospect of a rookie salary cap looms. If it passes (which it most likely will), Crabtree could potentially make significantly less due to the odds that he will not be drafted in the top 10.

5) Crabtree is not a speed demon. So the chances of a good 40 time in next year's combine is unlikely, which would also keep him out of the top 10.

6) All indications coming out of college is that Crabtree loves the game. He is no longer college eligible and would sit out of football for a whole year. He would need to dedicate himself to staying in football shape for nothing.

So it's too early to panic. The 49ers hold all the cards. The 49ers should and will call the bluff. I still believe that Crabtree's agent is waiting for the other picks to sign before moving forward with negotiations. But the thought of a season long holdout is outrageous. Crabtree (and his agent) would stand to lose millions if he did.
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Posted on: August 8, 2009 8:27 am

Why Crabtree Will Play This Year...

Good points Thrash.

I think everyone will agree that he will play this year.  If he hold outs and reenters the draft, I don't even think he will go in the 1st round.

5) Crabtree is not a speed demon. So the chances of a good 40 time in next year's combine is unlikely, which would also keep him out of the top 10.

49ers own his rights, he wouldn't be able to work out for any team until 1 week before the draft.  Like you said, 49ers hold all the cards.

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Posted on: August 8, 2009 5:42 am

Why Crabtree Will Play This Year...

I didn't even read your story(no disrespect whatsoever)but I just wanted to share my opinion on the subject.I say yes;if he doesn't he's a fool.I see how he was drafted (this year anyway,a-huh,a-hem) by your favorite NFL team,which by the way I was reading in 1 of the pre-season magazine's I buy every year that the team is really buying into Mike(Crazy Eyes)Singletary's philosophy which is a hell of a wise move.Anyway,about Crabtree,if he chooses to re-enter the draft;which by the way if he's done with college,he's going to have to find a way to stay in football shape.From what I hear he's got some of the best hands in quite some time;speed is the question.In the NFL that usually translates to a possession receiver.There's nothing wrong with possession receivers except for the fact that they usually don't get paid what the downfield,go-to guys get paid.The longer this kid holds out,the longer it's gonna take for him to adjust to the league,the system,his teammates,etc.Whether he realizes it or not,whether its intentional or not,the longer he holds out the more attention he brings to himself,which in turn raises the expectations,the bigger a bust he will be when,I believe,not if he shows up.

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