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MLB offseason ramblings

Posted on: November 9, 2008 9:00 pm

Mike Jacobs to the Royals for Leo Nunez:

Jacobs doesn't exactly fill a need for the Royals, (they already have OBP issues) but he gives them some pop and came cheaply. Plus he makes a relatively meager $3 million dollars next year, so in my book, it's a good trade by Dayton Moore and co.

Where will Manny land?

Gotta be LA. They appear to be bidding essentially against themselves, but, somehow, it still looks like they'll overpay. Crazy. I say 24 million per year over 4 years.

The Peavy chronicles:

We all know about the saga of Peavy, but I think Kevin Towers severely backed himself into a corner by picking up Brian Giles 9 million dollar option. And even beyond the way it slimmed down his options, it's not like Brian has been playing very well in recent years. A .456 SLG is not worth 9 million dollars. I see it as a symbolic move to appease fans, but the team is still going to suck next year and tying up payroll and reducing the haul for Jake Peavy will only slow the rebuilding process.

But that's about Giles. This is about Peavy: specificly, where he'll land and how much it'll take to get him. I see ATL bending a little further and adding Jeff Locke to the deal. Final deal:

Jake Peavy for Yunel Escobar, Charlie Morton, Gorkys Hernandez, Jeff Locke.

And I'm completely fine with that.

CC Sabathia:

The common thought is that he'll land with the Yanks, and while I do think that'll happen, I recently read an interesting piece about how the Giants could make a serious run at him.

I say he lands with the Yankees for $155 million over 7 years.


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Posted on: November 9, 2008 10:30 pm

MLB offseason ramblings

The Braves do need another bat, but I think the 2nd priority is a starter to slot behind Peavy (Lowe? Dempster?), but both of those needs can obviously be considered simultaneously.

I at one point was fully behind Dunn, but I've sidestepped onto the Raul Ibanez bandwagon. He's old, which is the problem with him, but his fault is also the reason I want him- he'll most likely take a 2 year deal. And that's exactly what the Braves need. A solid bat that can hold down LF for a couple years until Jason Heyward can take over. I know it's a bit of a leap to assume Heyward will be ready in 2 years (he's still only 19), but it'd suck to sign Dunn for 5 years and have a Jim Thome-Ryan Howard situation where Heyward is stuck in the minors behind a highly payed star well after he's ready to take over a starting role.

So, if they land Ibanez, that sets up Chipper-McCann-Ibanez, which is not bad at all, and if Francoeur bounces back, it could set up a pretty formidable core of the lineup.

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Posted on: November 9, 2008 10:19 pm

MLB offseason ramblings

14, what are your thoughts on Atlanta landing another big bat in the lineup?   Ive read that they are interested in Dunn, would you support that?  If the Braves land Peavy, thats a big step forward.  IMO, their biggest need is another threat in the lineup, to compliment Jones and McCann.  Your thoughts on what the Braves need, and who they should target?

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