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Man rules supreme on Planet Earth!

Posted on: March 27, 2008 8:23 am

Man rules on Planet Earth!

No, we are not the biggest of all creatures. On land, we have the elephant, since the dinosaurs disappeared. We cannot contend with the lion, tiger, leopard, panther, puma, bison, even the hyena and a whole range of dogs either in terms of size or strength or ferociousness.

In the air, we are zero and can only admire the birds, especially the majestic eagle.

In the sea, we perish in hours without help, and are no match for the sharks, the whales and the giant squid.

Man is small, physically, and inefficient in air [zero] and in water....yet , we rule supreme.

With a mind like ours, we produce enough equipment and machines, to counter those great giants in the seas, and the big creatures on land, and the birds in the air.

Man rules supreme in so many ways.

I am getting closer to understanding myself!

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Posted on: March 28, 2008 12:51 pm

Man rules supreme on Planet Earth!

timsng = =

I've been reading your entries and I commend you on your in-depth self analysis.  I must admit to my short comings with regards to your initial entries . . .  they were much too deep for me.  However,  I can relate to this most recent addition.   I'm just not too certain how I wish to assess my being, yet. 

Please keep up the good work, I'm fairly certain I'll eventually catch-on. . .


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