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Man's many challenges!

Posted on: March 28, 2008 1:10 pm

Man has been around for some time now.....some 3 million years? That's what the anthropologists or archaelogist or scientists say. Maybe less, maybe more. We can only look back a few thousand years at the most.

Imagine a species of beings plonked down on planet earth, and allowed to breed and develop....some thousands of years ago - man, the Homo Sapien! Return some years later, in year, what do you see?

Man faces great challenges......while still reigning supreme.

The the trillions from rats, worms to insects and the mircrobes.

Viruses after viruses kill survives, with its discoveries....vaccines, antibiotics, antiviral agents.

Vegetation - we destroy some and some threaten to destroy us. Allow weeds and creeping plants to grow and they will grow all over you. Chop of all the trees and we will be in trouble.

The environment....climatic disasters, earthquakes and tsunamis....and more to come.....we can only wait and watch

The animal kingdom....some we breed to eat, some we allow to grow wild.....generally under control by man.

The seas....a huge reservoir of food from fishes and endless source of water and great method to travel around the world, though rather slow.

Finally, fellow-men....fighting and killing each other for whatever reasons.

I conclude that man's worse visible enemy is against man. He made the bomb, the killer weapons, the powerful laser machines and more. Man is his worst enemy.



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